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Title: Historical Documentaries
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Clark Gable made this one and appears several times in it. He was Captain Gable of the Army Air Force. Bob Hope makes a joke that they wouldn't let Red Butler fly the B-17 because his ears wouldn't fit.  ;D
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Title: Historical Documentaries: London Transport System During WWII
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We can do this AGAIN, THIS TIME for renewable energy harvesting machines and sustainable technology.  (

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My latest poster idea. It's called the GREEN LEAF STAR AMERICAN IN THE SERVICE OF FUTURE GENERATIONS banner and call to ACTION to win the Climate War like we did World War II!  (
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It's time for Americans in the Service of Future Generations to GET WITH THE PROGRAM!
We did it with the massive, industrial scale building of Liberty Ships in WWII. We can do it again with the massive, industrial scale building of Liberty Renewable Energy Machines.

Country of Origin: United States of America
Manufacturers: Alabama Dry Dock Co, Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyards Inc, California Shipbuilding Corp, Delta Shipbuilding Co, J A Jones Construction Co (Brunswick), J A Jones Construction Co (Panama City), Kaiser Co, Marinship Corp, New England Shipbuilding Corp, North Carolina Shipbuilding Co, Oregon Shipbuilding Corp, Permanente Metals Co, St Johns River Shipbuilding Co, Southeastern Shipbuilding Corp, Todd Houston Shipbuilding Corp, Walsh-Kaiser Co.

Major Variants: General cargo, tanker, collier, (modifications also boxed aircraft transport, tank transport,
hospital ship, troopship).

Role: Cargo transport, troop transport, hospital ship, repair ship.
Operated by: United States of America, Great Britain, (small quantity also Norway, Belgium, Soviet Union, France, Greece, Netherlands and other nations).

First Laid Down: 30th April 1941
Last Completed: 30th October 1945

Units: 2,711 ships laid down, 2,710 entered service.

Despite being initially labelled an 'ugly duckling' by the newspapers, and intended to be expendable if necessary, the ships eventually caught the imagination of the public. They proved to be easy to build, reliable and versatile, exceeding even the most optimistic expectations for their overall contribution to the war effort.

It was a project on a massive scale, undertaken with great speed and efficiency. The first Liberty ship (the Patrick Henry) was launched on 27 September 1941 (and completed on 30 December 1941), which was an incredible feat considering that just seven months previously neither shipyard nor workforce existed to build her.   (

Average Liberty Ship deadweight = 12,500 metric tons. (33,875,000 metric tons of ships built!).

Convert short tons to metric tons by multiplying the number of short tons by 0.907184

On the GE 1.5-megawatt model the total weight is 164 tons. The corresponding weights for the Vestas V90 are 75, 40, and 152, total 267 tons, and for the Gamesa G87 72, 42, and 220, total 334 tons.

164 x 0.907184 =  148.8 metric tons 

33,875,000 divided by 148.8 =  227,655  wind turbines X 1.5 MW =  341,482 MW = .3415 TW x 20% capacity factor = 68.3 x 24 hours X 365 days = 598.3 TWh/year.

2012 wind power production   United States 140.9 TWh  26.4 % of world total wind power.

1 TWhour per year = 1,000,000 MW / 8765.8 hours in a year) 114 megawatts per hour.

USA total annual electric consumption = 3,886,400,000 MWh = 3,886,400 = GWh = 3,886 TWh.

3886.4 / 598.3 =  20 to 40% of US electrical demand just from Wind Turbines in less than five years of Liberty Ship scale manufacturing wind turbine tonnage.

Liberty Ship scale manufacturing wind turbine tonnage can provide  25 to 40% of US electrical demand  in less than five years. Double that in ten years and add in Solar Panels, Geothermal, Tide and Undersea Current and we have MORE than 100% Renewable Energy!   (  (

WE can use the excess to bioremediate the environmental damage done in the last 100 years.  WE can rid ourselves of Planet Polluting Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Poison Plants in a decade and win the Climate Victory for Future Generations! ( We can set an example for all the nations on the Earth of the Proper Path to a Viable and Vibrant Bounty filled, harmonious Biosphere.

Let's GET IT DONE! Our children and grandchildren are counting on us!

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Liberty  from Fossil Fuels with Renewable Energy 

Agelbert NOTE: Poster number TWO on the  WWII  style "Leaf Green Star American in the Service of Future Generations" Liberty (Leaf Green Star Banner/flag)  From Fossil fuels Through Renewable energy theme.  (

Print it and stick on to places people can see it and get inspired!  ;D
Title: How Meteorologists Helped Us Win WW2
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How Meteorologists Helped Us Win WW2  (
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Title: Letter to Presiden Obama
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Today, I sent this letter to the White House through a petition to put solar panels on all federal buildings (the largest user of energy in buildings in the USA).

