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Author Topic: Corruption in Government  (Read 41287 times)

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Re: Corruption in Government
« Reply #1140 on: May 09, 2020, 09:54:48 pm »

Chris Hedges: "Bernie just wanted to be part of the club" & "failed us."
2,547 views•May 9, 2020

acTVism Munich
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This is an excerpt of an interview that we recently conducted with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and best-selling author Chris Hedges. Chris discusses Bernie Sanders' decision to run as a democratic candidate and not an independent despite 2016 DNC corruption. In addition, he examines the Sanders' campaign failure and whether it should be attributed to internal or external factors.

Watch our video with Glenn Greenwald on the same topic:
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America’s Final Descent Into a Failed State
« Reply #1141 on: May 24, 2021, 05:32:22 pm »
Agelbert COMMENT: While Umair Haque is correct to point out the danger to American Democracy in the following article, I am convinced he has confused religion with idolatry. What he should have said is, FALSE religion, not disdainfully grouped "religion" (i.e. Christianity) with violence, fanaticism, hate, and cruelty. True Christianity is TOTALLY AGAINST violence, fanaticism, hate, and cruelty. If you have any doubt of that, just read Galatians 5:13-26. Paul makes it crystal clear that the above are works of the flesh, abd those who DO THEM WILL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD. After that he lists the fruits of the Holy Spirit, none of which can be remotely considered deleterious to the workings of a democratic society. In fact, those who WALK in the 🕊️ Spirit IMPROVE social cohesion and harmony through benevolent compassion (i.e. biblical love) for their neighbors. So, while I understand and agree with Umair's legitimate concerns, his blindness to the good that genuine Christians represent to our society shows he thinks we can all just figure this out without God. THAT is the blind spot on the Left that just drives more good people who worship God into the arms of the evil, lying, hypocritical bastards in the NAZI loving Right. 🤦‍♂️
Image Credit: Katherine Frey

America’s Final Descent Into a Failed State

A Radicalized 🐘 GOP is Committed to Destroying American Democracy. Will It Succeed
umair haque
May 23, 2021

By now, the contours of what look like a strategy are emerging. A strategy to take revenge on American democracy — this time, successfully. The five elements of this strategy — it’s the GOP’s, of course — go something like this.

One, put in place as party leaders those who’ve basically sworn allegiance to Trump, his movement, and his aims, which seem to be the violent overthrow of American democracy. Two, have them propound the Big Lie that the election was stolen. Three, at the state level, restrict voting rights as severely as possible. Four, elevate a new generation of fanatics and radicals — who openly bask in violence, like Marjorie Taylor Greene — to prominence. And five, of course, block any attempt to investigate the coup on Jan 6th.

All of that adds up to a nightmare scenario, come the next election. This fivefold strategy gives the GOP options. Options of the kind it shouldn’t have. To overthrow American democracy in any number of ways.

Let’s consider a few.

One: the Republicans take the house, and refuse to certify the President, if he or she’s a Democrat. What happens then? Constitutional crisis — of the most severe kind. It ends up at the Supreme Court — which, of course, leans heavily, heavily Republican.

Two: the Republicans lose the election — and attempt another coup. Only this time, they’re successful — remember, last time, America got lucky, and it was a minor miracle political leaders weren’t assassinated, which was the explicit goal of the coup. But this time, Republicans do manage to block vote certification through outright violence. What happens then? Chaos does. The GOP claims they’re the “true” winners — and America’s left in a twilight zone.

Three: the many, many ways the Republicans are attacking voting at the state level pay off. Through a combination of gerrymandering, sympathetic officials who are fanatics, restrictions, and “fraudits,” the Republicans manage to swing the election their way — by simply hacking away at the most basic mechanisms of democracy.

I could go on, but the point is this. Trump may seem “gone” — for now — but American democracy is in grave danger. It may be in more danger now than during the Trump years, in fact.       Why is that?

Because what all the above means is that the GOP has radicalized. They have made three significant choices, in the last few months, as an institution, as a set of people, as a social group. One, they have doubled down on the idea that if democracy doesn’t serve their ascendance to power, then it’s OK to do away with democracy. Two, they’ve doubled down on the idea that violence is a perfectly acceptable means to take power. Three, they’ve decided that the next election will be one where democracy itself is something to attack and beat — not the opponent, really — in whatever way is necessary to finally take power.

They’ve made those three choices in the service of a fourth. They’ve decided that the aim of taking in power is to force society to drink a weird cocktail of all the different flavours of fascism: the creation of a fanatical, religious, regressive ethno-state, where women and minorities and anyone different is violently repressed, while old hierarchies of race and money and pedigree are what define a person’s level of humanity. In short, the Republicans want America to be like Russia, politically, Iran, socially, and North Korea, culturally — not just a failed state, but to combine the worst aspects of all the kinds of failed states.

Those four choices are incredibly significant. For a very good reason. It didn’t have to be this way. The GOP could have backed down, instead of doubling down, on violence, fanaticism, religion, hate, and cruelty. The GOP could have walked bath to a path of relative sanity instead of tumbling further down the abyss of fascism. Each of the four decisions above — authoritarianism, violence, lies, and hate — are choices.

What’s guiding those choices? Driving them is a better word. The GOP chose to double down instead of back down for a very good reason, too. One that, more often than not, is the prime mover of politics. Because its base wanted it.

The GOP made the four choices above because it’s base was angrily crying out for authoritarianism over democracy, violence over consent, intimidation over comity, lies over truth, and hate over common decency.

