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Author Topic: Hydrocarbon Hellspawn Mens Rea Actus Reus  (Read 14435 times)

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Re: Hydrocarbon Hellspawn Mens Rea Actus Reus
« on: July 01, 2018, 11:27:18 pm »
Agelbert NOTE: This is a repost form the summer of 2014.
"Russia" posts satellite video of moment the Ukrainian BUK-M1 is launched

The above is NOT from the Russian Government. It is disinformation. The IR signature of the fields and the rocket launch are from some other place with no relation to MH17. I've studied it. My AFSC (Air force Specialty Code) was a DUAL AFSC (Intelligence Operations Specialist/Photo interpreter). I was even told I could get a job with (GASP!) an Oil company checking pipeline photos for ruptures. I'm glad I didn't get to work with MKing! ;D

I can read terrain expertly although this video was not that hard to check against the last 12 miles of MH17. It does not Match! But this disinfo video is QUITE CLEVER. Notice how they show a missle launch going WEST to EAST with absolutely NO reference to ACTUAL true north. The idea is for you to ASS-U-ME that true north is the top of the video. It's BS but pretty nifty BS. LOL! The aircraft WAS flying (Heading 118) east- southeast when it was downed but the video, absent orientation, date and Lat Long, would have been of some value IF the terrain and building pattern matched somewhere along the last 12 miles or so of MH17's flight. No dice.

Nevertheless, I'm thankful to Surly for posting that video because the comments section has some very valuable (and truthful because it can be corroborated) information.

So here is what the last 12 miles of MH17 look like and the debris field of the crash with LAT LONG information and a close up. No, you still can't make out aircraft parts specifically but this is where all those pictures of parts and bpdies are coming from so I accept it as accurate.

You asked why won't Putin just "put it all out there". As you said before, Putin has the trump cards. Yes, I realize this is a VERY deadly game but if you have the best cards, you want to play them at the right moment. The accurate information will be used to KEEP countries from being intimidated by the brutal destruction of MH17 privately. You know that no matter what Russia puts out there publicly, if THEY say it, our f**king media will claim night is day and day is night until the cows come home.

I learned from Knarf that in 1983 we came a hair's breath from all out nuclear war. Only a smart missile launch control officer from Russia refused to launch with the launch signal blaring, not once, but Twice! There's a video on it out there that shows how crazy things get when someone is (US) deliberately escalating tensions in the service of the almighty US dollar. Over 200 million PEOPLE were going to DIE and it's taken DECADES for people like me to find out about it. And I'm SURE most people STILL don't know about it. Those successful cover-ups of close calls is precisely what gave the bastards that ran 9/11 the confidence to pull that bit of murdering crap off!

But don't worry, the truth is NOT going to be buried like it was on 9/11.


The barbaric BS that is probably IN THE CAN (if the corporate bastards don't get what they want) planned for a possible 2016 nuclear attack and a "brief" nuclear winter to end global warming, ANY resistance to dirty energy or US global hegemony as well as the elimination of millions of "useless eaters" in the industrialized world population (minus the one percent, OF COURSE ) will not take place as long as we all keep blasting it out there that the crazies must be IGNORED for the survival of mankind.

Yeah, the crazies have to be imprisoned too. But for now, the job is to undermine the mendacity of our media that kowtows to corporate, conscience free, 'kill anybody in the way of the modern feudalists' GOONS disguised as "capitalists".

They will lose. However, if they unleash nuclear war thinking stupidly that they can limit it, the term NBL (Nature Bats Last) will take a back seat to the ultimate insanity of NbcBL (NUCLEAR BAT s h i t CRAZIES BATTED LAST). God help us.
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