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Author Topic: The Wisdom of the Books of the Bible  (Read 5974 times)

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God is talking to 🦀 Mr. Trump, who will, as he has done thoughout his life, not listen.

Nope. Not a syllable. In that regard he reminds me of Stalin, who, when informed that the Pope has expressed displeasure at a military move, replied, "And how many divisions does the Pope command?"

Stalin's ideology is a nearly perfect fit with Trump's ideology, in that both of them worshipped at the altar of "might equals right". 

But then, that is the 😈 altar most people on Earth worship at, regardless of the lip service to a deity given by assorted religious leaders and their, mostly pharisaic, followers.

So, Trump is certainly not an outlier in being a functional atheist. Most people in the USA believe that money isn't everything, but it is way ahead of whatever is in second place. That is the spiritually depraved norm here and that is the norm in the human species. The deliberately unethical wanton destruction caused by every successful empire with several divisions at their command throughout history evidences that.

Psychologists have determined, from repeated scientific studies, that humans are "wired" for empathy. This trait produces socially beneficial behavior such as altruism.

Empathy is the basis of ethical behavior. Ethical behavior tempers the "money is numero uno" greed reflex common to the human species. All these conclusions by social science academia deny the existence of evil as a spiritual force in human affairs. The concept of "evil" (i.e. invisible demonic spirit entities destructively influencing human behavior) is relegated to the realm of superstition, irrelevant to the "reality" of the materialist atheistic world view that "the human body is exclusively an organic machine that evolved from random BENEFICIAL mutations that gave the species enough evolutionary advantages to DOMINATE (SEE: Might equals RIGHT) all other earthly species". What's wrong with this picture? Plenty.

The very same psychologists that believe humans became "apex predators" through successful DOMINATION (i.e killing off or taming) of all competing life forms, believe the exception to the "rule" that humans are "wired" for empathy are the sociopaths and psychopaths. Cruel Predators like Stalin, Trump and Hitler are three examples of humans apparently not "wired for empathy". Yet, as the quote you gave from Stalin irrefutably evidences, Trump is a nearly perfect example of a person totally motivated by the quest for successful DOMINATION (i.e killing off or taming) of all competing life forms through FORCE. An objective evolutionary biologist would have to admit that, not only is Trump's mens rea modus operandi murderous belligerence a "successful evolutionary strategy", but the fact that fraud (SEE: trap door spiders that catch unwary insects, snakes with tails that look like a spider in order to catch eagles when they get too close, etc.) is cleverly interwoven into his force and fraud MO augments his "evolutionary advantages".

If it weren't for the "pesky" fact the "business as usual" climate trashing behavior embraced by Trump, Wall Street and nearly 100% of the profit over planet oligarchs, hell bent on doubling down on the biosphere trashing course that served their short term sociopathic greed based pecuniary interests so well, evolutionary biologists would be forced to conclude that the MO of Trump could not be viewed as anything but that of a "successful apex predator".

THAT is the conundrum that those who continue to cling to the "humans are an organic machine" world view are faced with.

These overeducated scientists, rather than admit that biochemistry is not sufficent to explain species endangering human behavior, and that something not scientifically measurable is causing apparently rational "evolutionarily successful apex predator" humans (i.e. Trump, the 1%, Wall Steet, Capitalists, etc.) to irrationally doom the human species by their thoroughly flawed "might equals right" world view, they resort to the Darwinian claim that if we shoot ouselves in the biosphere foot (and head), we don't "deserve" to exist.

IOW, these "rational" 🙈🙉🙊 scientists, in the face of all the irrationally destructive behavior by TPTB, as evidenced by Trump, flat refuse to recognize even the possibility that EVIL spirits, hell bent on destroying God's created beings in rebellion to the Creator God, are concentrating their corrupting actvities on the leaders of human society.

There is ZERO genetic evidence that there are a greater percentage of BORN sociopaths among the rich and influential humans in our doomed civilization than in the population as a whole. Yet, the "wired" for empathy tests evidence that the overwhelming majority of humans are NOT greedy to the point of enthusiastic support for climate trashing profit over planet. The only logical conclusion that a truly objective social scientist could reach from this genetic evidence is that SOMETHING or SOMEBODY targets targets anyone that makes it into TPTB far more than any other segment of the human species.

IOW, these scientists, watching the biosphere be delibrately destroyed by a tiny sliver of humanity known as TPTB, refuse to accept that evil spirits are at work corrupting TPTB because it makes a mockery of their Darwinian "Might Equals Right" flawed world view. "Nothing to see here, move along. Trump is nuts to want to destroy the biosphere for profit but it's just the way an apex predator is... Trump, like Stalin and Hitler, has all those military divisions to prove he is an evolutionary success... Might equals right... Darwin said so, so it must be so..." 

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