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Author Topic: The Big Picture of Renewable Energy Growth  (Read 23630 times)

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Rewiring the World With Clean Energy
« Reply #30 on: May 02, 2014, 02:37:49 pm »
Rewiring the World with Clean Energy

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

            The Plan involves three interacting strategies which include:


       · In industrial countries, withdraw subsidies from fossil fuels and establish equivalent subsidies for clean non-carbon energy sources;

       · Create a large global fund -- perhaps through a small tax on international currency trading -- to transfer clean energy technologies to developing countries; and, 

        · Incorporate within the Kyoto framework a progressively more stringent Fossil Fuel Efficiency Standard that rises by 5 percent per year.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

          This paper contains a set three interactive strategies which we believe would  reduce carbon emissions by the 80 percent required by nature -- at the same time as it would create millions of jobs around the world, especially in developing countries. 

          To set the plan in its starkest context: the deep oceans are warming, the tundra is thawing, the glaciers are melting, infectious diseases are migrating and the timing of the seasons have changed.  And all that has resulted from one degree of warming.  By contrast, the earth will warm from 3 to 10 degrees later in this century, according to the IPCC

As NASA scientist Jim Hansen said in February, 2006: "We have to stabilize emissions of carbon dioxide within a decade, or temperatures will warm by more than one degree -- warmer than it has been for half a million years."   

          At the risk of exaggerating their potential, we believe these solutions could, at the same time, address several other major problems facing us as well.

          The most obvious, given our newfound vulnerability to guerrilla attacks, is that a worldwide transition to renewable energy would dramatically reduce the significance of oil -- and with it our exposure to the political volatility in the Middle East.

          A second security-related  connection is that a  renewable energy economy would have far more independent sources of power -- home-based fuel cells, stand-alone solar systems, regional windfarms -- which would make the nation's electricity grid a far less strategic target for terrorist attacks. 

          Perhaps a more relevant connection is that the continuing indifference to climate change by the U.S. -- which generates a quarter of the world's carbon emissions -- will likely provoke more guerrilla attacks from people whose homelands are going under from rising seas, whose crops are destroyed by weather extremes and whose borders are overrun by environmental refugees.   

          Conversely, a properly-funded global energy transition would represent the kind of proactive policy needed to begin to redress the economic inequity that threatens to split humanity irreparably between rich and poor. Just as runaway carbon concentrations are threatening to destabilize the global climate, runaway economic inequity can only continue to destabilize our global political environment.

For its own security, the U.S. needs to abandon its traditional posture toward developing countries -- which has been by turns defensive and coercive -- and replace that with a new set of policies which are expansive, inclusive and geared toward real poverty alleviation.  It seems to be an article of faith among development economists that energy investments in poor countries create far more wealth and jobs than investments in any other sector.  Were the U.S. to lead a wholesale transfer of clean energy technologies to developing countries, that would do more than anything else in the long term to undermine support for anti-U.S. terrorism.

On the economic front, it seems clear the entire global economy is susceptible to periods of stagnation, even recession.  Not long ago, some members of the Federal Reserve were even talking about deflation. 

The globally destabilizing credit crisis, the heart-stopping plunges of the stock market and the crippling uncertainty surrounding the price of oil in late 2008 triggered paralyzing fears of a deep and prolonged global economic recession. A truly floundering economy seems relatively  immune to tax cuts and interest rate reductions.  I think any recipe for stable, long-term economic health must include a component of public works programs -- in this case, a program to rewire the globe with clean energy.   Few economists believe the recent capital crisis will be our last. A substantial global public works program would provide a much-needed stabilizing ballast to counteract the wild swings of the market and the resulting instability of the global economy. 

      Without question, that would be the most productive investment we could make in our future.  Within a decade, it would begin to generate a major and continuing worldwide economic lift-off. 

      No global solution, moreover, can ignore the role of the oil-producing nations -- especially in the Middle East -- without courting major and unacceptable global economic dislocations. In this regard, it is worth repeating that hydrogen is expected to be a major fuel in a post-carbon environment. Hydrogen is most easily produced by putting electricity into water. So if the nations of the Middle East were to cover their deserts with saltwater pipelines and windmills and photovoltaic panels, they could maintain their role as energy suppliers to Europe, East Asia and Africa.

 Finally there is the climate crisis itself:

Unintentionally, we have set in motion massive systems of the planet with huge amounts of inertia that have kept it relatively hospitable to civilization for the last 10,000 years. We have reversed the carbon cycle by more than 400,000 years. We have heated the deep oceans. We have loosed a wave of violent and chaotic weather. We have altered the timing of the seasons. We are living on a very precarious margin of stability.

          Against that background, we are offering this set of strategies.  We believe these strategies present a model of the scope and scale of action that is appropriate to the magnitude of the climate crisis.  To date, we have not seen other policy recommendations that adequately address either the scope or urgency of the problem.

          Largely because of inaction by the world's governments, it seems that the Kyoto goals (but not the Kyoto process) are fast becoming obsolete -- and that it is soon time to go straight for the goal of 70 percent reductions globally. Our hope is to get ideas of this scope into the conversation to help move it to an appropriate level. 

          The Plan involves three interacting strategies which include: http://www.heatisonline.org/contentserver/objecthandlers/index.cfm?id=6320&method=full

Agelbert NOTE: Darwininan church UBERMENSCH convinced that Caloric Intake defines Morality in our "random" universe are advised to avoid reading the info at the link because it is too CORNUCOPIAN for you DOOMER "REALISTS". Have a nice day dreaming of collapse, disaster and population die off.

It is an error of perception to confuse the perverse joy of masochism with reality because it leads to the irrational rejection of all practical hopeful future scenarios (IOW mental box canyons are temporary FUN for doomers that lead to suicidal ideation). This abysmally stupid behavior is often disguised as a sophisticated mockery of hope (based on empirical evidence NOT pie in the sky) filled theists  cloaked with a fraudulent air of objective, hard nosed, science based conclusions (IOW Intelli-morons claim Brainiac Ubermensch status when the exact reverse is true). The fate of these Stumbling Blocks to human progress through moral behavior is grim. Believe them at your peril.

                                           Anthony G. Gelbert

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