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Author Topic: War Provocations and Peace Actions  (Read 20795 times)

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Re: War Provocations and Peace Actions
« on: September 07, 2014, 07:16:55 pm »
I disagree with your view that there is some equivalent immoral posture on the Palestinian side. There isn't. A son of an Israeli General explains why below. The point I am making to you, my friend, is to never relate Jewish Ashkenazi ethnicity with the religion of Torah Jews. Ashkenazis, including most of the ethnically Jewish neo-cons that run both the governments of the U.S. and Israel, are either atheists or Reform Jews. Reform Jews, as a childhood friend of mine explained, DO NOT have to believe in God. They ARE expected to go to their Synagogue and are STILL considered "Jewish". I went to their synagogue a couple of times. I even saw a wedding once with crushing the glass foot stomping fun once! They view Orthodox Jews like "way out there" fundamentalist crazy uncles that must be looked after because, after all, the aren't chopped liver!  ANY claim to Orthodoxy is BULLSHIT.

And some of that "Orthodoxy", by the way is Talmudic. The Talmud is THE modern day version of GOTT MIT UNS that "justifies" doing WHATEVER to get the real estate that "JAWEH/JEHOVAH or G_d as many write it"  promised "the chosen people". Talmudic "orthodoxy is COUNTERFEIT orthodoxy that ALLOWS a RELIGIOUS OATH to be taken to promise to LIE to non-Jews! 

The Torah Jews have ALWAYS been AGAINST a Jewish state!

But never mind all that. I don't want to get into a long discussion on the Torah and the ENORMEOUS differences and IMMORALITY (according to the Torah)  that the Talmud claims is MORAL and HONORABLE and BLESSED behavior.

My point is that this is about ETHNICITY and a FAKE "religious" justification for MIGHT IS RIGHT, PERIOD. Every thing you say and know about radical Palestinian education and behavior is, and always was, a powerless outlier FINANCED by war profiteering PROVOCATEURS (NOT religious fanatics!), BLOWN UP in media importance and PROVEN to be partly FINANCED by the Israelis in a clever half a century and counting propaganda effort to mendaciously give Palestinian BAD GUY EQUIVALENCE to the GENOCIDE that Israel is waging.  :emthdown: :emthdown: :emthdown:

As a lawyer, you want to look at both sides of an issue. Fine. Watch the video below. It is TOTALLY objective. NOTICE the date. NOTICE that NOTHING has changed.

An Israeli General's son tells the TRUTH!

I took the following screen shot and added some of the author's statements to underline the fact that there is NO WAY people should ever say, well, the Palestinians do this and that too! The terrorists ARE the Israelis, PERIOD! It's time for decent Jews to STOP defending State Sponsored Israeli Terrorism.


Ashvin said
As I said before, it doesn't make any sense to me to only point out the immorality displayed by militant Israelis and not also point out the immorality displayed by militant Palestinians..
Well, consider that IF the main provocateurs in this expansionist "policy" are atheist ethnically (mostly) Reform Jews totally divorced from religion and totally sold on Social Darwinism, game theory and 'survival of the apex predator' as the only "morality" that counts, the duplicity would certainly involve using the RELIGION card to inflame the masses.  :evil4:  So they do.

Without said provocation, do you seriously think that Arabs, who have lived in relative peace there for hundreds of years (at least), would, because the Israelis looked non-warlike, take the war to them instead? I don't think so. Do you? If the Palestinians won't get aggressive if left alone, how can you ascribe equivalence? 

I know most people do not intend any sort of anti-Jewish sentiment by doing this, but that seems to be the practical psychological effect .

That's precisely what I am asking you NOT to assume is an unintentional effect    from the Provocateurs.


Because THAT is precisely what the game theory bastards that are running this "It's a clash of civilizations -I.E. RELIGIONS-" baloney are using to disarm Christians! It's the old "Israel is merely DOING IT TO THE PALESTINIANS BEFORE THE PALESTINIANS DO IT TO THEM" LIE.  The practical psychological effect was DELIBERATELY effected by the media mendacious and duplicitous reporting as far back as 1967! 

Ashvin, you KNOW how propaganda works. Your concern for an "anti-Semitic" (Ashkenazis and MOST Israelis are NOT Semitic at all!) backlash is exactly what the propagandists count on. Are you afraid Christianity will be demonized along with Judaism? Then WRITE about the ATHEISTS who are ethnically Jewish and their neo-con pals that have ABSOLUTLY NO USE for the Ten Commandments or a Supreme Being except as a propaganda tool. The exact same thing can be said of a lot of nominal "Christians" as well.

Thinking that telling it how it IS will open the door to a new holocaust or/and possibly undermine Christianity is an emotional response, brother. It's not logic based. We should VERBALLY ATTACK, not defend, those who USE religion as a devious front for war profiteering and genocide to muzzle those who fear a backlash. That is what the Israeli General's son does. That's what I do. That's what you should do too. 

If you think a properly run media would not clear up that mistaken idea that would spin off of telling the TRUTH about Israeli "policy" ("DA JEWS DID IT SO LET'S GIT EM' ") based on the FACTS on the GROUND in Israel, then it's because the propagandists have beat us by conflating the power mad goons running the mayhem with the Religion of Judaism. It's their cover! Stop letting them use it by claiming the Palestinians are equally at fault.

Proverbs 26:20  When there is no wood, the fire is extinguished, and where there is no troublemaker, strife ceases.
He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. Matt 10:37


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