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Author Topic: Profiles in Courage  (Read 19914 times)

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Re: Profiles in Courage
« on: November 03, 2013, 09:20:30 pm »
Harry Schwartz: A Great Man who founded the Torch Commando Part 1

Harry Heinz Schwarz (13 May 1924 – 5 February 2010) was a South African lawyer, statesman and long-time political opposition leader against apartheid, who eventually served as the South African ambassador to the United States during the country’s transition to representative democracy.

Schwarz rose from the childhood poverty he experienced as a German Jewish refugee to become a lawyer and a member of the Transvaal Provincial Council, where from 1963 to 1974, he was Leader of the Opposition.

In the 1964 Rivonia Trial he was a defence lawyer. Advocating a more aggressive political opposition to the National Party's racial policies in the 1960s and 1970s, as Leader of the United Party in Transvaal and leader of the liberal "Young Turks", he clashed with the United Party establishment.

He championed the cause of non-violent resistance to apartheid and in 1974 signed the Mahlabatini Declaration of Faith with Mangosuthu Buthelezi for a non-racial democratic society in South Africa. He was in the opposition for over 40 years and was a founding member of the Democratic Party.

In light of his record, his appointment as South African Ambassador to the United States in 1990 was widely heralded as symbolic of the government's commitment to ending apartheid,
[1] and played a significant role in renewing the nation's image as the new democratic South Africa.[2][3][4]


The Torch Commando was born out of the work of the Springbok Legion, a South African organisation of World War II veterans, founded in 1941 during the second world war by progressive anti-fascist servicemen, and the War Veterans Action Committee established with the involvement of Springbok Legionaires to appeal to a broader base of ex-servicemen.

The Springbok Legion was initially formed by members of the 9th Recce Battalion of the South African Tank Corps, the Soldiers Interests Committee formed by members of the First South African Brigade in Addas Ababa, and the Union of Soldiers formed by the same brigade in Egypt.

The aims and objectives of the Springbok Legion were enunciated in its 'Soldiers Manifesto'. The Springbok Legion was open to all servicemen regardless of race or gender and was avowedly anti-fascist and anti-racist. Amongst its leading members were servicemen such as Joe Slovo, Lionel Bernstein, Wolfie Kodesh, Jack Hodgson and Fred Carneson who all later joined the African National Congress and its military wing Umkhonto we Sizwe under the command of Nelson Mandela.

Others such as Harry Schwarz, a later well known anti-apartheid political leader, lawyer and ambassador to the United States during the government on national unity was one of the organizations founders.

Torch Commando in action

The Torch Commando was founded in 1951 during the Coloured vote constitutional crisis, in protest against the South African government's plan to remove coloureds from the voters roll in the Cape.

At a time when the Springbok Legion's numbers were diminishing, the Torch Commando strategy gave a new lease of life to the aims and objectives of the Springbok Legion, perceived as being too left wing by some, and gave a home to whites in other liberal formations including liberals in the United Party, who identified with black grievances.

The wartime fighter ace Group Captain Adolph Malan became the president of the 'Torch Commando'. The commando's main activities were torchlight marches, from which they took their name. The largest march attracted 75,000 protesters.

Torch Commando in action

The Torch Commando existed for more than five years, and at its height had 250,000 members.

The government was alarmed by the number of judges, public servants and military officers joining the organisation, and a new law was passed to ban anyone in public service or the military from joining.

Subsequently the National Party did everything to purge the memory of the Springbok Legion, Torch Commando and men such as 'Sailor' Malan, who have appeal with white Afrikaner youth.


While Harry Shwartz was busy trying to move South Africa to become a non-racist representative republic, the multimillionaire gold mining tycoon Charles W. Englehard Jr. was doing all he could to SUPPORT Apartheid South Africa.  >:( 

The policy of South Africa as expressed by the new Prime Minister [John Vorster] is as much in the interests of South Africa as anything I can think of or suggest. I am not a South African, but there is nothing I would do better or differently." --U.S. multinational businessman Charles W. Engelhard, 1967

  More than any other American, Charles Engelhard gave direct political support to the Nationalist government. Engelhard sat on the boards of Witwatersrand Native Labor Association and Native Recruiting Agency, two South African government agencies which recruit cheap African labor to work in the mines.

Engelhard also served as a leading officer of the South African Foundation, a South African government businessmen's public relations front on which no other American would agree to serve. This foundation was set up in the words of its leaders "because there is a systematic, well-organized, well-financed attack on South Africa, conducted on a world scale by a number of organizations supported by Afro-Asian and Communist interests."   ;)

And while Engelhard was busy telling American detractors that U.S. corporate involvement could play a constructive role in helping bring South Africa's black majority toward full political participation, his foundation's book, South Africa in the Sixties, was arguing that "in regard to overall direction, white hegemony is to prevail."   

