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Author Topic: Hydrocarbon Hellspawn Mens Rea Actus Reus  (Read 17554 times)

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Re: Hydrocarbon Hellspawn Mens Rea Actus Reus
« Reply #15 on: July 02, 2018, 06:56:56 pm »
Elon Slows Tesla Down To Cut Out The Financial Trolls

May 6th, 2018 by Zachary Shahan

EXCELLENT article!  🌟 


Agelbert COMMENT: The fact that a lot of fossil fuel money is funding those short sellers should be repeated with a megaphone 📢 on a regular basis.

The Fossil Fuel Industry desperately needs to kill EV sales in general and Tesla EVs in particular.


It is no secret that refineries will be lose their profit margin if the fuel portion of the refined crude coming out of their cracking towers is not marketable. That portion, by the way, represents an added cost for the oil refineries as hazardous waste to be disposed of. Rockefeller used to flush it down the rivers in Pennsylvania back in the late 19th century, killing horses and cows down the river from his refinery. The farmers there were up in arms about Rockefeller's "business practices". 

Externalizing pollution costs 😈 is an old habit the Fossil Fuel Industry 🐉🦕🦖 depended on from the start to make a profit  💵  🎩 (over people and planet, of course),

For those who think the refineries can just adjust the product percentages from crude to increase the lubricant, plastics/pharmaceuticals/esticide/fertilizers/textiles feed stock and reduce the fuel portion to keep the profits going, let me say that is not an option for them.

That is another factor that is of utmost concern to the fossil fuel industry, though they go out of their way to avoid discussing it in public. That is the FACT that crude oil refining is inelastic in regard to product percentages. IOW you will always get about (it can vary somewhat, but very slightly) the same percentage of heavy lubricants, lighter lubricants, fuels from diesel on up to gasoline and then the gases like propane and methane, along with all the poisonous VOCS that get flared that the EPA 😈 is trying desperately to ignore.

Pollutants aside for a moment, the crude oil feed stock for plastics, medicines, fertilizers, paints, etc. represents less than 6% worldwide of all crude oil products. THAT is a drop in the bucket and never was, regardless of the lies and propaganda from the fossil fuel industry, a big part of the profit equation. It has ALWAYS been about getting us to BURN FUEL.

Consequently, a vanished market for gasoline and diesel means bankruptcy for the fossil fuel industry. 

Those polluting fuels and gases will always be produced when crude oil is refined. They can't just flush them into rivers like Rockefeller did in Pennsylvania in the 19th century before he created a market for his pollutants by saving Ford from bankruptcy in return for having the Ford carburetors run on gasoline INSTEAD of ethanol (which was the original plan by Ford).

Gasoline is what made Rockefeller rich. Without a market for gasoline or gases, the huge profit from selling them is converted into a massive unavoidable cost of handling over 40% per barrel of refined crude as hazardous waste. ⁉️

The fossil fuel industry CANNOT survive unless it keeps talking us into buring fossil fuels, period. They know that, but they do not want anybody else to know that. 🕵️

The inelastic oil refinery product percentage (i.e. what comes out of those cracking towers after a de-oxygenated barrel of crude (de-oxygenating crude is a massively energy intensive process that they have deliberately left out of ALL the calculations for energy return on energy invested for crude oil) is the elephant 🐘 in the fossil fuel business model room.

The Fossil Fuel Industry "business model", when all the energy and pollution costs are considered, was always unjustified. They got away with it through massive welfare queen subsidy hand-outs from government while using the air, water and land as pollution dumping areas for over a century.

Tesla is a HUGE threat to the Fossil Fuel Industry. Don't believe for a second that the polluters are not resorting to absolutely every low down Wall Street trick they can underhandedly fund to stop Tesla from destroying them.

Musk's Tesla is destroying the Fossil Fuel Propaganda Lies we have been subjected to for over a century  by bringing sanity into our Energy use, whether at home or on the road.


To me the core innovative technology of TSLA is battery abilities, the cars depend on good and cheap batteries, the next big thing RE storage depends on it, Electric semi's, grid and home storage, electric aircraft etc all depend on the ability to mass produce high quality (good energy density and cycle life ) batteries.

Everything depends on that

The key take away for me from the conference call is that they have the ability to make M3 battery packs in 17 minutes now and expect to quadruple battery deliveries this year. Once the Cars are satisfied the battery factory can print money by making powerwalls. They are years ahead of everyone else. You can argue that the big four can make car bodies quicker and are more experienced, but you cannot argue that anyone can make better batteries cheaper or now faster.

Cars, trucks,Powerwalls, even solar roof tiles, are all just a way to package and sell batteries.

For this alone TSLA is worth the valuation and will probably go far higher.

I agree with the commentary that the Shorts are destroyers they are the maggots that feed and thrive on decay and need failures to make money. The sooner Elon can leave them behind the better as he will never change their minds or their "business" practices.

I believe that this will happen this year, we will see a $400 valuation by EOY and higher next. The future will get the last laugh.
He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. Matt 10:37


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