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Author Topic: Hydrocarbon Hellspawn Mens Rea Actus Reus  (Read 17554 times)

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Re: Hydrocarbon Hellspawn Mens Rea Actus Reus
« Reply #105 on: May 05, 2019, 07:08:52 pm »
May 3rd, 2019 by Nexus Media  Don't miss the Agelbert comments! 


What could possibly go wrong?

Tell me about it. I had a small war with some fine fellows who have fecal coliform invasion syndrome in there glial cells (their brains are full of Hydrocarbon Hellspawn happy talk propaganda bullshit).

I went back there today and tried to educate one of them with a (slightly ;) ) more polite approach. Hopefully, it helped some reader who comes accross it.

FWIW, I'm posting it below with the response sequence. It may be useful to you as you encounter more and more of  this wishful thinking insane crap that gets gets pushed by the hydrocarbon hellspawn, more and more, as things get inevitably get more dire:

Just paint everything white and make the sun bounce back to space at a proportion to just cooling us off (not too much!). White Streets (black stripes instead of white ones!), white roof tops, all white cars, white painted grass (football will never be the same), etc, etc. Of course this is preposterous just as is the other stuff. The best solution is to pare down the population from about 7 billion to 2 billion and then make everything electric. But of course mankind will never agree to that.

agelbert > mipak
👎 Preposterous.

Go study GHG absorption frequencies before you display such ignorance about how albedo actually works.

Here's a clue. It is true that albedo of white stuff in the Arctic and Antarctic works to keep heat (IR radiation) from being absorbed by the atmosphere.

However, white stuff located SOUTH of the Arctic circle (and NORTH of the Antarctic corresponding area) DOES NOT provide enough albedo to get the solar radiation out into space before it is trapped in our atmosphere.

WHY? Because the more direct angle of the solar rays striking the surface of the earth where most of us live causes the incoming photons to get converted into IR frequencies right away, even from white stuff reflecting them. IR (infrared) frequency rays get trapped by CO2 before they can exit.

As to your "cull the human population solution", nature will take care of that.

Omega Centauri  > agelbert • 14 hours ago
Huh. No, the two options for a photon hitting the surface are (1) absorb and turn into heat -later emitted as IR, or (2) reflected. Sure most "white" surfaces heat up, but not nearly as much as dark surfaces. But, the reflected photons got to make it back through the atmosphere, if they hit clouds they might just reflect back down. So you get less of an effect than a simple computation would suggest.

Some researchers at U of Colorado invented a surface material that reflects so well -and emits IR well too, that in full sunlight it is cooler than the ambient air. They want to use this to cool buildings without needing energy. Deployed over large areas it might help reduce the global temp a bit.

agelbert  > Omega Centauri • 2 hours ago
Well, let me parse what you said a bit, because you are operating under some simplistic, and partly erroneous, assumptions about photon energy frequency bands.

There are several options in regard to the effects of photon reflection activity frequencies, not just two.

As you know, an incoming photon, by the time it gets to the surface of the earth, has been stripped of much of its higher frequencies in the upper UV band. That is why we don't all die when sunlight hits us, as would happen if we were exposed to UV C during daylight hours.

The ozone layer way up there does that bit of frequency downshifting. 👍

Every bit of downshifting from then on gets rid of some UV B, but the visible spectrum band of several frequencies inside those incoming photons is still not in the Infrared band. That is why those photons don't get trapped on the way in by CO2 or CH4 or H2O (Greenhouse Gases that have several different IR absorption bands BUT do not absorb UV or visible spectrum photon bands - i.e. UV and visible light goes right through GHG on the way in).

The instant a visible light (several photon frequencies, not just one) photon package hits the surface of the earth, no matter how reflecting said surface is, some downshifting occurs, these lower energy photons, as when light hits a white colored and/or mirrored surface, already contain some infrared band frequencies they did not have. That bit of IR won't make it past the GHG blanket. Any UV that the incoming photon had has been downshifted into the visible light spectrum (or infrared, as happens when UV gets past your sunblock and/or all the way to your epidermal DNA to start you on the way to skin cancer).

Now for the rest of the photon package reflecting off the white or mirrored surface. The reflected photons are in the slightly downshifted visible light spectrum. That's for highly reflective surfaces - the lion's share, 99% PLUS of this planet's surface reflects IR frequency bands, with a tiny portion, enough for us to see what is around us, in the visible light spectrum frequencies our eyes are designed to detect.

That light massively downshifts to 99% PLUS infrared frequency bands (there are several IR frequency bands, not just one - GHG absorbtion frequencies match them nearly perfectly BECAUSE the tri-atomic nature of said GHG set up a photon bouncing trap for infrared bands).

Making buildings reflective of visible light does nothing to cool the atmosphere simply because the visible light photons quickly degrade to IR photons that will never make it back to outer space before either H2O (atmospheric water vapor, that is increasing massively because of baked in global warming - see: positive feedback deleterious heat increasing loop), CO2 or CH4 traps them and we continue to COOK because of incredibly STUPID people that think we can keep burning hydrocarbons without suffering the horrendous, Sixth Massive Extinction Consequences.


An enormous waterfall gushes off the Nansen Ice Shelf. Credit: Jonathan Kingslake

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