By far the largest of Engelhard's stakes, however, was in the South African gold mining industry, which for decades has mined sub-economic gold by employing Africans at wages half the poverty datum level. Largely through his chairmanship and stock holdings in Rand Mines, Engelhard's interests controlled an estimated 15 per cent of South African gold mining industry during the '60s. Indeed, it was through his entry into the South African gold industry during the early '50s that Engelhard first started to turn his father's relatively modest metals business into a global powerhouse.

Setting himself up as a bullion dealer in South Africa, Engelhard beat restrictions on the export of newly mined gold by manufacturing solid gold art items--solid gold pulpit tops, dishes, bracelets. Once legally exported in this manner, they would be melted down into bullion again.


Yeah, you guessed it. Gold shaped like animals BEAT THE RESTRICTIONS in order to be remelted into giold bullion in the USA again. 

That certainly would explain the LOVE of ART in the form of golden statues of animals by certain people that ADMIRE Engelhard, don't you think? It's like a massive private joke about making money from slave labor AND bypassing export laws designed to force South Africa to treat its blacks better. DOUBLE PROFITS!
It must be hilarious to a certain strain of gold bug... 

But while the Cabots may now be hundreds of years removed from the wealth they earned in the slave trade, the Engelhard family South African connection lives on, albeit without Charles W.

SHORTLY before his death, Engelhard, in a complicated series of transactions, sold off much of his South African interests to Anglo-American and other companies. The current Engelhard family parent corporation, Engelhard Minerals and Chemicals, still has diversified holdings in South Africa, but in the recent climate of intensified criticism of U.S. operations there, the Engelhard company has refused to disclose the extent of the assets and activities of its privately held South African subsidiary.

In October, 1976, the company refused to cooperate with Sen. Dick Clark's committee studying U.S. investments in Southern Africa.

Meanwhile, the Engelhard family has shifted much of its formerly South African capital into the manufacture of pollution control devices. somehow it doesn't seem to make their money much cleaner. 


Engelhard stabled race horses in North Carolina, England and South Africa, $15 million worth of race horses -- about the same amount that the Engelhard Foundation has in assets. He needed three private jets and a helicopter to transport him to his international business and pleasure appointments.


"The key to the misery of these people is to let them get enough to eat, enough clothes, a car and some financial stability. I don't care what the college professors say, I know this is what the black people of Africa want." --Charles W. Engelhard, 1966


Englehard died in 1971 but Engelhard mining and minerals continued to live down to its Apartheid defending legacy with a clever dirty trick.

Please note the DATE, October, 1976, the company refused to cooperate with Sen. Dick Clark's committee studying U.S. investments in Southern Africa. That is the year they claimed they "tested" the market for a type of bullion sale and withdrew it.
 Senator Cark was breathing down their necks so they waited a year and went ahead with the scam. Read on. 

The American public was souring on South Africa and those nifty Gold Krugerrand sales were dropping. The American public were being educated by people like Shwartz on how Black Africans were treated and didn't like it one bit (except for our racists, of course!).

So Engelhard Enterprises of SA came up with a clever plan to fool Americans into buying his golld and silver rounds to take advantage of the slump in Krugerrand sales.

They sweetend the deal by making Engelhard rounds slightly purer (24 karat instead 22 karat) to make sure anybody that discovered the ORIGIN of the metal in the coins would not have a "consciense" attack (with goldbugs, karats talk a lot louder than a consciense does!).


June 12, 1977 Newspaper report on Engelhard Enterprises of SA's new "coins".

I had never heard of these coins before but I imagine the goldbugs know about them. Engelhard must have made a tidy profit from this "gold art work" importing scam (that the corporation added a new clever twist to after his death with the bullion coins) because he was REALLY loaded when he died. That coin, because of this, certainly deserves to bear the name "Englehard" embossed on that symbol of greed and African slave labor.

Don't you just love how these mining firms operate? Such INTEGRITY, eh? Apartheid, YES! Con the American coin buyer, YES! Refuse to cooperate with a U.S senatorial committee, YES! Engelhard Enterprises of SA was (probably still is) convinced that he who has the gold, makes the rules. It's a wonderful life!

I do admit that when you tag the word, "American(s)" on to something, Americans fall for it hook, line and sinker. I guess that is why all those fascist Koch echo chamber un-think tanks always make sure the handle starts with "Americans" for this, that and the other! 

Harry Schwartz: A Great Man who founded the Torch Commando Part 2
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