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Author Topic: Future Earth  (Read 19657 times)

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Re: Future Earth
« Reply #30 on: July 26, 2014, 04:36:46 pm »
From a recent (and ALSO FUTURE) conversation:  8)
Thank you for those words and your heartfelt response.

The frustration with inaction in the face of our Thelma and Louise (hopefully BEFORE they went off the cliff) trajectory is no accident. Our media work 24/7 to achieve popular paralysis.

One reason our society is able to persist in its delusion that the suffering it creates is acceptable is that we don't allow the experience of grief, especially in the public realm. Grief needs to be held in community.

I would add that the propaganda effort to make grief "unacceptable" (you need to "move on" an so on   ) includes a false premise. That is, that the sine qua non of a happy life is the avoidance of pain and the seeking of pleasure 24/7. The stoic, for whatever reason, is WILLING, WANTING and MOTIVATED to SUFFER in order to destroy an evil for altruistic purposes, even though it may cause said person discomfort, hunger, pain, injury and possibly death.

Our materialistic society has been TRAINED to eschew sacrifice for a better tomorrow DELIBERATELY selling it to us as the PROPER way for a person to live free of "silly superstitions" when IN REALITY, it is the IDEAL WAY to keep a population PARALYZED in the face of severe abuse of a large segment by the oligarchy.

Every man for himself is a DEATH SENTENCE for Homo Sapiens and the HOLY GRAIL of the 1% who MISTAKENLY believe all their problems will be solved by eliminating the "useless eater billions" from the planet.

You have always been really critical of religion as the CAUSE of society's worst atrocities, hypocrisies, bigotries, and murderous behavior.

I think you are partially right. But underlying all that is NOT the premise (that you seem to have accepted) that the problem was having faith in another life and the willingness to die for "God's" will. The problem was, and still IS, that WE are NOT willing, without a belief in a higher purpose,  to SACRIFICE for each other for a better society and a sustainable biosphere.

The elite, throughout the 20th century, worked OVERTIME to seed ME FIRST into all of us. Its the ULTIMATE divide and crush strategy. It's working.

Whether it is for religion or scientific awareness that we are all part of one large life force and MUST defend it through altruistic behavior TO THE DEATH, if need be, that is the ONLY way we are going to ACCEPT the present situation, GRIEVE for it and be willing to DIE to stop the insanity even if WE PERSONALLY do not benefit.

So tell me JRM, HOW THE ForK are you going to motivate people to do that if they believe that the only thing there IS, is ME FIRST until you die? ???

The destruction of faith and religiosity (the real kind, not the hypocritical duplicitous crap that greedball leaders have espoused) was deliberate. "Religion is the enemy of reasonable and science based nations in MODERN society". How's that workin' for us, eh?  :P

It's NOT WORKING JRM! You can scream and holler about the inquisition or whatever and it's ALL PEANUTS compared with "it's all here, it's NOW, might is right, cooperation is a guise to fool the competition and help destroy it" GAME THEORY that has REPLACED altruistic self denial and sacrifice for others based on religious beliefs.

Sorry JRM, the "cure" for "baseless superstition" is WORSE than the disease.                            

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