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Author Topic: Corporate Fascist Corruption of Christianity  (Read 7015 times)

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Re: Corporate Fascist Corruption of Christianity
« Reply #45 on: November 01, 2018, 07:27:24 pm »
Agelbert NOTE: Reposted from the Doomstead Diner

Peterson's grant wasn't denied because of political reasons;

Sorry, but I don't see any evidence that this is true. You don't even know the identities of the people who made the decision, unless you know them personally. It isn't public knowledge, to the best of my ability to investigate.

To assume that it  isn't political, just because "Julia Gualtieri — a spokesman for the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada "  said so, is extremely naive and makes me think you don't know too much about academic bureaucracies. I'd like to see your proof. I know you're busy right now.

You might notice, I'm just demanding proof. I think you're wrong, but I'm prepared to eat some crow if you're right. Let's get to the truth.

I think the burden is on you and AG anybody else who wants to make this case on Peterson.  You are making claims that I think are misplaced. I want some evidence. Good evidence. So far that is not forthcoming from either of you.

I don't know any of the involved personally.  These grants are generally paneled. The panelists rated them poorly.

Peterson, with an axe to grind, says it was "political." Of course he did.

And the great swarm of Peterson fanbois rush in to nod furiously in bobbleheaded enthusiasm. Bottom line: the U said it wasn't political, Peterson says it was. And then the nazis held a bake sale to fund him.

Another case of "he said, she said." As I recall last time we had one of these you came down hard for the accused.

I was hoping not to get sucked into this Peterson bullshit, and to have to do a careful vivisection of his body of work, because frankly, I have a life. And I prefer to not drink from sewers. But for some reason I ascribe to weakness, RE has given Ashvin the run of the place to add nothing, contribute nothing but to make a case for his new Messiah. I'll take that s h i t up with RE when he's up to it, and I'll deal with Peterson's oeuvre when I have more time. Which i don't now.

Peterson is a Youtube star with a distinct following amount the angy, young, white, and otherwise without agency crowd. Very big with the incels, so they tell me.

Whenever someone's critique starts with, "radical left," that is a tell and they have given the game away. There is no radical left in this country except from the viewpoiint of the far edge of the reactionary right. Thus does a vile insect like Ashvin class anyone as "ideologue" anyone who does not sup uncritically at the table of Petersonism.

Peterson asserts that postmodern philosophers and sociologists since the 1960s[ have insinuated core tenets of Marxism and communism into academe. which is what you say when things aren't going your way and you can't get what you want.He echoes Kunstler's bleats of "cultural Maoists," which so thrill the Ayn Rand company sucks still hiding in the corners around here, but which offend people able to observe the world as it is and think. He says academe was infected with an influence of postmodernism thought that migrated from France to the US via Jacques Derrida and others. We also know how the French f u c k up everything. Order up some freedom fries with your pitcher of Blue Ribbon.

As a YouTube star, he offers up plenty for his fanbois to chew on. Conservative views on religion, trans issues, and on feminism. From what I have seen, much of what he says is incoherent and ambiguous. So his acolytes dismiss any criticism as mere misrepresentations of his views. See, if you don't agree, then clearly you don't understand. Or are an unmitigated ideologue.

The same f u c k i n g technique of manipulation we've seen in evidence here. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I will add one bit of advice that I will now take in regard to those, like Eddie and Ashvin, who have shown their true colors with some rather stomach turning insults directed at me.

Surly, you will recall the PM discourse I had with you some months back. You will recall my feelings about the base vulgarity of the discourse here on threads I was not even posting on, that had nothing to do with me or my POV.

I came back here now because I knew the Right Wing Propagandists were going to make a push here to help the Republican FASCISTS stay in power so that the full Fascist Trump "Paradise" can be ushered in. I came just to counter them as best I could. I knew it would get hot and heavy very quickly. These fuckers are hell bent (AND hellbound too!) to destroy this country long before Climate Change does. THAT has a LOT to do with why you see them so angry and so much in an arrogant huff about one of their pet High IQ "credentialed" Apologists.

They get the fact that Social Security and Medicare ELIMINATION, a stated Republican goal, is something they have to counter with lots of LIES and arm waving, doing everything they can to discredit anyone who has the temerity to call BULLSHIT on their claims that Trump et al and bought and paid assholes like Jordan Peterson aren't part of that empathy deficit disordered EVIL. They are all full of mendacious, puke inspired malice and aforethought S H I T. They cannot do anything but wallow in, defend and celebrate, their Right Wing Authoritarian, money loving, money chasing modus vivendi, no matter how damaging to the country AND/OR to the environment. They do not have the remotest idea of what logic and comon sense is. They cannot see beyond their bank accounts. These people are wells without water. They cannot be reasoned with.

So, I will now take Gillum's advice when Trumo called him a liar. 

Gillum posted: “I heard @realDonaldTrump ran home to @FoxNews to lie about me. But as my grandmother told me—never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, but the pig likes it.”

Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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