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Author Topic: Power Structures in Human Society: Pros and Cons Part 1  (Read 14229 times)

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The organization Action Against Hunger wanted to know if sharing is a natural instinct.
They conducted an experiment in Madrid, Spain to study human behavior when faced with the injustice of hunger.
Of the 20 children under study, all 20 shared their food even though as far as they knew, no one was watching.
When are the grown ups going to catch up?
--Bibi Farber
 This video was produced by Action Against Hunger
- See more at: http://www.nextworldtv.com/videos/inspiration-1/the-sharing-experiment.html#sthash.t5AjwJjd.dpuf

Forgive me Surly, but I do not see any way that the mindset prevalent at the DD is anything but the exact reverse of the above. All the work I did there for free was rewarded with WHAT? I didn't ask for money but wasn't I entitled to RESPECT?  WHERE was RE when people started rattling my cage for NO REASON? WHY didn't he treat the Golden Blasphemer the same way? WHY didn't any of you listen to my valid statement that the LACK of censorship constituted CENSORING (defaming, undermining my message, etc.) my message? BECAUSE OF BIAS on RE's part for PRO-DOOM "THERE IS NO HOPE" type people, PERIOD.

And YES, Surly, this has a LOT to do with the price of peaches in Denmark (i.e. SHARING). The continual and very predatory and sick meme that RE backs and Lucid tried to defend when I criticized his willingness to kill people labeled "zombies" is SERIOUS BUSINESS. It's a SERIOUS ERROR. It is NIHILISM justifying WHATEVER so a FEW MIGHT LIVE for a better day. IT's the MASTER RACE CRAP all over again. The DD is DEAD WRONG pushing this Scarcity meme which wrongly justifies NOT SHARING and a population cull. It's all addressed with a bit of polish but it's WRONG MORALLY.

Do you remember Endisnigh? RE almost killed him with his brainiac logic about the ASSURED collapse of civilization and the biosphere. And RE DOES NOT GIVE A **** because RE has so much UBERMENCH self delusion that he justifies ANYTHING he says, no matter how coarse or insensitive, with "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST" because HE thinks HE is the BE ALL, END ALL of HUMAN EVOLUTION. "Hey, looky here, I went to Columbia and a read and did math at 3 years old!" WTF do you think his message is, HUH?

Surly, when people lack humility they CANNOT LEARN; they cannot even envisage themselves as being wrong. When they have a gifted vocabulary like RE does, it can lead to megalomania. Get out of there, Surly. RE and his mind set and followers are IMORAL NIHILISTS. Their God is their STOMACH, PERIOD. Despite all the BS about how bad greed is among the rich, the plethora of STUPID "It's my pigman roots" jokes and talk about making money is way too prevalent to make the complaints about the rich seem like anything but envy.

Mark my words. You will observe the inertia of the DD go farther towards intolerance of those who wish to share with those who have nothing material to the point of labeling them useless eaters, zombies or trash to be killed and composted. Consider me hysterical if you wish. RE never offered me a NICKEL to stay, despite your claim and Monsta's claim that I brought readers. I KNOW MONEY is ALL IMPORTANT TO HIM despite his talk of a gift economy (gifts for for him, that is). When somebody is as stuck on money as he is, you can ONLY weigh their commitment to ANYTHING by how much they are willing to invest. He wouldn't invest a NICKEL in me because he really DID NOT like what I wrote, period. His incredibly patient behavior towards the epitome of hypocritical, blasphemous and greedy wealth worship exemplified by Golden Oxen (Psalm 106:19-20 The people made a calf at Mount Sinai; they bowed before an image made of gold. They traded their glorious God for a statue of a grass-eating bull.) PROVES that RE is ONE in the spirit with GO. To these people, it's ALL HERE and it's ALL NOW. They will, as the Scarlet O'Hara character from Gone with the Wind vowed, do ANYTHING to keep their bellies full of food, a roof over their heads and job security. I WON'T go against the will of God to justify hurting people that have hurt me (and there are LOTS of them!) just because they are destroying my future and the earth.

Surly, it has BEEN OVER for mankind since the fall! Christ gave us hope. There IS NO OTHER HOPE. And J.C. can do whatever He wants. Some dumb **** human like RE that wants to judge J.C.'s behavior is worthy of disdain, no matter how entertaining and florid his vocabulary. I know you don't agree but don't pretend I didn't warn you as the UBERMENSCH at the DD go further towards gleefully awaiting mad max and killing zombies. THEY DON'T DO MORALITY at the DD. I CANNOT CONTINUE to be associated with the irresponsible mind sets that DOMINATE there.

The enormous disrespect shown to Alan when he posted much serious commentary on China is a small example of the DE FACTO censorship that goes on day in and day out at the DD. My days of being a punching bag at the DD are over. I might return someday to copy all my articles and posts before deleting my presence there. Right now I am busy.

WHEW what a great post!

I hereby volunteer for the position of Chief Choir-Boy and Bottle-Washer at the First Church of Agelbert, wherever it is. No pay required. My pleasure.

"NIHILISM justifying WHATEVER so a FEW MIGHT LIVE for a better day. IT's the MASTER RACE CRAP all over again."

Yep, yep, yep. Bad stuff. The only reason I don't get more exercised about it is that it seems (SEEMS) that this nihilism and elitist crap is embraced by such a vanishingly-small number of people that it does not make much difference in the big scheme.  But again: seems.  I might be wrong about that. I recently asked, in a post on the diner to Uncle Bob, about the empirical basis of claims having to do with society's prevailing memes or paradigms. How do we know? As I said there, this is an empirical question. Maybe the nihilism runs deeper than I'm now acknowledging. Maybe it requires serious attention, and opposition. I don't know. I'll look into it.

Regarding this: "the hypocritical, blasphemous and greedy wealth worship exemplified by Golden Oxen".  I don't know G.O. very well. I've read a few score of his posts, but I did not pick up blasphemy or wealth WORSHIP. The guy is obviously a gold bug, and is concerned about preserving his wealth -- but that's not bad of itself, IMO. We all have to make our way in the world and pay our bills, and there are real risks upcoming. There are much worse things than being a goldbug and wanting to pay one's bills. So, what is it that leads you to conclude that G.O. is such a hypocrite and greedy bastard?


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