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Forum > Who CAN you trust?

Resisting Brainwashing Propaganda

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--- Quote ---A maltreated animal has two potential responses to an abusive master: attack to stop the abuse, or cower/flee to avoid it. He cannot disarm the bully with a witty remark or ironically imitate his master behind his back for his own amusement. One of the first government actions in Nazi Germany was the establishment of a law against treacherous attacks on the state and party that made anti-Nazi humor an act of treason, and there was a reason for this. Research has shown that humor is the most effective means of preventing the indoctrination of brainwashing.”
How’s that?! It’s a mind control deterrent! Laugh on, people…it’s protecting you!

--- End quote ---

And there is MORE to this humor thing than meets the eye. Con artists can be quite humorous in their attempts to gain your trust and make you believe they are your friend. However, a person lacking a sense of humor or who  gets upset when you question them is a red flag that the person is NOT honest. So if the joker only laughs at his own jokes but never at himself, don't trust the joker. More on that later.  ;)

DHS and NSA Threaten to Sue Man for Selling "Department of Homeland Stupidity" T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs!

Feds are trying to shut down novelty t-shirt salesman over slogans like "The NSA: The only part of government that actually listens."


Two things stand out.

First of all the NSA is behaving like is NOT trustworthy (see post above).

Secondly, it appears to be involved in brainwashing propaganda efforts because, otherwise they would not be concerned about shutting down ridicule (see post above).  ;)

Jesus, is there no end to the madness?

Unfortunately, the madness accelerates a as the money to run the police state becomes more difficult to come by. A historical argument has been made that Nazi Germany was going to run out of money and enter a massive depression if they did not start the war(s) when they did. So it seems that the demonic, barbaric cruel, intolerant, overbearing, suffocating and continuously squeezing harder and harder of the populace by these fascist nutballs is sort of like an exponential curve ending in the Seneca cliff; they just cannot seem to back down, even for their own survival.

Yes, the madness does end. But only when snooping on and bullying other people is not a government paid job. 

How Does a Photo Influence Perceived Veracity of a Statement?

If only pictures were as informative as the one above.  ;D

Images that can set you up to believe a lie
Image on left warns of you of deceit (when there may not be any in order to undermine someone's credibility  ;)). Image on the right is a spoof on a misleading newspaper story (with the possible intention to inform you of a truth OR set you up to believe a true newspaper article was false!   :o

A truthful image from the UCS about Media propaganda. NOTE: Propagandists use an apparently truthful image (which is actually misleading and confusing) to set you up to believe a lie. SEE NEXT IMAGE BELOW: >:(

You would be amazed at how many people are fooled because they can't figure out the nonsense pie chart above and then swallow a lie of some sort (don't want to be accused of being "stupid").

Grossly Misleading IMPLIED promises for a PRO-Nuclear Power Propaganda Film marketed by Billionaire Paul Allen and investor in "future" nuclear power, Bill Gates. 

1. A clean area (nuclear power plants are highly toxic with continual risk of meltdown as well as radioactive waste storing dangers to the biosphere in general and humans in particular).

2. A cube/box promising pie in the sky unlimited energy (Clearly VIOLATING the laws of thermodynamics - they've done it before - in the 1950s with the "too cheap to meter" LIE).

3. A SINGLE cube/box, not many (implying a SINGLE - i.e. nuclear power -  SIMPLE (A Nuclear power plant is extremely complex) "Energy Solution" LIE.

All the above totally avoids the discussion of WHO WILL FINANCE AND INSURE (we-the-people) the nukes and WHO WILL PROFIT FROM THEM "private" investor one percenters connected to the government (Fascists' 'R' US) guarantees and land they are given for pennies. :P >:(

Yeah, it's funny! But imagine that you have never heard of photoshop or seen a cat before...
As ridiculous as it sounds, people exposed to enough photos of some animal doing unusually smart things will begin to unconsciously believe the animals in question are much smarter than they are. This technique is used in presidential photo ops quite effectively.  ;D REMEMBER, the image is a lead in to reinforce whatever the article or ad below the image says.  ;)

Impossible fruit Sometimes, in devious marketing, they will use an OBVIOUSLY false image as an attention getter; a sort of visual non sequitur to get you to turn your head. I say DEVIOUS because, depending on the location on the page, they may not want you looking too hard at something they HAD to print so they distract you with a strategically placed image.

There are many ways to use the above, including making the fruit look quite believable and nutritious prior to a pitch for some processed product like vitamins that are made from a tiny bit of some fruit extract and 47 other totally artificial ingredients, some of them carcinogenic!  ???

It's a jungle out there! >:(

Here's WHY propagandists can fool us easier with images/photos before an article than without them.

When a photo is added along with a statement, it tends to make a person more likely to believe the statement to be true. Research has found that when study participants are given a photo statement, they are more likely to believe the statement than when it is printed alone. This is thought to be the result of fluency, which means that the brain is more able to recall things if there are more items — such as pictures — associated with it. The more fluent an item, the more likely the brain might be to recall it and thus judge it as being true.   :o

More about truth:

•"Truthiness," a word coined by American comedian Stephen Colbert that means the intuitive feeling of truth without necessarily having evidence, was Merriam-Webster's word of the year in 2006.

•When a person has been in a relationship for an extended period of time, he or she is more likely to use the part of the brain responsible for habitual decisions and thus more likely to quickly believe his or her partner.

•People typically do not perceive strangers as being truthful. In one study, half of the people believed that a fellow participant would help them as promised, when the actual number was closer to 80%.


Agelbert NOTE: The last bit of info helps explain why a real con artist will NEVER expect you to trust him when he begins his approach, whether in his capacity as a government brainwasher or a corporate brainwasher (the common street con artist is much less a threat because they are not as informed on your habits and personality).


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