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Author Topic: Bees  (Read 1793 times)

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Re: Bees
« on: August 31, 2014, 03:17:35 pm »
How Much Honey Does One Bee Produce?

One worker bee produces 1/12 of a teaspoon (0.4 ml) on average in its entire lifespan.

Honey is produced when bees collect flower nectar and store it in honeycombs. The design of the honeycombs allows for air flow from outdoors and the beating of the bees wings.

This lets the nectar liquid evaporate while the sugars break down, resulting in sticky honey. During a trip to collect nectar from flowers, a bee will visit from 50 to 100 flowers. Collectively, honey bees must extract nectar from around two million flowers and travel over 55,000 miles (88,513 km) to produce one pound (0.45 kg) of honey.

More about honey:

•The average American consumes 1.3 pounds of honey every year, according to assessments from the National Honey Board.

•Pollination, in which male parts of flowers are transferred to female parts in order to fertilize and grow a plant, is a major role of honey bees. It’s estimated the insects are responsible for one-third of the food crops humans eat.


Agelbert NOTE: IOW an Average American consumes about 409 mL a YEAR. And we live about 75 YEARS (Lifetime average American HONEY consumption of 30,675 ml).

THAT MEANS that 30,675 ml/0.4 = 76,678 bees live and die for the lifetime honey consumption of just ONE average American (over ONE THOUSAND DEAD BEES A YEAR! :o). Remember that if you are a vegetarian.  ;)

And remember that when the fossil fuelers and nuke pukes claim that distributed energy harvesting and production is "too costly and inefficient"  compared with centralized profit over planet polluting energy production.    The fossil fuelers DO NOT DO math; they do EXTERNALIZED COSTS to fake a profit!   >:(
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