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Forum > Nuke Puke

Nuclear Insecurity Today

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U.S. Missile Officers Leave Blast Doors Open While Napping

U.S. missileers are required to adhere to all nuclear security and safety regulations at all times because even small missteps have the potential to lead to catastrophe. Despite this, U.S. Air Force officers responsible for launching land-based nuclear missiles twice violated security policy by leaving blast doors open while napping. Officials with personal knowledge of the incidents say that similar transgressions have likely taken place and not been discovered.

The Air Force released a statement assuring that security of the ICBMs was not at risk following either incident "due to the multiple safeguards and the protections in place." Two launch crew commanders and two deputies received administrative punishment for the breaches.

Only the latest in a string of embarrassments for the U.S. land-based missile crews, the thawing of the Cold War has apparently also thawed the rigid adherence to all nuclear safety and security rules.

"U.S. Missileers Left Blast Doors Open in Security Breach," Global Security Newswire, October 23, 2013.

U.S. Second-in-Command of Nuclear Weapons Relieved of Duty

Navy Vice Admiral Tim Giardina was relieved of duty on October 3 over allegations that he used counterfeit gambling chips at a casino in Iowa. Giardina was the second-in-command at U.S. Strategic Command, which commands all U.S. nuclear forces.

Giardina's dismissal follows the removal of two other high-profile nuclear weapon commanders in 2013. In August, Col. David Lynch was relieved of duty at Malmstrom Air Force Base. Earlier this year, Lt. Col. Randy Olson was relieved of duty at Minot Air Force Base.

"U.S. Nuclear Commander Tim Giardina Fired Amid Gambling Investigation," The Guardian, October 9, 2013.
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Panadora's NUCLEAR box (Not to be confused with the mendacious pro-nuclear documentary propaganda pitch for more nukes called, "Pandora's Promise")

--- Quote ---Pandora's Atomic Box Score: On the Nuclear Industry's Total Meltdown

Published on Monday, November 11, 2013 by Common Dreams       

by Harvey Wasserman   

The first prophetic sign to follow CNN's irrelevant Pandora's Promise is this: the Dallas-based Luminant Power Company has cancelled two mammoth reactors.

Pandora's box score for atomic America 2013 is five announced early reactor closures, nine project cancellations and six ditched uprates. Today, 100 U.S. reactors operate where 1,000 were once promised. New orders are zilch.

Even more critical: For decades the nuclear industry said zero commercial reactors could explode.  When Chernobyl blew, they blamed it on the Soviet design. Now, three General Electric reactors have exploded at Fukushima. Unfortunately, as they age and deteriorate, there may be more to come.  >:(

"Atomic energy makes global warming worse. Its truest promise is for ever more meltdowns—in health, the ecology and economy."

Here are some more numbers to tally. More than 1,300 fuel rods sit in a damaged fuel pool 100 feet in the air at Fukushima 4. They contain radioactive cesium equivalent to 14,000 times what was released at the bombing of Hiroshima. There are some 6,000 rods in a common fuel pool nearby. There are some 11,000 rods scattered around the site. The three melted cores from units One, Two and Three are missing. There are roughly 1,000 tanks holding billions of gallons of hot radioactive water that are leaking and will collapse in the next big earthquake.

All 50 allegedly operable reactors in Japan remain shut. Germany is on its way to total green power.

Pandora's Promise was largely bankrolled by Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen,    whose buddy Bill Gates has bet big on the mythic "new generation" reactors.  >:(
--- End quote ---

WHAT IF conscience free, predatory capitalist ONE PERCENTERS could Convince Americans to Act AGAINST Their RENEWABLE ENERGY and HEALTH BEST INTERESTS ON BEHALF OF NUCLEAR Power plant PROFITS and POISON With a Misleading, Mendacious and Fact Free Symbolic Image of a Nice Clean BOX/CUBE Containing "UNLIMITED"   energy ?
Agelbert NOTE: Click below for further info about how images prior to articles are used to convince you that a statement is true (regardless of whether it is true or not! :o)
How Does a Photo Influence Perceived Veracity of a Statement?

--- Quote ---As it aired on CNN, a grassroots coalition presented more than 150,000 signatures to the United Nations, requesting a global takeover at the accursed Fukushima, where three reactors cores are missing and radiation still pours into the ocean.

Meanwhile Tokyo Electric Power postponed its potentially apocalyptic bring-down of the radioactive fuel rods at Unit Four.

"More tests" were needed, they said. This week the U.S. Department of Energy will meet on how to aid an untried engineering exercise whose failure doom the planet. But if it can be done at all, it will take the entire global community to bring this beast under control.

CNN dumped a ton of hype on Pandora's Promise, and made no real attempt to hide its own pro-nuke bias.  :P Lead-up debates were heavily weighted toward the industry, whose push for a new generation of reactors will ultimately go nowhere.

The scenario is obvious: Gates and his fellow mega-rich will pour into various theoretical atomic technologies a few hundred million dollars. They'll write it all off their taxes. They'll demand immunity for any accidents. It'll all run billions over budget and years behind schedule.[ Then they'll leave yet another radioactive mess for the rest of us to clean up. >:(

Atomic energy makes global warming worse. Its truest promise is for ever more meltdowns—in health, the ecology and economy.

This movie maker needs to revisit Fukushima and report on those fuel rods flying in the sky, the river of radiation pouring into the oceans and the lethal long-lived poisons spewing into the air we breathe. As Hesiod says, when the original Pandora opened her forbidden box, "the Earth and sea were full of evils."

But hope did remain, now in the form of the green power revolution. The world of finance is on our side. So is the insurance industry. And, basic sanity.

On the 11th of every month, in commemoration of Fukushima, many of us will fast in solidarity with the victims in hope of a survivable outcome. You can help by signing our petitions. With our grassroots organizing and escalated resistance, a Solartopian world can be won.

Pandora's clear promise-call it a warning-is that our survival depends on it.

--- End quote ---

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Harvey Wasserman's Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Show is at www.progressiveradionetwork.com, and he edits www.nukefree.org. Harvey Wasserman's History of the US and Solartopia! Our Green-Powered Earth are at www.harveywasserman.com along with Passions of the PotSmoking Patriots by "Thomas Paine."  He and Bob Fitrakis have co-authored four books on election protection, including How the GOP Stole America's 2004 Election, at www.freepress.org.



Nuclear Insanity

Congressman Supports Use of Nuclear Weapons Against Iran 

In a statement on C-Span, Republican congressman Duncan Hunter of California said that if the U.S. had to hit Iran, "you don’t do it with boots on the ground, you do it with tactical nuclear devices." This remark goes a step further than those made by GOP donor Sheldon Adelson in October, who said that a nuclear device should be detonated in the desert of Iran to send a warning. Hunter said that his opinion is formed by his own service spent in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hunter’s statement had no lack of opponents. Kingston Reif of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation responded, "The first use of nuclear weapons against Iran would guarantee a mad Iranian dash to acquire nuclear weapons to deter future such US attacks."

Ben Armbruster, "Congressman Says U.S. Should Use Nuclear Weapons if it Attacks Iran," ThinkProgress, December 4, 2013.


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