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Author Topic: Science  (Read 7403 times)

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Re: Science
« Reply #15 on: January 30, 2015, 07:53:34 pm »
Here's something for you to ponder:
Wrong Brothers at Kitty Hawk to Mach 1: 1903 to 1955
Mach 1 to a space station along with a few Newtonian physics sling shot maneuvers to send probes hither and yon: 1955-2015...

I DON'T THINK SO. WHERE do you get the idea that technological progress SLOWED DOWN after Mach 1? I think it didn't "slow down". I think is ACCELERATED. But fossil duel profits had to be preserved. It's REALLY that simple, JD.

People here talk about how the elite are going to off the "useless eaters" with all kinds of devilish plans.  ::)  RE is RIGHT to claim we don't DO separate biospheres well.

They tried that in a Mars Colony setup right here on earth. ALL the atmosphere, water, soil, plants, people and so on were self contained in large concrete and glass building.

But they forgot to figure in the fact that fresh concrete absorbs a lot oxygen (concrete cures for DECADES after it first sets, absorbing oxygen at lesser and lesser rates as it cures).

Guess what happened to the scientists in the Mars colony biome?  Remember, these are dedicated, brilliant individuals.  They began to have arguments. They formed cliques and began increasingly hostile exchanges and hate filled and hysterical arguments and accusations. To avoid violence the experiment had to be aborted for a brief period.

As soon as the scientists exited the biome, they immediately recovered their civilized demeanor and were thoroughly chagrined by their video taped descent into sniping and false accusations of research sabotaging.

THEN they found that the oxygen level when the paranoia and sniping began had dropped below 18% because the concrete was sucking it up. The plants could not keep up. People were NOT getting headaches like typical anoxia victims get that would have warned them. No the instrumentation in the biome DID NOT register dangerous oxygen levels for some reason - it's in the article - they fixed it  (I've been there as a pilot - When you've got a headache and you are above 10,000 feet without on board oxygen, you KNOW why and you descend).

So, it is EASY to turn us into a bunch a even more barbaric and insane bastards than we are RIGHT NOW! :o  I can take every single person here and have them ready to go to war with anybody else over imagined paranoia by simply lowering the oxygen from the normal (about 21%) to 18% or lower (without telling them about it, OF COURSE :evil4:). They won't notice! They'll just turn into savages and eventually start murdering each other!

So the "elite" doesn't need to gas us with hydrogen sulfide or any other expensive plan. ALL THEY NEED TO DO is keep burning those fossil fuels full tilt while reducing the photosynthetic phytoplankton and flora through heated oceans and desertification. It's SIMPLE!  :evil4: It's also a GREAT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY! 
 When word gets out that, unfortunately  , the 21% we are used to isn't "holding", SOMEBODY is going to make a LOT OF MONEY selling bottled oxygen.

OSHA defines as oxygen deficient any atmosphere that contains less than 19.5 percent.

I'll dig up the article if you want. It's all DOCUMENTED. This is not hyperbole or scare mongering. Our intelligence, morality and civilized demeanor vanishes when we go below around 18% oxygen in the air we breathe, period. I suppose our body senses something isn't right and our brain proceeds to look for someone to blame for it. And that's with oxygen. There are other QUITE COMMON atmospheric gasses than bring about all sorts of "interesting" (depending upon your point of view) responses from Homo SAPS. We are VERY fragile.
Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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