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Re: Bees are Smart
« Reply #15 on: October 13, 2013, 06:45:29 am »
Agreed about the author being somewhat long winded. He claims that film (not digital film but the exposure type film for movies) actually has burred frames. Am I correct to assume hat he is wrong? His assertion is that the blurring is actually necessary for us to see it smoother than the flip page child frame by frame type collection of still photos.
In a sequence of 24 (or 30) frames, it is possible, even likely, that some of the fames will be blurred due to motion. THis would be a function of the shutter speed of the camera. While the film camera is recording 24 fps, the video camera is recording 30 fps, the shutter speed (which along with lens aperture controls the amount of light reaching the focal plane) can be faster or slower. You wouldn't stop much action at 1/30 second. Sometimes when you ramp up shutter speeds you get some odd staccato-like strobing effects-- think of race video, typically shot at high shutter speeds.

I saw some of those early stop image animations with puppet soldiers made in the 1940s (out there on u-tube someplace). They take a photo, then move all the puppets and animal figures a tiny bit and then take another picture and so on and so forth. It looks jerky no matter how small the movement.

You're talking about stop action animation there, where a series of stills is played together, flip book style to create the illusion of movement.

Doesn't this mean that blur is needed or does it mean we just have to jack up the frame rate to 220/sec? I have been piloting an aircraft when a blur goes by of another aircraft I wasn't focused on. Maybe the blur is just a function of focusing more than speed but it's interesting to think about it.

I do have a tendency to believe we "stream" rather than shoot a series of still photographs we translate into motion in our brains because: 

1. I remember those strobe lights in the discos several decades ago where each flash shows you a picture of reality but NOBODY, even though they are dancing and jumping around, looks like they are moving!

2. When I look at a physical object versus what is on the screen of a computer or television, the resolution simply does not compare. Reality seems to be a lot more nuanced, pixelated or whatever than a frame by frame series of pictures.

3. Looking through a window is still far better in detail than looking into a digital screen at a movie of looking out a window. Something is still missing (besides 3D).   

Part of what you are talking about is resolution. HD image sizes are much larger than SD (standard definition) sizes. At the standard data rate for HD (19.4MB/sec. according to memory) you can fit five SD channels into the space occupied by one HD stream. And no, I am not a video engineer, but my job has required I pick up a certain amount of this arcana.

Now the equipment manufacturers are pushing new data-rich lines of image acquisition, 4K and 8K, which besides requiring escalating amounts of memory and computer processing power to handle and manipulate, seem to be nothing so much as a solution shopping for a problem. I hope to be well retired before having to transition another production facility to one of these data monsters. 4K appears to be the developing standard for feature filmmakers using digital acquisition.

For comparison, a chart--


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