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Geopolitics / Economic Rights are a Human Right!
« Last post by AGelbert on June 08, 2021, 11:33:31 am »
Economic Rights are a Human Right!
Bernie Sanders Talks Democratic Socialism on The Zero Hour
2,582 views•Jun 12, 2019

Catastrophic Climate Change / Re: Apocalyptic Humor
« Last post by AGelbert on June 07, 2021, 01:15:09 pm »
DATELINE: July 4, 2036 - satire or prophecy
The Journal of New England Nuclear Medicine applauds the new free  radiation therapy/spa located conveniently within 25 miles of every major US city providing increased health benefits to the populace by helping them avoid obesity.

The new, slim trim appearance, particularly highlighting facial structure and handsome cranial features, is also a hit with Hollywood as all the new films use actors that have obtained these free facial and body health improvements complements of the ubiquitous and life saving presence of nuclear power plants, the holy grail of renewable energy.

The new Hollywood Diet. Just think, all these benefits without having to go through painful plastic surgery! Your taxpayer dollars at work! Celebrate our great and glorious energy independence and health with your family today with a fireworks celebration being held next to your local nuclear power fuel rod reservoir/therapy spa pool. Don't forget to bring the kids.

June 6, 2021

Nuclear Subsidies May Be Slowing Transition to Clean Energy, Advocates Say

BY Leanna First-Arai, Truthout


New York residents pay among the highest rates for electricity in the U.S.

Under the subsidy system, which other states, including Maryland and Pennsylvania, have since considered and is currently under negotiation in Illinois, subsidies for “zero carbon” power, which the nuclear facilities qualify for, have far eclipsed financial support for wind and solar. According to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s latest financial status report, the state’s nuclear facilities received over $500 million in 2020, where renewable energy facilities received only $5 million.

Clean energy advocates highlight that ratepayers’ dollars would stretch further if spent supporting the most affordable energy options. According to a 2020 analysis by the asset management firm Lazard, each megawatt hour of nuclear power generated without subsidy payments cost $129-$198 in comparison with the price of generating the same amount of energy via wind power, estimated at $26-$54, or community solar power, at $63-94. Amory Lovins, founder of energy think tank the Rocky Mountain Institute, explained in Forbes that curbing climate change requires saving the most carbon in the least amount of time, a calculus in which price plays a major role. “Costly options save less carbon per dollar than cheaper options. Slow options save less carbon per year than faster options. Thus, even a low- or no-carbon option that is too costly or too slow will reduce and retard achievable climate protection,” Lovins wrote.

Energy policy analyst and activist Paul Gunter of Beyond Nuclear reinforced Lovins’s point. “Operating economically distressed and deteriorating nuclear power stations diverts critical resources and wastes what precious little time remains for deploying more carbon reduction quicker, more cost effectively,” he told Truthout.

Full article:


Hot House Earth

5,806 views•May 6, 2021

Facing Future
19.5K subscribers

"Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene", a recent study co-authored by Will Steffen, noted chemist, climate systems analyst, and professor of Earth System Science at Australian National University, warns of catastrophic changes to the Earth climate if current emission trends are not immediately reversed.

The #HotHouseEarth scenario — an existential crisis in which fundamental climate systems, and the ecosystems that rely on them, are irreversibly altered — is not only possible, but likely, if current trajectories persist.  We will then enter a new geological age, perhaps we can call it the #Idiocene!

#TippingPoints lead to #TippingCascades, and the resulting failure of inter-twined systems leading to systemic collapse.  While it is already too late to fully reverse the impact of the humanity's Anthropocene foolishness and greed, the current geological age characterized by human activity,  it is still possible to 'guide' the climate trajectory toward a new stabilized Earth system.  But the window of opportunity to reach this goal is closing fast. Achieving it will require huge and pro-active changes to human economy, culture and politics.

👉 Learn about Annatto's health benefits and WHY :o it began to be used to give Cheddar Cheese that yellow orange color  

In cheese, the yellow and orange hues naturally vary throughout the year as the cow's feed changed: in the summer, with fresh grass and its natural carotene content, the milk produced would have a natural orange tint, as would the cheese made from it, while at other times of the year, the tint would be greatly reduced. As the pigment is carried in the cream, skimming the milk, which some farmers did to make butter or to sell it separately, the lesser-quality cheese from such milk would be white.