President Obama,

Federal agencies have a target of making their buildings carbon neutral by 2030.  That cannot happen without a major commitment to putting solar electric and/or solar hot water on every possible rooftop. 

The Federal Reserve provides low interest loans for cars and houses. They can also, for the good of the economy and the future of our country, provide the same low interest loans for a nationwide massive effort to transition to 100% Renewable Energy. We did this before with the Liberty Ship building effort of WWII to help us win the war. We can win the Climate Victory with a "Liberty From Fossil Fuels Through Renewable Energy" massive manufacturing of Renewable energy machines. I have all the details and have prepared a poster campaign to get all Americans on board with the effort like we did during WWII.

Mr. President, as you know, during WWII and up to this day, a banner was flown by Blue Star Mothers (son in the service) signifying their sacrifice and patriotic commitment to the national  effort in the war front and the home front. Posters were widely distributed that asked people to save fuel with a mature lady (with the Blue Star Banner in the background)  asking, "Don't you want our boys to have a chance to come home?".

We can do the same thing now and get everyone on board to win the Climate Victory. The banner for all patriotic Americans to fly is the Green Leaf Star American in the Service of Future Generations" banner/flag. My first poster in the series has a lady (with the Green Leaf Star Banner in the background) asking, "Won't you give our children a chance for a healthy future?".

The effort would provide an explosion of jobs and a real chance at an economy that bioremediates the environment, rather than trashing it. Everyone, rich and poor would benefit. It's a win, win, Mr. President, despite the fierce opposition you will encounter fro the fossil and nuclear polluting fuel vested interests. We can no longer afford profit over planet business as usual.

Please send someone from your staff to look over my proposal. I am retired federal government and am at your service to help our country and the world regain a viable biosphere. Ubi jus ibi remedium.


Anthony G. Gelbert
Green Leaf Star American in the Service of Future Generations

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The Red Tails  ( were the BEST!   (

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( June 30, 1908 in Tunguska (
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The History of Helicopters
Title: Re: Historical Documentaries
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Genghis Khan: Barbarian Conqueror of Harbinger of Democracy?
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BOOK REVIEW: Spies, Sadists, and Sorcerers: The History You Weren’t Taught in School

Excellent summary of several assumed bits of horrendously ignorant and wrong views of history and famous historical characters like Richard the Lionheart (1157-1199). That King is considered an example of "Englishness", avoided England like the plague and didn't speak ANY ENGLISH!  :o  ( He was a Frenchman that said "he would have sold London if he had found a buyer".  (

Feast your eyes on REAL historical facts like the fact that the Middle Ages were NOT "dark" and the Medieval period was NOT "uncivilized" compared to life before the fall of the Roman Empire.

Stop believing all that silly stuff you were taught by Hollywood! Most of it is not even close to the actual history and the actual doings of the influential people of that time.

And, by the way, the English were every bit as brutal as the Vikings. And the Vikings, on the whole, were far more literate than the English! And the Vikings had soap and combs too! They were not the unkempt folk the English tried to make them out to be.

The hyped up happy talk Anglo Saxonized view of history is mostly propaganda.  (
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The Allied Secret Planes

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Why do People Keep Things (including Manuscripts)?  (


Paper by Daniel Lord Smail

Given as part of the Mellon Sawyer seminar series on April 14, 2017

: For much of the last century, scholars in the human sciences have been preoccupied with the movement of objects in human societies. But people also invest great energy and imagination in the act of removing things from networks of exchange. A deep historical perspective on storing, keeping, collecting, and hoarding suggests that the habits and the materialities of storage are both enabled and disabled by a changing array of human institutions and material forms.

In addition, different kinds of things are stored or cached in different ways, depending on their characteristics. Written documents, including books and manuscripts, are especially prominent among the ranks of storable things. In this paper, I will describe the broad outlines of a deep history of storage, with special reference to habits for storing and using manuscripts and legal acts among the laity of later medieval Europe
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Hitler's Family  (


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America Before Columbus (Full Documentary)


ajvaughan3 Documentary Films

Published on Feb 6, 2016

History books traditionally depict the pre-Columbus Americas as a pristine wilderness where small native villages lived in harmony with nature. But scientific evidence tells a very different story: When Columbus stepped ashore in 1492, millions of people were already living there. America wasn't exactly a New World, but a very old one whose inhabitants had built a vast infrastructure of cities, orchards, canals and causeways.

Native American Three Sisters Growing Method (

The English brought honeybees to the Americas for honey, but the bees pollinated orchards along the East Coast. Thanks to the feral honeybees, many of the plants the Europeans brought, like apples and peaches, proliferated. Some 12,000 years ago, North American mammoths, ancient horses, and other large mammals vanished. The first horses in America since the Pleistocene era arrived with Columbus in 1493.

