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Author Topic: Blasts from the 2012 to 2013 past when there was more HOPE 🌟  (Read 2340 times)

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jokuhl on September 4, 2012 - 10:48am 

You seem to have useful ideas, but like Richard, I would ask you not to put in a whole chapter or a book. It's considered hogging the thread.
The use of "BS" in the first sentence also quickly made you seem fairly rude and ranting.. making it hard to take anything afterward very seriously.. though as I said, I think some of the ideas in there probably will be great to have discussions on.. just not great speeches or treatises, if you please.
As Leanan says sometimes.. 'get your own blog if you want to share that much stuff'. This is appropriately called a discussion.

This is the kind of BS I simply cannot STAND, because it OBVIOUSLY turns the Blog into a One Way Street.

Leanan can go ahead and drop on 20 Copy/Pastes in her Drumbeat to total out 3000 words or more, but anybody who wants to COMMENT on what she just dropped down has to keep it to 500 Words or less or be accused of "Hogging" the thread, using too much "bandwidth" yadda yadda.

This is ridiculous because in reality nobody can "Hog" essentially Unlimited Space.  If people find your stuff too LONG, they can Scroll over it in a couple of seconds.  The bandwidth argument is equally absurd for Text, the Complete works of Shakespeare in text is only 5 megabytes, around the same as a 30 second video.  Even a 10,000 word article uses negligible bandwidth.

What you get from this is the Blog equivalent of TV Soundbites.  You can't have a real debate about anything if everybody is restricted to 3 or 4 paragraphs the MOST.  The whole purpose is to insure that what gets published on The Oil Drum is the propaganda that Leanan wants to spin out.

Finally that "Get Your Own Blog" argument is worthless, because with a Million Bloggers out there each writing their own Propaganda Blog, nobody actually talks to each other.  Will Leanan ever show up on the Diner to debate me on anything?  Of course not, Hell Freezes Over before that happens.  Similarly, it is highly unlikely even IF the Futilist enlists some "scientists" in a Critique of Mr. Wizard he would ever show up here to debate on a level Playing Field.  He might show up on TOD where he knows the Group Think is basically with him and he will be supported by the Mods as an "Expert", but he won't show up here where he is just considered another Debater in the game, and his "Credentials" as an Arch Druid and Ph.D. Historian don't garner the "respect" he thinks he should get.

It is this sort of Nonsense that underpins the REASON I started the Guerilla Internet Free Speech Project.  The only way to BREAK this is to have many Guerillas out there posting on these websites and making it impossible to Censor EVERYBODY.  Sadly though, the number of people who are like AB and myself and who will go out and CHALLENGE the Group Think on other Blogs and Boards is remarkably small.  Just about everybody claims they believe in Free Speech, but few people will go out and actually FIGHT for it.

Case in point, we have had a pretty large Influx of TOD members here already, but so far as I can see not a single one has confronted Leanan WRT these Policies on TOD.  "Not my FIGHT, and I don't wanna be BANNED also!"

It is NOT of course just Leanan here, though she is amongst the worst of the Censor/Bloggers on the Net.  Karl Denninger is FAMOUS for Capricious Bans, at one point he did a Mass Genocide of over 100 Commenters for the SIN of just MENTIONING 911 on Ticker Forum.  If you appeared to be a "Troofer" to Karl, you got sent to the Great Beyond JUST for that.  Ilargi on TAE is not much better, he Swings His Dick around TAE all the time, and we have at least 3 refugees from that here: Karpatok, Agelbert and of course El Gallinazo who got creamed because of his Alien Conspiracy articles and comments.

Anyhow, here on the Diner, Free Speech runs the show even more than RE does.  I have lost quite a few members because I won't Violate Free Speech principles.  I put this Principle up above even some of my closest Friendships in cyberspace.  SOMEBODY has to stand up for Free Speech and allow ALL perspectives to be heard, at whatever length the Author feels he needs to get his Points across.  See the Dirdy Birdy Chronicles to understand this better.

I am happy to provide this Free Speech Zone on the Internet for so long as I can, but it is not enough.  To truly get the MESSAGE out, we need MORE Guerillas willing to put it all on the line for Free Speech on other Blogs and Forums.  I can do nothing more though than Lobby for the importance of this and ecourage you to Stand Tall for the priniciple.

Meanwhile, until we have enough Guerillas who will fight this battle, The Castle that Peter Built is the HOME for Free Speech on the Internet.  Manned by Surly the PEACENIK who will do everything he can to bring CFS into an argument and keep the Diners together; and manned by RE the FIGHTER who won't EVER let any other Troll or Industry Shill screw up Diner Debates.  NOBODY messes with the Diners on my Watch, EVER.  Go Trolling with me, Pitch the Smoke here on the Diner, you will REGRET THE DAY YOU WERE EVER BORN.  Or at least the day you chose to be an Internet Troll or Shill anyhow.

Just a Sod Buster here with my Trusty Rifle.  ;D  "Pa!  He MEANS it!!!!"

Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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