To fool the consumer , the cheesemakers introduced colorants to imitate the more intense colors of the finer summer cheese. Initially these colors came from saffron, marigold, and carrot juice, but later annatto began being used. ... ...

The earliest known documentation of annatto’s use in cheese is in a 1743 Dutch volume Huishoudelyk Woordboek (Household Word Book), according to American scientist Paul Kindstedt of the University of Vermont. Other historical documents from the period confirm that using annatto (then called "orleaan" or "orleans") to color cheese was being done by the mid-18th century.

England is another country that has used annatto to color their cheeses; colorants had been added to Gloucester cheese as early as the 16th century to allow inferior cheese to masquerade as the best Double Gloucester, with annatto later being used for that purpose. This usage was subsequently adopted in other parts of the UK, for cheeses such as Cheshire and Red Leicester, as well as colored Cheddar made in Scotland. Many cheddars are produced in both white and red (orange) varieties, with the latter being more popular despite the only difference between the two being the presence of annatto as a coloring. That practice has extended to many modern processed cheese products, such as American cheese and Velveeta. Cheeses from other countries also use annatto, including Mimolette from France and Leyden from the Netherlands.

Cheeses that use annatto in at least some preparations include:
Colby (U.S.)
Muenster (U.S.)
Cheddar (UK)
Cheshire (UK)
Gloucester (UK)
Red Leicester (UK)
Shropshire Blue (UK)
Graskaas (Netherlands)
Leyden (Netherlands)
Livarot (France)
Mimolette (France)
Mont des Cats (France)
Saint Paulin (France)

In Puerto Rico, annatto (known locally as achiote) is often simmered with lard or olive oil to make annatto-oil or ground with other spices to make sazón and used in several dishes. Pasteles 😋, arroz con gandules 😋, and arroz junto in Puerto Rico also contain annatto where its one of the main ingredients. ... ...

Annatto is not among the "Big Eight" substances causing hypersensitivity reactions (cow's milk, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, and wheat), which are responsible for more than 90% of allergic food reactions.

Chemical composition

The yellow to orange color is produced by the chemical compounds bixin and norbixin, which are classified as carotenoids. The fat-soluble color in the crude extract is called bixin, which can then be saponified into water-soluble norbixin. This dual solubility property of annatto is rare for carotenoids. The seeds contain 4.5–5.5% pigment, which consists of 70–80% bixin.[29] Unlike beta-carotene, another well-known carotenoid, annatto-based pigments are not vitamin A precursors. The more norbixin in an annatto color, the more yellow it is; a higher level of bixin gives it a more orange shade.

Learn more about Annatto:

Open fruit of the achiote tree (Bixa orellana), showing the seeds from which annatto is extracted.

Antioxidant Properties

Annatto contains numerous plant-based compounds with antioxidant properties, including carotenoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, and tocotrienols.

Antioxidants are compounds that can neutralize potentially harmful molecules known as free radicals, which can damage your cells if their levels rise too high.

Research has found that damage caused by high free radical levels is linked to chronic conditions, such as cancers, brain disorders, heart disease, and diabetes.

May have anticancer properties

Early research suggests annatto has cancer-fighting potential.

For example, test-tube studies have found that extracts of this food coloring may suppress cancer cell growth and induce cell death in human prostate, pancreas, liver, and skin cancer cells, among other types of cancer.

The potential anticancer properties of annatto have been linked to compounds it contains, including the carotenoids bixin and norbixin, and tocotrienols, a type of vitamin E).

May promote eye health 
Annatto is high in carotenoids, which may benefit eye health.

In an animal study, supplementing with norbixin for 3 months reduced the accumulation of the compound N-retinylidene-N-retinylethanolamine (A2E), which has been linked to age-related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD is the leading cause of irreversible blindness among older adults.

Antimicrobial properties

Research suggests that this food coloring may have antimicrobial properties.

In test-tube studies, annatto extracts were shown to inhibit the growth of various bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.

In another test-tube study, annatto killed various fungi, including Aspergillus niger, Neurospora sitophila, and Rhizopus stolonifer. Moreover, adding the dye to bread inhibited the growth of fungi, extending the bread’s shelf life.

Annatto has been linked to several potential health benefits, such as healthy eyes, better heart health, and reduced inflammation. It may also have antioxidant, anticancer, and antimicrobial properties.

