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Author Topic: Electric Vehicles  (Read 30351 times)

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Re: Electric Vehicles
« Reply #480 on: December 01, 2018, 01:24:47 pm »
Had I been in that thing when the pickup truck that front ended me drove into oncoming traffic last week I'd have been killed.  As it is I'm uninjured.  Electronics batteries and motors are all available but somebody needs to do more than slap the components together to make a solution that works.  Three wheeled electric carts are nothing new.  This one is wrapped in a light plastic shell.  That plastic might shatter in Alaska temperatures.  I'd check into what it is made of before I got one.

I've been to the factory, very nice machines.  He has clients all over the world, including Mother Russia.  It gets cold there too.  I wouldn't take it on the roads currently, I would use the bike paths.


Yep. Gotta pick your spots. Might be fine for local travel, but on a highway? Not likely.
I found myself parked beside a woman who had a Smart ForTwo car last weekend. Really cute. I could not resist asking her about it. She laughed and was very gracious, said she gets that a lot. Said she loved riding it around town, and that it was a perfect commuting vehicle for in town trips. But that she would never take it on an out of town trip.

As AG noted about Contrary's wreck, when you're on the interstate and get rear ended by a drunk going over 100, you want to be wrapped in a steel cage.

I may have come off as negative but I'm making an observation.  Being negative is not my intent.  First look at that wheel.  That wheel is available as part of an electronic drive train that you can get from China on Ali-Baba.  All the separate components are available on the Chinese market at good prices.  I don't say the components themselves are good or bad.  Their quality actually improves every year.  This whole e-scooter market phenomena in all its forms has happened because of Chinese lithium battery technology.  I actually like it and it is not negative to just see it for what it is.  Understanding how all the kit parts work together allows me to understand the limitations and capabilities.

As good as the plastic shell may be this is still somebodies tinker toy.  A collection of parts.  Remember, I'm building one too,  My bike is the same technology.  I got some battery packs yesterday.  I almost have as many batteries as I need.  Next I mount them.  I'll be breaking open a pack from some kind of medical equipment today and it may have 15 batteries.  If they are all good I'm almost to my goal.

Another of my wheels.  I have three.  You can read the milli-amphour capacity of some of my tested and charged cells on the table.

Nice work! I agree that small EVs are, of course, a collection of parts. However, I find the term "tinker toy" to be inappropriately demeaning of a very useful vehicle. Yes, it may be overpriced from your engineering knowledge base standpoint. But, most people do not build their own vehicles, no matter how much they could save by building them. So, I think these small EVs, safety issues and all, will have a greater and greater market share of privately owned vehicles as time goes by.

Here's a slightly bigger model EV from the Z-Electric Micro folks. I like it because you can put a LOT of groceries in the back.

⚡ T3-5D

The T3-5D is the continuing extension of our T3 line of enclosed trike vehicles. From listening to feedback, we added extra doors and leg room for the rear passengers as well as a rear cargo door and fold flat rear seats. We made it go faster and farther and kept it all in a small frame with full hand controls for accessibility. Everything great about the T3-1 and more. 

Quick Specs

Top Speed ------------------40 mphwith lead battery                                     
                                       47 mph with lithium

Range at 30 mph -----------58 miles 68 ah battery                    70 miles with 80 ah battery
                                                                                           100 miles with lithium 100 ah battery

Continuous Power ---------3000 watts

Battery Type ----------------Lead Silicate in 68 or 80 ah
                                                 Lithium in 100 ah

MSRP ------------------------$7,261with 68 ah battery                        $8,178 with 80 ah battery   
                                                                                                   $10,990 with lithium battery

The T3-5 Door gets its name from its 4 side doors an its rear opening cargo door.  With its fold flat rear seats, this little vehicle can haul an impressive amount.  The rear cargo door is 39.4 inches wide and 37.8 inches high. When the metal floor is folded flat, the area is 39.4 wide X 43 inches long.

More Info:


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