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Author Topic: Resisting Brainwashing Propaganda  (Read 17145 times)

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Re: Resisting Brainwashing Propaganda
« Reply #30 on: April 30, 2016, 04:04:25 pm »
I'll level with you I'm not really that sad about my engineering career not working out, I frankly hated the corporate environment.  Just wish I had a little security and a place to call home.  I'm all but selling my soul out to the frackers to get a shot at buying some land and a cabin but its not exactly panning out that great either.  Not only has the pay gone to S H I T it's just goddammn boring and monotonous. MKing thinks way too highly of the drilling world.  Maybe it was different in his day but punching holes in the bakken is la cookie cutter process. Im going brain dead mwding there is not an iota of technical challenge left to the job, I'm getting paid for sleep deprivation and the ability to be a trained yes sir monkey.  The next rung up as directional driller isn't too much better either from a technical perspective.   Maybe my cabin will have to just be a cheap cube van and a tent lol..

99% of all jobs are boring and monotonous.  The nature of a "job" is that you do the same thing, day in and day out.  Neurosurgery is boring.  Spinal fusions, every day, that is the meat of the practice.  Milking cows is boring.  Driving a truck is boring.

Artists have slightly less boring jobs, but even art is monotonous.  If you're a painter, every day you paint.  What you are painting may be different one day to the next, but you're still dipping a brush in paint, over and over.

Why do people do these boring and monotonous jobs?  To make MONEY of course.  B&M jobs are somewhat more tolerable the more money you make, although not always.  Beyond the problem of B&M, unless you are the CEO you always have some "boss" you have to please, and who also more often than not is an ass hole.

All of this serves to make the world of work quite unpleasant, and even though I did work I mostly enjoyed,  I just about always had ass hole bosses.  So I definitely do not miss the world of work, and sure am glad I got my opportunity to retire on Mailbox Money!  :icon_sunny:

However, you are quite a few years away from this unless you become disabled, which of course is not much fun itself, but on balance it is better than working!  lol.

So, let's assume you can get your college loans paid off and you put together enough money to buy a cabin, or some land you can build one on.  You didn't particularly like milking cows over the last winter, you didn't like working as an engineer, you don't like poking holes in the ground for the fracking industry...so what are you going to do for money once you do buy said cabin?  ???       If you go on the cheap with a Stealth Van, what are you going to do for money to buy gas, assuming as you do that gas will be available and cheap for some time to come?


Selling out your soul is a bad plan. 

But I admit anyone that does that has lots of company in Amerika.

The routine selling of one's soul for the MYTH of  "personal freedom of choice" is what made Amerika a BANANA Republic run by those corporations you abhor.

Ka figured this out. I'm sure you can figure it out too.

Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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