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Author Topic: Carbon Neutral Buildings  (Read 8373 times)

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Re: Carbon Neutral Buildings
« on: May 04, 2014, 04:04:47 pm »

Okay Surly, I'll bite.  ;D

Here's a contrarian view to the half baked, cherry picking "contrarian view" article JDwheeler (e.g. another Doomer in the "caloric intake is IT" box canyon) which equates corrupt rich apples to sustainable building architecture oranges. 

QUESTION FOR DOOMERS:  But what if the opposite is true? What if the issue is NOT what the corrupt rich DO and have DONE in human power structures from day one but what the rest of us have done to make the planet livable? What if the continual buck passing rhetoric and hand wringing about how powerful the rich are and how we are truly forked unless a giant collapse pulls the rug out from these entrenched parasites ( because they allegedly will coopt any and all new technologies for their own private piggery)?

It's pretty G O D  D A M N E D  transparent how the motive of the article is to establish a basic (but entirely false) premise that ALL new technology that can solve our energy and sustainability issues will not reach the common man because the rich are

(A) suicidal,

(B) want a huge population cull so they must ensure that the environment is thoroughly trashed until 9/10 of the "ZOMBIES" die off AND/OR

(C) Profit over planet is too much fun for these evil pigs to give up and they just ain't gonna do it! 

SO, the "question" of "But what if the opposite is true?" is framed TOTALLY OUT OF CONTEXT with regard to the issue of sustainability, energy and the laws of thermodynamics in order to cleverly disguise the FACT that ANY technology can be used for good or evil by ASSUMING INCORRECTLY that ALL new technologies are "pie in the sky techno fixes" that WON'T WORK because RE and Doomer friends SAY SO, are wishful thinking out of the descending colons of Cornucopians and, in case we "idealistic, impractical dreamers hadn't noticed", the rich are incorrigible meanies that we cannot reform that must be OFFED (cue to RE's guillotine    or some other bloody graphic splashed with blood thirsty, vengeance filled joy). It's just FORKING amazing how the Doomer mentality rotates around offing the rich because they are an obstacle to all human progress while completely ignoring the facts about how MUCH technology HAS reached the common man and continues to do so for the betterment of the biosphere and our species (despite the huge amount of negative impact from wasteful and poisonous  technologies). They just don't want to go there. And it seems, Surly, neither do you.

So, even though I am convinced that YOU are convinced that the "contrarian" view has  so much merit that it should be given equal time with a hope filled scenario based on hard science and real technology, I present to you a properly framed QUESTION:

But what if the opposite is true? What if, despite all the coopting by the rich to accumulate more and more power with the use of the new technologies, said technologies result in the elimination of the use of fossil fuels, the  elimination of the production and use in our products of chemicals that alter our endochrine system, cause immunes system disorders and cancer and, the elimination of chemical fertilizers in food production,  the elimination of high thermal heat engines like nuclear power plants and internal combustion engines and a gradual healing of the biosphere?

WHY would those rich meanies allow such an outcome that might ruin a bit of their power trip parade because they then have to share a healthy planet with so many other humans?

BECAUSE they do not have any other choice. See Guy Mcpherson.  ;) Yes, I know Guy has his 30 positive feedback loops wiping out Homo sap in a few decades but the POINT is that the 1% are not going to sit on their hands with the hard data that serious people like Guy Mcpherson present. He doesn't believe in a viable outcome for us but ADMITS that he may be wrong. That said, I disavow EVERYTHING that Guy's website pals say about people suiciding themselves for the "good" of humanity. That's REALLY EVIL! And by the way, your pal RE has NO PROBLEM with people commiting suicide because he has NO MORALITY beyond caloric intake for survival of the "fittest". NOT a fun guy to be around if he is hungry and you are the only food around.  :P

Ask JDwheeler WHY, if you CAN grow bananas and heat a house in the Rockies WITHOUT a fossil fuel furnace or any other heat source but the sun SINCE 1983 (See Amory Lovins), most people aren't doing it? He will say because the rich prevented it or it's not really cost effective. Both are incorrect, but BASIC premises of the Doomer box canyon mindset.

You see, that was a trick question.   8)  If you take several hours over a week and watch the 5 video multi hour conference on energy efficiency in various human endeavors from construction to transportation, you will learn something that Doomers hate to admit and probably refuse to believe. That is, that GIANT steps in energy reduction through efficiency HAVE been made in many areas since the 1980s. We HAVE, without lowering comfort levels, managed to use about 20% (OR LESS) of the energy we "needed" in 1980   NOW to do EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS for heating, cooling, refrigeration, construction, communication and transportation.  8)

WATCH THE VIDEOS, Surly. It's ALL THERE! We are saving energy (NEGAWATTS) hand over fist! RE is pushing a bill of DOOMER goods. You don't have to believe a word I say. But please, watch the videos. Every ENERGY issue is dealt with as well as HOW the energy can be obtained and distributed SUSTAINABLY.

All that said, I admit and agree with you, RE and JDwheeler that the meanies in the 1% are evil forks. So what else is new? Tell me when this was not the case?

So they have, like, technology and  computers to herd us more thoroughly now. And? The abysmal ignorance that people like RE show about human history is testament to the grave error of assuming that we are far more oppressed now than any other time in history. That is TOTAL BS. But I'm NOt going to sit here and argue quixotically about history to those who believe we were better ,nicer and more decent when we wielded swords or bows and arrows or whatever.

I have been researching LAW for the past three months. LAW is the application of cultural mores to a societal framework that ALWAYS favors the powerful but MUST pay tribute to the common man in order to provide a framework for a stable society (revolutions happen when you oppress the rubes too much). Most LAW in Western Civilization comes from Roman and Germanic codes. You DO NOT want to know what "freedom" you had under those codes, Surly. :P  They have evolved over the centuries with the Magna Carta and French contributions to a more equitable system. Inheritance laws, tort, and penal codes are horribly distorted in earlier centuries so the rich can do whatever the fork they want and have you imprisoned or killed for a trifle.

It is HYPERBOLE, the DD's specialty, to claim that things are WORSE now for the average citizen than they were in more primitive times. BUT, it is NECESSARY for RE and the like to push this false meme in order to justify their inability to countenance the possibility of human progress through technology. I accuse the DD of being in THAT box canyon. And they CAN'T GET OUT OF IT because the instant they admit there is hope, the sine qua non for the DD mindset VANISHES!

So they will ALWAYS GRASP at the "contrarian" STRAW that no progress is possible because the rich have us by the short hairs.
It's quite logical. Re is running a scary movie scenario that is lots of fun for him. You (and I, for a while) fell for it. Get real Surly. The DD is like the Cults that keep pushing the date when Christ returns to earth into the future when the one that didn't pan out comes and goes (after people have sold their houses and given the money to the top dog "spiritual" leader  ;) ). It's fun for a while but it is not reality based, period.

Now you can smirk, huff and puff, laugh at me or you can do what a serious inquiry of the validity of my allegations requires and watch these videos. Take a week, take a month but YOU have a responsibility to tell people with a Master's Degree in Agriculture (I think) like JDwheeler that they do not know what they are talking about for their own good. 

Energy efficiency 1 Amory Lovins
The meat of the matter:
Energy efficiency 2
Energy efficiency 3
Energy efficiency 4
Energy efficiency 5
The next industrial revolution

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