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Author Topic: What a Nuclear Explosion Does  (Read 404 times)

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What a Nuclear Explosion Does
« on: August 07, 2015, 08:41:42 pm »
“The Light Was Indescribable”

“It all happened in an instant,” Yoshida remembered. He had barely seen the blinding light half a mile away before a powerful force hit him on his right side and hurled him into the air. “The heat was so intense that I curled up like surume [dried grilled squid].” In what felt like dreamlike slow motion, Yoshida was blown backward 130 feet across a field, a road, and an irrigation channel, then plunged to the ground, landing on his back in a rice paddy flooded with shallow water.

Inside the Mitsubishi Ohashi weapons factory, Do-oh had been wiping perspiration from her face and concentrating on her work when PAAAAAHT TO!—an enormous blue-white flash of light burst into the building, followed by an earsplitting explosion. Thinking a torpedo had detonated inside the Mitsubishi plant, Do-oh threw herself onto the ground and covered her head with her arms just as the factory came crashing down on top of her.

In his short-sleeved shirt, trousers, gaiters, and cap, Taniguchi had been riding his bicycle through the hills in the northwest corner of the valley when a sudden burning wind rushed toward him from behind, propelling him into the air and slamming him facedown on the road. “The earth was shaking so hard that I hung on as hard as I could so I wouldn’t get blown away again.”

Nagano was standing inside the school gymnasium-turned-airplane-parts factory, protected to some degree by distance and the wooded mountains that stood between her and the bomb. “A light flashed—pi-KAAAAH!” she remembered. Nagano, too, thought a bomb had hit her building. She fell to the ground, covering her ears and eyes with her thumbs and fingers according to her training as windows crashed in all around her. She could hear pieces of tin and broken roof tiles swirling and colliding in the air outside.

Two miles southeast of the blast, Wada was sitting in the lounge of Hotarujaya Terminal with other drivers, discussing the earlier derailment. He saw the train cables flash. “The whole city of Nagasaki was—the light was indescribable—an unbelievably massive light lit up the whole city.” A violent explosion rocked the station. Wada and his friends dived for cover under tables and other furniture. In the next instant, he felt like he was floating in the air before being slapped down on the floor. Something heavy landed on his back, and he fell unconscious.

Beneath the still-rising mushroom cloud, a huge portion of Nagasaki had vanished. Tens of thousands throughout the city were dead or injured. On the floor of Hotarujaya Terminal, Wada lay beneath a fallen beam. Nagano was curled up on the floor of the airplane parts factory, her mouth filled with glass slivers and choking dust. Do-oh lay injured in the wreckage of the collapsed Mitsubishi factory, engulfed in smoke. Yoshida was lying in a muddy rice paddy, barely conscious, his body and face brutally scorched. Taniguchi clung to the searing pavement near his mangled bicycle, not yet realizing that his back was burned off. He lifted his eyes just long enough to see a young child “swept away like a fleck of dust.”

Sixty seconds had passed.

Entering the Nuclear Age, Body by Body

Posted on Aug 6, 2015 By Susan Southard, TomDispatch

[This essay has been adapted from chapters 1 and 2 of Susan Southard’s new book, Nagasaki: Life After Nuclear War, with the kind permission of Viking.]


Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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Re: What a Nuclear Explosion Does
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2017, 07:52:40 pm »
Agelbert NOTE: This is an excellent film that details how much we have been lied to from the start in regard to nuclear explosion deleterious effects.

For example, the U.S. Government claimed that the only radiation exposure the Japanese were exposed to from the atomic bombs was the gamma radiation during the explosion itself. This was a bold face, and cruel, lie. The scientists on the Manhattan project had exposed all sorts of life forms (including humans WITHOUT their knowledge) to mutagenic radiation BEFORE any bomb had ever been exploded.

They KNEW what radiation does to damage inherited traits as well as killing directly when the exposure is above a certain amount.

They KNEW there would be fallout that would give people cancer and poison the environment. FOUR TIMES as many people died in the decade after the atomic bombs dropped on Japan from radiation induced cancers as died when the bombs were dropped.

ALL the film the Japanese took of victims of radiation disease and exposure were NOT seen by the American public for about FORTY YEARS (they were confiscated by the U.S. Army and classified Secret). 

THESE LIARS were the people that subsequently launched the "Atoms for Peace"  ;)  push to build electricity generating nuclear power plants as a scam to provide jobs for the nuclear industry (i.e. privatize the nuclear fruits of Manhattan project for corporate profit) that were  NEVER "too cheap to meter".

The massive subsidies this giant radioactive boondoggle called nuclear power plants has sucked out of we-the-people is breathtaking. And that does NOT include all the taxpayer money spent on radioactive accidents NOR all the taxpayer money spent during the Manhattan project itself.


The fact is that nuclear power was NEVER cost effective, and only served to further poison our environment and enrich a select group of empathy deficit disordered insiders.

But it all started when they had to lie 24/7 about what those bombs ACTUALLY did to the people they were dropped on. Please watch this film and pass it on. The lies have not stopped; they just keep getting bigger.   These crazies will destroy civilization if Catastrophic climate Change doesn't do it first.

john Pilger - The Truth Game
Published on Dec 26, 2013'
The worldwide propaganda surrounding the arms race is scrutinized.

Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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