Settlers in the Americas told of rivers that had more fish than water. The South American potato helped spark a population explosion in Europe. In 1491, the Americas had few domesticated animals, and used the llama as their beast of burden.


In 1491, more people lived in the Americas than in Europe. The first conquistadors were sailors and adventurers. In 1492, the Americas were not a pristine wilderness but a crowded and managed landscape. The now barren Chaco Canyon was once covered with vegetation. Along with crops like wheat, weeds like dandelion were brought to America by Europeans.

It’s believed that the domestication of the turkey began in pre-Columbian Mexico, and did not exist in Europe in 1491. By 1500, European settlers and their plants and animals had altered much of the Americas’ landscape. While beans, potatoes, and maize from the Americas became major crops in continental Europe.

All the many varieties of Potatoes origniated from South and Central American Native American Agriculture.  (
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The True Story Of Moby Dick (Full Documentary)

ajvaughan3 Documentary Films

Published on Mar 3, 2016

Essex was an American whaler from Nantucket, Massachusetts, launched in 1799. While under the command of Captain George Pollard, Jr., in 1820 a sperm whale attacked and sank her. The sinking stranded the twenty-man crew in the southern Pacific Ocean with little food and water. During the 95 days that the survivors were at sea, they ate the bodies of five crewmen who had died. When that was insufficient, members of the crew drew lots to determine who they would sacrifice so that the others could live. A total of seven crew members were cannibalized before the eight survivors were rescued. First mate Owen Chase and cabin boy Thomas Nickerson wrote accounts of their ordeal; these accounts inspired Herman Melville to write his famous 1851 novel Moby-Dick.

The true story of the surviving sailors whose whaling ship was destroyed by a sperm whale.
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October 30, 2017

The Prelude to the Russian Revolution of 1917

The contradiction of feudalism, military capitalism, and imperial ambitions, along with an unambitious bourgeoisie, were the prelude to the Russian Revolution of 2017, explains Prof. Aleksandr Buzgalin of Moscow State University:
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The Great White Death was the name given the Winter Storm of 1949

Storm of the Century - the Blizzard of '49
177,721 views Wyoming PBS

Published on Jul 28, 2017

This program tells the story of the worst series of storms in Wyoming's history. But for all the tragedy and loss, suffering and death, there was hope and heroism, unselfish sacrifice and generosity. For more Blizzard stories, visit
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When Napoleon Tried To Conquer Egypt - Documentary



Published on Aug 24, 2017

Subscribe to Wonderbook for daily documentaries -

Watch more great documentaries -
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Pile of English coins – photo by Fr Lawrence Lew, O.P. / Flickr

The Case of the Corrupt Archbishop


Corruption by powerful officials is not a new story. There are many examples in history where one can find how men and women were overcome by temptation of greed. This includes a 14th century Archbishop of Dublin, who spent years orchestrating an elaborate plot of embezzlement and forgery.

This story is told in the article, “The Case Against Alexander Bicknor, Archbishop and Perculator,” by James W. Lydon, which is part of a collection of essays entitled Ireland and the English World in the Late Middle Ages.

Alexander Bicknor ( had come to Ireland in 1302, serving the English monarchs Edward I and Edward II in various official duties, including as deputy chancellor and justiciar. He was appointed by the Pope to be the Archbishop of Dublin in 1317.

Eight years later, an investigation carried out by the Royal Exchequer in London began turning up evidence that the Archbishop had been for years skimming money from the English king, which Bicknor was in charge of distributing to the rest of Ireland.

For example, a writ was sent to Bicknor ordering him to pay the earl of Ulster £2500, 15s. for wages in serving in the war in Scotland, and Bicknor kept 500 marks for himself, while stating that he had sent the full amount to the earl.

As the investigation proceeded, the English government found that the Archbishop, along with the treasurer and other royal officials in Ireland, were routinely embezzling royal funds and then forging false records. A clerk named John of Manchester was hired by Bicknor to commit the forgeries.

One of the illegal scams goes back to 1313, when they concocted a letter patent from the prior of the Dominicans in Dublin stating that he had received 35 marks in alms granted by the King – in reality the Dominicans only got 5 marks.

The royal court was able to get several of the archbishop’s underlings to confess to the forgeries and frauds, including John of Manchester. Bicknor was summoned to London, and when questioned, said they he did not wish to deny that he knew about or consented to them.

The court ruled that the embezzlements over the years totalled the sum of £1168. 6s. and ordered all those involved, including the archbishop, to be confined to the Fleet Prison and have their property seized. Besides property around Dublin, the crown seized other lands in Gloucester, Shropshire and Staffordshire belonging to Bicknor.

