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Author Topic: Electric Vehicles  (Read 30351 times)

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Re: Electric Vehicles
« Reply #480 on: December 03, 2018, 07:17:19 pm »
My wife has ended up with the second Volt I bought last summer. So far I think the onboard computer is saying the hybrid's gas consumption amounts to 169 MPG. She is driving it for her daly commute, in fairly heavy traffic most of the time.

The old Volt (with just over 30 miles of range in most weather) never did better than about 100 MPG. That extra 20 miles of battery range has made the Volt from a good car into a great car, for people who still need a car that can run on gas, which is most people who do a lot of driving. The decision Chevy made to axe the Volt really breaks my heart, and we've discussed buying another before they're all gone.

I'm looking forward to the all electric cars, from a standpoint of reducing carbon, but i have my doubts they'll ever build  a car that will equal the Volt of today.

The Volt is a great car. The GM decision to axe the car caused me to be so angry I could spit. This is what I posted at Cleantechnica forum on that issue:

To GM's plan to stop building the Volt, I will let Obi Wan say it ALL:[/size]

RIP: GM Will Close 5 Assembly Plants In North America, Eliminate 15,000 Jobs, & Cease Production Of Chevy Volt
Autonomous Vehicles The mournful cry from Detroit that "Nobody wants to buy an electric car" is partially correct. Relatively few cons…



I can see the justification. The specs for the volt were laid down quite some time ago. The bolt is proving very popular. battery capacity has increased as well as peoples acceptance of all electric since they designed the volt.  Its neither fish nor fowl having the maintenance requirements of two cars. If you want gas backup the hybrid model is a more efficient cheaper way to get it, if you want the electric features the all electric is more efficient... The engine charges battery, full size electric runs car method has advantages but the increased cost of it didn't work out and its appeal was limited. I hope they use the capacity to build more full electrics like they say they are going to... We shall see. And again the bolt is awesome I wish it worked better for my climate and circumstances...

Yes, we shall see. But, while we are waiting to see, I suggest you look at the total number of different vehicles GM makes, all with internal combustion engines. Based on your logic, it was "uneconomical" to make so many different models with basically the same type of engine and drive train. I don't think so.

As to the sales of the Volt, it was selling MUCH BETTER than  several other models that GM will CONTINUE to make, so your argument that the Volt wasn't "competitive" with the Bolt is not reality based. Both the Bolt and the Volt ARE selling quite well, thank you very much.

The logic that DOES APPLY in this situation is that the Koch Brothers 🦕🦖 are in this up to their fossil fuel defending necks . I posted a video from Tthe Real News here that evidences that the ending Volt production does not have SQUAT to do with shutting all the plants that GM wants to shut down, as an influential member of the GM workforce in those plants made quite clear in the video (see below).

The happy talk from GM that is, in so many clever and duplictous words, formulated to lull us into believing the BULLSHIT that they "plan to build lots of EVs in the future" is the typical sucker play the fossil fuelers 🐉🦕🦖 are (IN)FAMOUS for. First they make excuses about not making the EV NOW because, uh, "EVs aren't ready for prime time" but they are gonna make lots of them soon, real soon. 

A decade goes by and then they say, uh, well, we decided not to make them because, uh, "they weren't competitive, they were too costly, they were inefficient, etc." while they continued to go out of their way (see the first EV that GM made back in the 1990's) to make sure EV availability is as limited as possible. THAT is the PLAN , although they will, of course, never admit it.

The NEXT STEP in the PLAN for ALL subsidies for EVs and PHEVs to DISAPPEAR in the good old USA .  They DID SOMETHING SIMILAR with electric trolleys in cities all over the USA from the early 20th century too around 1945. They bought them all up and proceeded to  NOT maintain them, screw up the schedules, etc. After they were all replaced by horrendously polluting diesel powered busses, the fossil fuelers claimed that electric trolleys were "not competitive".

This is just another HYDROCARBON HELLSPAWN 🦕🦖 SCAM to kill EVs in favor of the CRAPmobiles that run on Fossil fuels, PERIOD, FULL STOP.  

All that said, GM will rue the day they made this incredibly stupid decision. China (and India, but especially China) already is the vehicle manufacturing powerhouse of the planet. China is going FULLY into EVs. They will destroy GM, or absorb them. It's OVER for the Crapmobiles. 
Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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