The bottom line
Annatto is a natural food additive that has been linked to various benefits, including reduced inflammation, improved eye and heart health, and antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anticancer properties.

Learn more 👉 Written by Ryan Raman, MS, RD on September 10, 2019:

Agelbert NOTE: If you suffer from BPH, this Annatto therapy may benefit you:
Bixa orellana Achiote Tree (Annatto) Leaves and Seed Pods

Tea from Annatto leaves is taken 3 times a day for the treatment of prostate enlargement.
Full article:
Annatto Traditional Medicinal Uses and Health benefits

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June 4, 2021

When Facebook Said Trump Posts Were Misleading, 😈 Users Shared Them Twice As Much

Media Matters has a new report that makes it clear Facebook is more concerned with looking like it’s acting on misinformation than it is actually doing something about it. 

The report looks at just over 6,000 posts from President Donald Trump over the course of 2020, and found the 506 posts Facebook put a fact-check label on generated over 200 million interactions-— roughly 400,000 per post. The rest of the posts tended to get much less engagement, with an average of 152,000 and a total of 927 million interactions. 

But of course it wasn’t just Trump himself making false claims. There’s a whole network of conservative media who use the former reality TV star for clicks, and who he would use for fodder. In 2020, Trump cited regularly-wrong-for-political-purposes outlets 868 times, but only 147 of those posts ignominiously earned labels from Facebook. But like the larger sample, those posts citing rightwing media that were flagged by Facebook averaged twice as many interactions as the others. More than 86% of the flagged posts, 127 of 147, were about election integrity. 

Trump is now banned from basically every social media platform, but Media Matters found dozens of posts from accounts eagerly posting Trump statements of anti-election propaganda, with little apparent recourse from Facebook. That explicitly anti-democracy disinformation is what Facebook has deemed the most deserving of labeling, which is why it’s such a problem that the labels appear to backfire. 

Because while the average Trump post got 152,000 interactions, and ones citing right-wing media slightly less than that, the ones citing fake news sites that were flagged got 291,000 interactions. Even worse, the posts that cite right-wing sources, and include the phrase “stop the steal,” a rallying cry of the Jan 6 attack on Congress, and were labeled as misleading saw an incredible average of 640,000 interactions. 

Now, one might be tempted to defend Facebook in this instance by pointing out that things that got flagged are the ones that were most egregiously wrong, and that type of incendiary content always tends to perform better, so the labels may not be backfiring. 

But debating the relative efficacy of labeling false information, for example by diving into Facebook’s claim that the labels limit Trump posts by a measly 8%, simply distracts from the point that Facebook doesn’t need to label things it knows are misleading, and therefore shouldn’t be shared. 

If it’s clear the post isn’t true, they can just remove it. That way no one else can be tempted to share it!

And if it’s clear the person posting it is repeatedly sharing things that aren’t true, their account can be removed, too. As the data here shows, instead of chasing various posts citing those supposed “news” outlets that just so coincidentally seem to repeatedly publish stories that are false but make conservatives feel good, Facebook could decide that such toxic content is not welcome on its platform at all. 

It doesn’t seem to want to do that though. Instead, according to a recent post, they’ve decided to double down on this labeling approach that apparently doubles engagement, putting up warnings when users go to pages that have repeatedly shared false info, further reducing how widely serial liars’ posts will spread (but still letting them post), and telling users when they share something that’s been fact-checked. 

Which all seems like a lot more work, and allows for a lot more lies to spread, than simply banning the people who abuse the platform in the first place.


Watch: Containership Takes Out Cranes at Kaohsiung Port in Taiwan 👀
Mike Schuler
Total Views: 24777
June 3, 2021

A 316-meter-long containership took out two cranes at the Port of Kaohsiung in Taiwan.

The port reported that the OOCL Durban was being moved from another area of the port when it scraped another docked ship, pushing it into a ship-to-shore crane which subsequently collapsed. The OOCL Durban was not carrying any cargo at the time.

A second view of the incident shows workers scrambling for cover as the crane and adjacent cargo stacks collapsed on the pier.

Reporting indicates two workers were trapped inside the wreckage and were later rescued without injury. Another suffered a cut to the arm.

A statement from the Port of Kaohsiung said the OOCL Durban was bound for Pier 66, belonging to Yang Ming, when the incident occurred.