However, the imprisonment of Alexander Bicknor did not last long. Within days, King Edward II sent an order releasing him, “because of devotion to the holy church and reverence for the episcopal dignity.” ( Lydon adds that Bicknor was an effective administrator and increased royal revenues , which may have been reason enough for Edward to be lenient with him.

The other accomplices spent months or years in prison before they were able to pay large fines to obtain their release, and some were even banned from serving a royal office again. Although Bicknor was given a pardon, officials from the Royal Exchequer spent the next twenty years continuing to investigate and question the archbishop, in particular about revenues and goods confiscated from the Templars.

One question left unanswered was why Bicknor spent years defrauding the royal government. Lydon writes, “there is no apparent reasons for his actions. It can be said with some certainty that he did not need the money for personal use. He certainly did not live a life of extravagance and did not acquire wealth by the time of his death.”

Lydon’s article can be found in Ireland and the English World in the Late Middle Ages (, edited by Brendan Smith, was published by Palgrave in 2009.

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The Impossible Landing (United Airlines Flight 232)


Agelbert NOTE: This is one tension filled event. :o  The actual tape is played.  A training instructor expert that happened to be on board said, "We'll have a beer after this". The Captain replied, "I don't drink but I'll sure as S H I T have one."  :D 

As a former air traffic controller, I also got a laugh about when ATC at the airport cleared the flight to land "on ANY runway". Even the Captian laughed! Pause the video as the written info on the screen shows so you can grasp how horrendously difficult the situation they were in was. Controlling any aircraft heading with differential thrust is a a royal bag of wiggly worms. Controlling the pitch attitude is even more tricky, especially when you want to reduce your speed. The airplane wants to porpoise on you (phugoid cycle). Every porpoise sets you up for too high a descent on the bottom part of the cycle to avoid a bad crash. So, You have to keep the speed up and the porpoising down to less than a 700 feet per minute descent rate until you are almost on the runway. Normal landing speed is about 130 mph. This aircraft had to be at about 190 mph to remain stable with gear down and no flaps. The fact that everybody wasn't killed is a testament to the skill and professialism of the cockpit crew.  (
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February 3, 2018

Agelbert NOTE: "Free Trade"🐉 was an Oligarchy inspired invention of the British Empire. This documentary proves that. To this day, the forces of Oligarchy that favor Fascism have been undermining democracy and freedom in the world in general, and the USA in particular.

Franklin D. Roosevelt had made it rather clear who the crooks and liars that wanted to keep running the USA into the ground for oligarchy were. Today, the very same Fascist Wall Street bunch is busy doing the very same Fascist damage. Just listen to the short clip from the July 2, 1932 speech FDR made, in accepting the 1932 Democratic Party Nomination for President, to see how the exact same enemies of we-the-people were peddling the exact same "trickle down economics" lies and doubletalk then as they have disingenuously peddled from Reagan🦖 to the present (1:13:39 mark in video below).

We now have our own version of Hitler 🦀 in the USA. He 🦀 is determined to get his own monday, February 27, 1932 Reichstag Fire 🔥 (i.e. False Flag 911 type attack to get total power ( ), so expect a False Flag Attack to be orchestrated here in the USA soon ( The oligarchs are as historically consistent in their murderous, freedom destroying  actions as they are irreparably and incorrigibly depraved.🐉

1932 - A True History of the United States

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The Medieval Manor

An educational portrayal of the manorial system of feudalism dominant in the early middle ages, with dramatisation and narration. Produced by Encyclopaedia Britannica Films in 1956 and filmed in France.
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A Neighbor Named Adolf 👹

Every kid has a childhood story of a creepy old neighbor next door. Just imagine that that neighbor is Adolf Hitler.

This was a reality for Edgar Feuchtwanger, who was 5 years old when he first laid eyes on the future führer. The now 93-year-old chronicles his 10 years of living across the street from a man who would become the modern definition of evil in his new memoir, “Hitler, My Neighbor: Memories of a Jewish Childhood, 1929-1939.”

Excellent article with above Video ✨ (plus more videos 🌟):

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Speed Machines - Cutty Sark and the Great Clippers (Nautical Engineering Documentary) | Spark



Published on Apr 21, 2017

They were fast and sleek and 150 years ago the great tea clippers ruled the waves. Battling the elements, they raced to deliver their valuable cargo from China to the fashionable tea drinking sets in London.
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The Untold Story of APOLLO 16 🌚
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WWI a Slaughter for Profit, Not a “Great War” to Celebrate

November 12, 2018

Part one of the documentary film “Machine Gun” tells the story of the development of the machine gun and the great power competition that led to World War One – the film’s Executive Producer was TRNN’s Paul Jay


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The early 1900's


Category Entertainment

Music in this video

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Agelbert NOTE: These are the arrogant beyond description, empathy deficit disordered, rapaciously predatory, insatiably greedy, depraved and murderous  ( humans that have caused the methodical destruction of the biosphere for ELITE Profit Over People and Planet.

