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Author Topic: Non-routine News  (Read 14386 times)

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Re: The Misery Caused by Plutocratic America 😟
« Reply #240 on: December 14, 2019, 06:52:05 am »

I believe Ford was another casualty of the diseases of despair the oligarchs are deliberately and methodically (SEE: Mens Rea) fostering on the masses of what used to be our country. It belongs to the oligarchs now.

🐊 Alligators just do what they do to eat. Unlike the oligarchs, alligators have no malice.

The oligarchic class of plutocrats that run this country are destroying it. They are destroying it because that is what psychopaths, who became billionaires through grossly unethical wage slave business practices, DO. They have never done anything else, no matter what you have read or where you have read it in some over-edumacated, upper class kowtowing "historical" bullshit about the "power of the wealthy dynasties to direct history".

It takes a while, but plutocratic psychopaths 🎩👹 always end up eating their own seed corn, to their dismay and ultimate demise. Evil is as evil does.

Quite correct. Everyone involved ran true to form: methheads tweak, oligarchs exploit, and alligators chomp.

The availability of toxic drugs is all part of The Great Culling, the multiple-decade plan to get useless eaters off the books, and to stop consuming resources that God wants to be deployed to serve our betters. We're supposed to be too stupid to see it. Likewise with environmental toxins: if you can cut sperm count and motility in half in each generation, pretty soon you're in Children of Men territory, where reproduction has come to a halt, or The Handmaid's Tale territory, where it is reserved for the Elect.


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