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Author Topic: Wind Power  (Read 21742 times)

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Re: Wind Power
« Reply #255 on: June 17, 2018, 03:28:42 pm »
Agelbert NOTE: This article is 5 years old, but worth your attention. Perhaps it has not gained much attention, simply because the units are not for huge wind turbines that get all the news. Nevertheless, they are doing a great service for smaller installations like homes and farms (see video at the end of this article and 2017 press release).
Shifting Gears on Wind Turbines

Tom Lombardo posted on October 13, 2013 | 2 Comments | 16387 views

To gear or not to gear?

Most wind turbines have gearbox transmissions that connect the slowly spinning turbine with the speed-hungry generator. But gearboxes have disadvantages: they’re noisy, complex, and prone to failure. Gearboxes need regular maintenance and lubrication, increasing their total cost of ownership. Some manufacturers have opted for gearless direct-drive turbines, but there’s a trade-off: because the shaft spins slowly, they require much larger permanent-magnet generators, increasing the weight and initial cost of the turbines. A new technology may capture the best of both designs.

Windtech has partnered with Future Force LLC to build a turbine based on the Zero Contact TransmissionTM (ZCT) patented by Future Force. The technology uses a transmission of sorts, but instead of mechanical gears, belts, or chains, the ZCT uses neodymium permanent magnets to make the generator in the turbine spin five times faster than the rotor. Lab tests conducted at the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota) have shown the ZCT to be 98% efficient at transferring energy from its input to its output.

As shown above, the rotor drives the main shaft, which is magnetically coupled (via the ZCT) to five independent generators, each spinning five times faster than the rotor. (The picture only shows four generators, but their documentation says five. There must be one in the middle.) This provides  redundancy; the turbine could withstand the failure of one or two generators and still produce some power. The turbine is capable of generating substantial energy at low wind speeds; its peak power occurs when the wind speed is 8.1 m/s (18 mph), where comparable turbines require speeds in excess of 12 m/s (27 mph) to achieve peak output. Its startup speed is a meager 2.2 m/s (5.0 mph). It’s designed for locations with average wind speeds of 4 m/s (8.8 mph), which makes wind power viable in 50% more places.

Windtech is currently testing a prototype of its 100E 10 kW turbine (pictured below) in Glencoe MN. They plan to sell the 100E at a price that’s competitive with other units of similar size, making it more likely that customers will take this turbine out for a spin.


Agelbert NOTE:  The following video shows WINDTECH 8 KW VAWT AND 14 KW HAWT WIND TURBINE for small sites and homes ( 📢 Eddie, check this out!) and the BREAK THROUGH TECHNOLOGY of their patented Zero Contact Transmission (ZCT), a unique system that eliminates contact friction


Zero-Contact Transmission logs 15,000 hours of operation 👀   

June 19, 2017

Future Force Zero Contact Transmission (ZCT) hits 15,000 hour milestone. The ZCT designed and built for WindTech, Inc. just surpassed 15,000 hours of operation with NO lubrication.   

The ZCT utilizes magnetic propulsion so there is no friction or need for lubricants. Mike Tkadlec, founder of Future Force and inventor of the Zero Contact Transmission said, “to deploy a ZCT in a wind turbine is perfect for proving the viability of a high torque magnetic propulsion transmission whichoperates at 35% greater efficiency  than a standard oil-encased gearbox. This is a major breakthrough in advancing to the next size ZCT for mW generators without lubrication.”

Future Force, LLC is a privately-owned company offering licensing to it’s patented magnetic propulsion technologies. More information can be found at www.futureforcellc.com


I have the two turbines I bought from Mike after I took my turbine building course. I built one like my little one, and I helped build one like my bigger one, but I had Mike build the ones I bought. Experience is worth something. His simple designs have been proven. Nothing fancy, but plenty of them in service.

For wind, its a relatively easy job to build a turbine from commonly available stuff, if you can get magnets. I went for simple rather than high efficiency.

Sourcing and erecting a tower is a much bigger job, imho, than building a turbine. And with 9mph wind, it's more of a novelty here. But on some days in winter it would no doubt be nice to have a turbine spinning, even here. I have not ever gotten a tower up. Expensive, complicated job, usually requiring a crane. I've been shopping for a good tower deal forever.

I have a low wind Mallard LW built from a repurposed Delco car alternator, and a bigger Mallard SP80.


Nice! micro wind has been mostly destroyed by low cost solar. as mentioned the tower costs and maintenance make them non competitive except on the best wind sites. ...

True. As you said, the advantage a wind turbine could have over photovoltaic is strictly in places where there is a lot of pretty constant wind, particularly at night, I might add. 

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