Nearly 99% of all the environmental degradation championed by Capitalism, the bastard child of Monarchic Feudalism, whether the government is a monarchy or not, as in the USA, is the result of a pseudo-intellectual economic claptrap filled world view that these Cretins have foisted onto unversity "educated" humanity AND the scientific community.  😱  🤬

The Power behind the Throne (The position of power 🦍 occupied by the Royal Family  in today’s UK)


PressTV Documentaries

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Investigating into today’s power structure in the UK and the role played by the British monarchy, this eye-opening documentary reveals the grossly disproportionate and undemocratic wealth and power of Britain’s Royal Family.

The programmer educates the viewers about the sheer wealth of Britain’s unelected monarchy and trails through the various assets and sources of income to which a random family, born into a historic mesh of multiracial kings and queens, unfairly believe they are entitled.

The UK with its dark and scattered history of political struggles has become the playground of monarchic power and influence. The documentary exposes all the main instruments of wealth of the British monarchy and provides clear commentary as to why Britain 😈👹🎩🍌🏴‍☠️🚩 may be the most contradictory democracy in the world.

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The Medieval Jobs From Hell (| Absolute History

Absolute History

Published on Feb 13, 2019

The Worst Jobs in History: The Middle Ages.

Some of the least pleasant employment opportunities open to people in the Middle Ages. Tony Robinson discovers how fullers spent their working lives stomping on newly woven cloth in vats of stale urine, while leech collectors risked infection by wading into marshes and letting the bloodsuckers cling to their legs.

Content licensed from Digital Rights Group (DRG). Any queries, please contact us at:

Category People & Blogs
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April 29, 2019


The first genetic study of medieval human remains believed to be Crusaders confirms that warriors travelled from western Europe to the near East, where they mixed and had families with local people, and died together in battle. Researchers from the Wellcome Sanger Institute and their collaborators analysed ancient DNA extracted from nine skeletons dating back to the 13th century, which were discovered in a burial pit in Sidon, Lebanon.

The results, published this month in the American Journal of Human Genetics, confirm that while the Crusaders mixed with local people and recruited them to their cause, their genetic presence in the region was short-lived.

“We know that Richard the Lionheart went to fight in the Crusades, but we don’t know much about the ordinary soldiers who lived and died there, and these ancient samples give us insights into that,” says senior author Chris Tyler-Smith, a genetics researcher at the Wellcome Sanger Institute.

“Our findings give us an unprecedented view of the ancestry of the people who fought in the Crusader army. And it wasn’t just Europeans,” says first author Marc Haber, also of the Wellcome Sanger Institute. “We see this exceptional genetic diversity in the Near East during medieval times, with Europeans, Near Easterners, and mixed individuals fighting in the Crusades and living and dying side by side.”

Archaeological evidence suggested that 25 individuals whose remains were found in a burial pit near a Crusader castle near Sidon, Lebanon. All of those found in the pit were male and had been violently killed during battle, as seen by the blunt force injuries to their skulls and other bones. Their bodies had been disposed of in the pit and burned.

Nearby, an isolated skull was found. The head may have been used as a projectile that was catapulted into the opposition’s camp to spread disease and slash morale, illustrating the brutality of the battles. Clues found alongside the skeletons in the pit, such as European shoe buckles, a coin and carbon-14 dating analysis, led archaeologists to believe the human remains were Crusaders.

Based on that, Tyler-Smith, Haber, and their colleagues conducted genetic analyses of the remains and were able to sequence the DNA of nine Crusaders. The team report that three individuals were Europeans of diverse origins, including Spain and Sardinia, four were near Easterners who had been recruited to the fight, and two individuals had mixed genetic ancestry, suggesting they were the descendants of mixed relationships between Crusaders and near Easterners.

Throughout history, other massive human migrations–like the movement of the Mongols through Asia under Genghis Khan and the arrival of colonial Iberians in South America–have fundamentally reshaped the genetic makeup of those regions. But the authors theorize that the Crusaders’ influence was likely shorter-lived because the Crusaders’ genetic traces are insignificant in people living in Lebanon today. “They made big efforts to expel them, and succeeded after a couple of hundred years,” says Tyler-Smith.

This ancient DNA can tell us things about history that modern DNA can’t. In fact, when the researchers sequenced the DNA of people living in Lebanon 2,000 years ago during the Roman period, they found that today’s Lebanese population is actually more genetically similar to the Roman Lebanese.

“If you look at the genetics of people who lived during the Roman period and the genetics of people who are living there today, you would think that there was just this continuity. You would think that nothing happened between the Roman period and today, and you would miss that for a certain period of time the population of Lebanon included Europeans and people with mixed ancestry,” says Haber.