“The ship was booked to berth at Pier 66 of Kaohsiung Port, but when the ship passed through Pier 70, it collided with the bow of the “Yong Hung Ship (Gross Tonnage 32,720)” anchored at Pier 70 slightly damaged, and one of the overhead crane One GC8 bridge crane. After the collapse of the GC8 bridge crane, the adjacent GC6 crane was seriously damaged. A total of 1 collapsed, 1 severely damaged but not collapsed and 30-50 containers were damaged, and 1 GC8 bridge crane was caused,” the port said in a statement (translated in english by Google).

The OOCL Durban later docked at Pier 66 for investigation.

Gov. Phil Scott needs to take the lead on health care reform

By Bill Schubart 👍

Jun 3 2021


As one hospital administrator put it, and I paraphrase: We’re dependent on a steady stream of broken people for our survival. We repair and bill transactionally. The sum of those transactions keeps our doors open. If we were simply given our annual budget against an accountable and measurable commitment to invest in prevention, education, and maintaining population health, we would save money and see fewer sick Vermonters.

If we are ever to achieve “population health,” it must involve committing to an integral understanding of physiological and mental health from a care perspective. We closed most of our “mental hospitals,” such as they were, and built more prisons. Now we have the tragedies surrounding teens and adults being housed in emergency rooms for lack of any resources in mental health, which is shameful. The Howard Center and Brattleboro Retreat are at capacity and underfunded.

Until we integrate physical and mental health, we’ll succeed at neither. Do we also not understand that poverty, homelessness, hunger, abuse, and lack of access to health care are all precursors to mental and physical illness? Is the prison endgame at $50,000 per prisoner per year really cheaper than population health?

We have the resources and the money to get this right. ... ... What we’re lacking is the leadership to deploy these resources to forge and execute a vision for preventive managed care.

Full article:
New Inventions / Ardupilot Controlled Ground Effect Flier
« Last post by AGelbert on June 04, 2021, 12:45:56 pm »

Think Flight

4.74K subscribers

A collaboration with RCTestFlight centered around the amazing opensource autopilot known as ArduPilot 

RCTestFlight channel:  hhttps://www.youtube.com/user/rctestflight

ArduPilot project homepage: https://ardupilot.org/
Let me know if this is the coolest or ugliest paint job you've ever seen, we were going for HiViz so mission accomplished

I am overwhelmed with comments (and gratitude!) and can no longer keep up on this video and stay productive for which I apologize but THANK YOU!  Hopefully you will appreciate the tradeoff of more (hopefully great) content.

Current name suggestions:
Project Pelican
RAGE Flyer (Remote Autonomous Ground Effect Flyer)
GEAR (Ground Effect Autonomous Rover)
New AGE Flight (Autonomous Ground Effect)
GEF/ground effect flier
Foam Finch
Air Skate
StyroPel, pelican/Styrofoam
Project Petrel: Walking on water
Mr. Percival
The Manta
Riding The Wind
Wave Glider
The Pelican
Water skimmer 1
The Striderdrone
Rising Sun
Foam Skipper
Loosed Goose
The Albatross
⚡ Ocean Roamer
Renewables / Re: Electric Vehicles
« Last post by AGelbert on June 02, 2021, 04:42:42 pm »
June 1, 2021 By Jonny Tiernan

German ⚡ EV Brand Elaris Unveils New SUV Model

Beo Luxury SUV


Elaris, the electric car brand from Germany, has added a new model, the Beo SUV, to its range. The Beo SUV vehicle is manufactured by the Chinese company Skywell and is positioned as a luxury model, set to cost €49,900 ($61,000). In Germany, there are subsidies available that can bring the cost down to €41,300 ($50,500).

The previous vehicles from Elaris, the Finn and Leo models, are both based on vehicles from the Chinese manufacturer Dorcen. Both of these vehicles are at considerably lower price points than the Beo SUV. The Leo compact SUV is €28,330 ($35,000) after the environmental subsidies have been applied, and the Finn e-small vehicle is €9,390 ($11,500) after subsidies. ... ...

With initiatives such as this, electric vehicles are continually being made more affordable, while at the same time also catering to the more luxury end of the market. The EV space is becoming increasingly busy, and this can only be a good thing.

Full article:

Agelbert NOTE: The comments section got lively, so to speak.   
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