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Author Topic: Member Interesting, Hair Raising, Humorous or Otherwise Unusual Experiences  (Read 4727 times)

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I just woke up from my mid-morning nap after waking up early this morning to do usual Diner tasks.  I had the most vivid dream in quite some time with a heavy doom theme.

I was visiting cousins at their house for Thanksgiving.  In reality their house was a very plain Levittown style tract house on Long Island, and the one in the dream looked a lot like it from the front.  However, on the back side wasn't their yard, it was right on the ocean with a cliff-like arrangement and two steel pins painted red holding the house to the cliff.

I was watching TV in the living room and made a comment to my cousin that she was the only person I knew who still had CRT tube televisions.  They always had old stuff and were very cheap about buying anything new.  I also had my laptop open on the desk.

There were other relatives in the kitchen getting the food ready, and a few more out on the back porch, when one came in and reported that one of the steel pins holding the house up had rusted through and the house was now only being held up by one pin.  He wasn't sure how long it had been like that though.  Nobody except me got too nervous about this and kept going about the task of getting Thanksgiving dinner ready.  I however decided I needed to at least get my laptop to safety so I unplugged it from the charger and then took it outside in the front of the house going through the garage.  There I noticed that at the front edge of the garage, there was a gap forming with the driveway.  I SCREAMED at all my relatives, "THE HOUSE IS GOING DOWN, GET OUT NOW!"

They began moving toward the front exit, but then the second pin snapped and the house quickly tilted and slid about halfway in the water.  This left a much larger gap and a kind of mini-cliff that the remaining relatives had to climb to get to safety.  There were some little kids who couldn't climb it and relatives went back down to get them.  I didn't go because with my bad arm and bad legs, I didn't think I could help the kids get out and I wouldn't be able to climb back out either.  Then the house broke off and slid completely into the water and all the relatives who had not made it out were lost.  There were a few of us standing on the cliff edge, with one of the guys crying, the owner of the house.

Then another relative asked what we were going to do about Thanksgiving dinner since the Turkey and all the fixin's had been washed out to sea?  I suggested that we could go to a Diner for Thankgiving Dinner.

Then I woke up.

Now, unfortunately unless you are truly amazing at dream interpretation, it's impossible to figure out what the event really is that is coming here or precisely how far off it is either,
but this is the most powerful premonition style dream I have ever had, so something big may be very near on the horizon.


Thank you for sharing. I agree that it is a valid source of information, not to be discarded because of some moronic skeptical comments about food and obviously dead biblical characters.

Since it is about a calamity, it may be a warning in the form of a metaphor about a "house". Dreams often portray our God given premonitions in a symbolic manner. For example, a dream I had many years ago showed a person that was betraying me hugging a dark three dimensional shadow shaped like a human but without any identifying characteristics (torso, legs arms and a head but no individual fingers or viewable eyes, nose mouth, hair, etc.). Within a month I learned the problem was not the shadow, but the person hugging it BECAUSE the dream triggered an investigation by yours truly on the matter.

Years earlier I had a dream about my home filling with a giant wave of water. It wasn't water; it was something else. But the dream made me pay more attention to personal matters. It saved me a lot of grief within a year when the "water" was identified.

Sometimes, dreams are not symbolic, but quite accurate representations of the proximate future. During a particularly stressful time in my Air Traffic Control Career (lots of overtime during strike recovery), I dreamed that my right front tire had a blow out on my way to work. I parked the car and was befuddled when I went to change the tire by the way it was sliced clean across the tire outer side.

When I woke up, the dream was still vivid. I told my wife about this weird dream. My wife was going to use the car so she would ride with me to work that day. The tires looked fine. Well, I ate breakfast and off we went.

About a mile from the Enroute Air Traffic control Center, I swerved to avoid something on the road that a car had just passed directly over without hitting.  It was a brake shoe (a half moon shaped part that some idiot had dropped on the road). The tire hit one end and the other knifed into my tire and caused a blow out. I pulled over and relived my dream in every detail seeing the slice in the tire.

Anybody here that is so stupid and ignorant as to discard dreams because they never got past pseudo scientific Freudian bullshit claims that dreams are simply psycho-somatic reactions to food is not worthy of respect.

Dreams CAN be about food, but to claim they are of no importance beyond that is bullshit.

NO, I don't expect certain well off people or sophistic hairsplitters to believe in the accuracy of my anecdotes. That would force them to question their tidy "modern" view of reality measured exclusively by the size of their bank account.  ;)

But everything I said is true.

RE, I once did not take particularly vivid dreams seriously. Experience taught me that is a mistake. There is quite a bit I will not go into here because there are too many mocking ass holes around that prefer sniping and jeering to taking the subject of dream interpretation seriously.
Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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