These findings indicate that there may be other major events in human history that don’t show up in the DNA of people living today. And if those events aren’t as well-documented as the Crusades, we simply might not know about them. “Our findings suggest that it’s worthwhile looking at ancient DNA even from periods when it seems like not that much was going on genetically. Our history may be full of these transient pulses of genetic mixing that disappear without a trace,” says Tyler-Smith.

That the researchers were able to sequence and interpret the nine Crusaders’ DNA at all was also surprising.

Read more (
First genetic study of Crusaders reveals diverse origins (
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She-Wolves: Medieval ( Queens with Helen Castor

From the submissive to the scandalous, medieval queens held a huge amount of influence over the politics of the day. In this episode of The Medieval Podcast, Danièle speaks with Helen Castor about queenship, the challenges of studying even the most prominent medieval women, and how their stories still resonate today.

🔊 Click here to listen to the episode (


Title: Roy Cohn Documentary to Debut in 2019
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Roy Cohn Documentary to Debut in 2019

Roy Cohn Documentary to Debut in 2019

Director Ivy Meeropol, whose grandparents Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were prosecuted by Cohn, will take a closer look at the controversial lawyer and fixer.


Legendary and controversial attorney Roy Cohn was a power broker in the rough and tumble world of New York City business and politics. Senator Joseph R. McCarthy’s top counsel during investigations into Communist activities in the 1950s, Cohn is also known for being Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer, fixer and mentor.

Focusing on key periods of his life, and drawing on extensive, newly unearthed archival material, a new documentary on Cohn’s life will debut on HBO in 2019. Director Ivy Meeropol (Indian Point, Heir to an Execution: A Granddaughter’s Story) spent much of her life feeling both repelled and fascinated by the man who prosecuted her grandparents, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, in what became known as the “atomic spies” case; Cohn obtained their convictions in court and then insisted on their executions.

The currently untitled film features recently discovered audiotapes of candid discussions between Cohn and journalist Peter Manso, recorded at the height of Cohn’s career. With a lens on Cohn’s family, friends, colleagues, employees and lovers, as well as those targeted by him, it includes his time in Provincetown, Massachusetts, where he shared a house with Manso and Norman Mailer, and was considerably more open about his sexuality than in other settings.

Playwright Tony Kushner, whose Pulitzer Prize- and Tony-winning play Angels in Americafeatures Cohn as a main character, and actor Nathan Lane, who starred in it as Cohn, also provide interviews, with Lane giving insights into how Cohn wielded power through invective and innuendo.

The documentary was directed and produced by Ivy Meeropol; producers, Julie Goldman, Christopher Clements and Carolyn Hepburn; co-producer, Peter Manso; director of photography, Dan Gold; editor, Anne Alvergue. For HBO: executive producers, Nancy Abraham and Lisa Heller.

Title: How & Why Germans Bought Hitler's Pitch
Post by: AGelbert on July 29, 2019, 11:27:53 pm
How & Why Germans Bought Hitler's Pitch

David Hoffman

Published on Sep 27, 2017

To support my efforts to create more clips please donate to me at Get the entire film at This clip from a 1 hour PBS television documentary I made called " How Hitler Lost the War."  The film takes a unique point of view. Rather than talking about who won the war, my colleagues and I explored what Hitler did that helped lose Germany the war. Although it happened so long ago, it is still a frightening story. Some of the interviews I conducted in this segment were fascinating to me and I hope they are to you as well.

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Title: Devil's Island: Colonies of the Condemned ☠️
Post by: AGelbert on August 04, 2019, 05:36:59 pm
Devil's Island: Colonies of the Condemned ☠️

Published on Aug 7, 2014

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Title: 💣 Waiting For The 💥 Civil War
Post by: AGelbert on September 21, 2019, 09:08:13 pm
💣 Waiting For The 💥 Civil War
(American History Documentary)
209,986 views•Published on Jun 20, 2019

Timeline - World History Documentaries
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Henry Clay and the Struggle for the Union: The film explores the forty years leading up to the Civil War. It is the first documentary ever produced on Henry Clay of Kentucky, the most dominate public figure in the formation of compromises in 1820, 1833, and 1850.

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Title: Re: Historical Documentaries
Post by: AGelbert on September 22, 2019, 12:26:55 pm
What Caused the American Civil War?

By: Joe Ryan
Racism caused the American Civil War, plain and simple: a racism that transcended social culture, geographic section, and political orientation, and became entangled with the creation of the Constitution and the Union.


“Article VII. The ratification of the conventions of nine states, shall be sufficient for the establishment of this constitution between the states so ratifying the same.”

