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Forum > Who CAN you trust?

911 > September 11 2001 > U.S. Fascist COUP?

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This topic will cover previous posts as close to chronological order as possible. Any new posts about 911 by those brave people working to uncover the truth that the FBI, under Mueller, COVERED UP, will be posted here.

FASCIST rogue elements within the U.S. Military Industrial Complex DID carefully plan and execute the destruction that caused many deaths in New York City and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. That was our Reichstag Fire. That was a FAKE "Pearl Harbor". You believe a LIE if you think it was otherwise.

The never ending wars and the huge Pentagon budget SWAG coerced from we-the-taxpaying-people are both a direct PRE-PLANNED result of 911 TREASON.

The American Fascist version of the NAZI Enabling act, that Hitler rammed through right after that very convenient Reichstag Fire, is called the "Patriot" Act. It basically destroyed the last vestiges of freedom in the USA. The Patriot Act was READY BEFORE 911, in case you are wondering why that rather detailed piece of mindfork appeared so quickly, with almost the entire Congress signing it WITHOUT EVEN READING IT.

Believe the "19 Arabs with box cutters did it" BULLSHIT Government Conspiracy Theory story all you want. The truth will come out, hopefully soon.

If it doesn't, there is ZERO hope for proper action in regard to Climate Change Mitigation and Social Justice.

911 is the MONSTROUS MIC ELEPHANT in the American 'room' version of Nazi Germany, Circa 2019.

The video that was here was TERMINATED by You Tube. >:(
Published on Jan 13, 2012

Comment. This film was made by Dr Niels Harrit to document the BBC interview he gave to the BBC as part their 2011 'Conspiracy Files' series; which was basically an attempt to undermine the 9-11 truth movement.   

It goes without saying that when it was all edited & spliced together Dr Harrit appeared to be simply another conspiracy nut & the interviewer a reasonable investigative Journalist just doing his job. This film however graphically shows the BBC in their true light & how they really conduct themselves away from public scrutiny.

There are many comments on here of the opinion that the interviewer; BBC Producer Michael Rudin is just some type of incompetent or even ill-mannered BBC hack. It is my personal belief that he is much worse than that. He is most likely is one of many employed by the security services as agents working at the BBC. The BBC is basically a propaganda tool for the state, irrespective of what stripe of government is in power their function is always to manipulate public opinion in order to maintain the status quo.

Don't forget to pay the license fee & enjoy the brainwashing.  ;D

Three weeks notice for a 36 hour power down in the upper HALF of the WTC southern tower of the twin towers (where this man worked on the 97th floor) that took place September 8 and 9 of the year 2001...

September 11, 2001 was the day the last piece needed to convert the USA into a Fascist Police State was put into place.  :(

Loose Change

Parents of 9/11 Victims Take on FBI in Groundbreaking Lawsuit
AE911Truth  April 4, 2019

On this week’s episode of 9/11 Free Fall, host Andy Steele is joined by 9/11 family members Bob McIlvaine and Barbara Krukowski-Rastelli, who discuss their lawsuit against the FBI over the Bureau’s failure to include key evidence that it knew of in its 2015 report to Congress.

The two parents, together with the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry and AE911Truth, aim to compel the FBI to reconstitute its 9/11 Review Commission and issue a new report that assesses all of the evidence the FBI is accused of omitting — including evidence of the World Trade Center’s explosive demolition. You can listen below on SoundCloud or YouTube.



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