It could have resisted, sure — but it would have been risking its own political future as a party. And so it radicalised, at the bidding of an already radicalised Trumpist base.

How radicalised is the Trumpist base? You should know the statistics by now, because they’re truly chilling. 70% of Republicans believe the election was stolen. A majority agree with the idea that “force may be necessary to save the American way of life.”

Where does all this leave America? Walking a tightrope, teetering in the wind. Below lies the abyss of fascism. And one tiny, minor misstep — and all is lost. This is made all the more dangerous, of course, by the false sense of security liberals are feeling now that Biden is in power.

Is this America’s final descent into a failed state? I ask that for a very simple reason. If you think carefully about the dynamics, an inevitable conclusion emerges. If the Republicans are successful at overthrowing American democracy, there won’t be a next time. That’s it, game over. For a very, very long — possibly for good.

And make no mistake — “overthrowing American democracy” is no hyperbole. What else do you call it when a party is systemically paring away voting rights, refusing to condemn and even investigate a violent coup attempt, and propounding a Big Lie, with no basis, that disregards the outcome of a democratic election?

America now faces the prospect of a final meltdown. What do I mean by that? Think of historic moments of social implosion — like the Irani Revolution, or the end of the Soviet Union, or the accession of dictators in countries from Iraq to North Korea.

What a final meltdown means is just such a moment — a turning point at which democracy is shattered, autocracy sets in, and a generation or more finds out the hard way what’s it like to live without freedom, under an iron fist and a boot.

So what I mean by “American democracy faces a final meltdown” is something like this. When Trump was President, fascism had risen to power. But it hadn’t fully seized power yet — corroding every value, capturing every institution. There was a way back — and America got very, very lucky. The coup failed — partly thanks to a handful of brave officers, partly out of sheer dumb luck. Biden became President precisely because the coup — whose purpose was to vote certification — failed. But if it had succeeded — where would America be today? Nobody can say — but Trump would surely have tried to annul the election and probably declared martial law. Last time wasn’t a final meltdown — America got lucky.

This time is different. The GOP wants revenge. It is thinking through the seizure of power — not in a temporary, fleeting way, but in a lasting, permanent one. It is very obviously planning to take power by force if necessary, subvert any remaining semblance of democracy — and make that transformation into authoritarianism more or less permanent. That’s it’s explicit goal — and the vast, vast majority of its base wants that from it.

The GOP wants America to experience something like an Irani Revolution or a Soviet collapse or a Gaddafi-like ascendance of authoritarianism — not some time in the distant future, but in the next few years, in this election cycle. That is why it’s strategy is now so obvious and explicit — elevate the fanatics, purge the moderates, pledge allegiance to Trump, and if we take the House, well, then we block election certification, and if that fails, we resort to violence all over again. This is our country! We’re the real Americans!

If you’ve lived all this before, or studied it — how societies experience a final collapse into authoritarianism — you’re shuddering right about now, looking at America. This is exactly how it happens. A nation gets lucky — and a coup attempt fails. But that only hardens the commitment of the radicalised base — and the fanatical side — to make it succeed next time, while the silent majority rests on their laurels. To plan carefully, so that the seizure of power doesn’t fail again. To put all the mechanisms in place so that when the time is right — bang!! — the plan goes off without a hitch, and democracy is left a smoking, wrecked ruin.

It couldn’t be more obvious what the GOP wants: the collapse of American democracy. I guess that only leaves one question: why don’t sane Americans see it yet?

May 2021


"Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices. For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them. But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil." -- Proverbs 1:31-33 KJV
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Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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MAGA fascist fever is breaking 🤔
« Reply #1142 on: June 08, 2021, 01:38:47 pm »

By Robert S. Becker -June 1, 2021

Seven reasons the MAGA fascist fever is breaking – along with Trump’s martyrdom cult

Clearly, the runt of underdogs, Trump will never concede, never apologize, and never learn.


2) All polling, and this unrelenting circular party firing squad, make Trump a long-shot national candidate. Descending approval numbers track his absent political agenda. Trump epitomizes the Party of No – no to pandemic, no to the lawful election result, no to angry critics, and no to genuine opposition to the Biden presidency. Is Trump “for” anything but vanity? Not even provocative sound bites or entertaining put-downs surface. Where is he stronger now than in October? ... ...

4) What adviser, rational Trumper, or party fat cats think that a party branded as undemocratic, against elections and prone to violent uprisings has found the road to power? Contradictions, anyone? Instead of burying its awful, memorable last months, Republicans keep getting bad press for conspiracy with the riotous, Jan. 6 national calamity. Rejecting a bipartisan Commission (with more GOP control than a certain House investigation) exposed both complicity and dread of full exposure. Talk about handing over grenades to the opposition! Nothing threatens rightwing House members more than loyalty to Trump and to the absurd, “rigged, stolen” Big Election Lie. Criminality by rioters is now compounded by unholy Senate Republican collusion to bury lawless chaos. Keep those public votes coming, Democrats.

5) Trump’s only public role is now dividing his own electorate, with misguided pot-shots at queasy Republicans bemoaning steady party woes. Typically dumb Trumpism is railing against those, like Cheney, Romney, and Ryan, with superior reach to independents. Every Trump target holds higher moral ground, making the menace of Mar-a-lago look petty, reactive and deranged. By dividing an increasingly fragile coalition (billionaires, fundamentalists and disadvantaged), Trump fulfills Jennifer Rubin resume summary for “evil lunacy.” No phrase better exposes how Trump hammers away at a sinking ship while sabotaging the lifeboats.

Full Article:

Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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