The government of the United States to be spontaneously reconstituted upon the vote of nine states: so much for the “inviolability” of words. Here is the explicit semantic seed 💣 of civil war and the implicit manifestation of the ultimate axiom of political science. Despite the solemn pledge, four times repeated, that the Union was to be “perpetual” as framed by the Articles, which required unanimous consent of the states to be changed,  the states of the perpetual Union, not consenting, would suddenly be out into the cold.

It’s not surprisingly, then, that soon after the Constitution became the supreme law of the land, there emerged an irrepressible struggle ( between the two sections for political supremacy: one side pressing for the restriction of slavery, the other side pressing for its expansion. As the  threat of war with the Great Powers faded, the North shrugged off its constitutional commitments about slavery and began sticking knives into the South. The South, too entwined with an alien population of Africans to get rid of it,  was left with no rational choice, but to seize upon the example set by the founders and declare, by the sovereign power of its people,  independence from the North.

The Fledgling United States, 1787

When the Constitution became operative, in 1789, the United States was composed of six slave states: Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia; and seven essentially Free states—Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Providence Plantation, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

(See, Clayton E. Cramer, Black Demographic Data, A Sourcebook ( (1997))

Between 1789 and 1819, operating on the basis of equal division, the Congress admitted into the Union five Free states—Vermont, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Maine—and five Slave states: Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Full article: ( (
Title: How times have changed.
Post by: AGelbert on October 02, 2019, 08:04:20 pm
Agelbert NOTE: This a book, not a Documentary. I post a link to it here, plus the brief explanatory video, because it is relevant to the previous post about the political tensions that eventually broke out in Civil War.

The titles of the pre-Civil War Political Parties mentioned in this story, though identical to the titles of the modern Democratic Party and the Republican Party, are irrelevant to the present.

Back then, the Republican Party was ANTI-slavery and the Democratic Party was PRO-Slavery, PRO-Sexually abuse and forcibly impregnate the Plantation slave girls and PRO-Vicious Cruelty over male slaves. How times have changed.

September 29 2019, 6:00 a.m.

By Ryan Grim


Title: 1918 H1N1 "Spanish" (NOT!) Flu historical documentary | Swine Flu Pandemic | Deadly plague of 1918
Post by: AGelbert on March 26, 2020, 06:22:50 pm

( Agelbert NOTE: I am adding this accurate history before the excellent documentary below to explain why I get exercised every time somebody calls the 1918 H1N1 Pandemic the "Spanish" Flu.



While it’s unlikely that the “Spanish Flu” originated in Spain, scientists are still unsure of its source. France, China and Britain have all been suggested as the potential birthplace of the virus, as has the United States, where the first known case was reported at a military base in Kansas on March 11, 1918. Researchers have also conducted extensive studies on the remains of victims of the pandemic, but they have yet to discover why the strain that ravaged the world in 1918 was so lethal.

As the pandemic reached epic proportions in the fall of 1918, it became commonly known as the “Spanish Flu” or the “Spanish Lady” in the United States and Europe. Many assumed this was because the sickness had originated on the Iberian Peninsula, but the nickname was actually the result of a widespread misunderstanding.

Spain was one of only a few major European countries to remain neutral during World War I. Unlike in the Allied and Central Powers nations, where wartime censors suppressed news of the flu to avoid affecting morale, the Spanish media was free to report on it in gory detail. News of the sickness first made headlines in Madrid in late-May 1918, and coverage only increased after the Spanish King Alfonso XIII came down with a nasty case a week later. Since nations undergoing a media blackout could only read in depth accounts from Spanish news sources, they naturally assumed that the country was the pandemic’s ground zero. The Spanish, meanwhile, believed the virus had spread to them from France, so they took to calling it the “French Flu.” (


1918 H1N1  Spanish ( Flu historical documentary | Swine Flu Pandemic | Deadly plague of 1918
4,523,651 views•Oct 2, 2018

28.2K subscribers

Historical documentary about 1918 Swine Flu or Spanish Flu and the role of World War I in spreading the disease among troops making it into a worldwide plague of devastating proportions. The video covers where it began, how and where it spread, the symptoms, how it affected America and whether it could happen again. The music is “Blood and Ivory Keys”  by 19between. Used with Permission.

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Title: The Big Lie: 102 Years Ago, Leaders Downplayed "Spanish" (i.e. KANSAS H1N1 SWINE) Flu Devastation
Post by: AGelbert on April 15, 2020, 01:32:59 pm

In a single year, the flu drove down the statistical life expectancy in the United States by 12 years.
( The Big Lie: 102 Years Ago, Leaders Downplayed The Devastation Of The Spanish (correction: KANSAS H1N1 SWINE) Flu
By Mark Washburn The Charlotte Observer. For 102 years, that lie has gone unchallenged. But now, spurred by curiosity amid a new pandemic, an examination of archived Mecklenburg County death certificates by The Charlotte Observer and a parsing of century-old news accounts reveal that Charlotte leaders — enabled by an acquiescent press and accepting public — systematically under-reported the 1918 death toll by half. In fact, at the height of the epidemic, when citizens were dying at the rate of more than 10 a week, they under-reported the scope of the crisis by two-thirds. To research the issue, the Observer examined... -more- (

( (

Agelbert COMMENT: Excellent article! Leaders now are even bigger liars than the ones that lied BIG TIME during and after the 1918 Spanish KANSAS H1N1 SWINE Flu.

If you think TPTB aren't doing even MORE BIG LIE UNDERCOUNTING of the number of COVID-19 caused DEATHS NOW, you must be a CAPITALIST INTELLIMORON.
Title: The death of Adolf Hitler | DW Documentary
Post by: AGelbert on April 30, 2020, 09:21:33 pm
The death of Adolf Hitler | DW Documentary
44,239 views•Apr 30, 2020

DW Documentary
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Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his bunker as the Red Army closed in on Berlin on April 30, 1945. But legends about the Nazi dictator's lived on. Was his body ever found? Did he manage to escape?

After Hitler, aides poured gasoline on his body and set it alight in the garden of his chancellery. A few days later, the Soviets discovered the remains. But the body was burned beyond recognition, and they could not be sure it was his. Only after a top-secret investigation could Hitler be positively identified, thanks to information provided by his dentist.

At the same time, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin publicly stated that his army had been unable to find Hitler’s body. Wild rumors swirled about Hitler's death. Stalin even accused some of the Allies of helping him escape. What were the secrets behind this deception? What happened to the two German women who helped identify Hitler's body?

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Title: Re: Historical Documentaries
Post by: Surly1 on May 01, 2020, 07:14:25 am
Perhaps you took note of the History Channel series, "Hunting Hitler." It ran for three seasons on that channel, and pursued the line that there were various methods by which Hitler could've exited the Third Reich, how there was infrastructure in place, etc. One of the most interesting aspects was the detailing off safe houses, bunkers and even weapons development in Argentina.

Like most History Channel programming, long on hyperbole and leaps in logic, but entertaining. The Argentina stuff got me to sit up and pay attention. Fascinating.
Title: I missed all that.
Post by: AGelbert on May 01, 2020, 11:55:27 am
Perhaps you took note of the History Channel series, "Hunting Hitler." It ran for three seasons on that channel, and pursued the line that there were various methods by which Hitler could've exited the Third Reich, how there was infrastructure in place, etc. One of the most interesting aspects was the detailing off safe houses, bunkers and even weapons development in Argentina.

Like most History Channel programming, long on hyperbole and leaps in logic, but entertaining. The Argentina stuff got me to sit up and pay attention. Fascinating.

I missed all that. Although I have watched some History Channel video on Youtube from time to time, I haven't watched TV for nearly 20 years now.

I have read some stories about Hitler "escaping Germany to live out his life in hiding", but the German Documentary above is pretty conclusive, due to the dental assistant's testimony. While a lot of high level NAZIs were helped by the Catholic Church and the good old US (Operation Clipboard was preceded by lots of OSS help BEFORE the war ended) to transplant their Fascist "Business Model" to South America and the USA (SEE: All Honorable Men (, Hitler was not one of them. He shot himself in the head after giving orders, which required obtaining and storing a significant amount of difficult to get gasoline at that time, to have his body burned to a crisp. If it wasn't for the teeth, there would have been no way to be sure it was him. I found it interesting that Hitler had such lousy dentition. I know he was a speedball drug user but I had mistakenly assumed his teeth would be pretty good because he was a vegetarian. We live and we learn.

After decades of silence, 95-year-old Margot Woelk, thought to be the last surviving member of the team tasked with testing Adolf Hitler's food for poisons, has come forward with new details about the infamous figure.

In an interview with the U.K. publication The Times, Woelk described tasting the Fuhrer's meals between 11 a.m. and noon before the dishes were driven to Nazi headquarters, known as the Wolf's Lair. There was always an hour delay between when food was tasted and it was served to Hitler -- time to let the ill effects of any poisons take hold.

“It was all vegetarian, the most delicious fresh things, from asparagus to peppers and peas, served with rice and salads. It was all arranged on one plate, just as it was served to him. There was no meat and I do not remember any fish," she told the publication. “Of course I was afraid. If it had been poisoned I would not be here today. We were forced to eat it, we had no choice.”

Woelk's account  ( to confirm longstanding suspicions that Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian.

I'm glad I watched this particular Documentary, which I noticed because DW picked April 30, 2020 (75 years after Hitler's Suicide April 30, 1945) to post it on Youtube while I was being edumacated yesterday about virology by some prof from Columbia University.