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Author Topic: Member Interesting, Hair Raising, Humorous or Otherwise Unusual Experiences  (Read 4729 times)

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Ashvin and K-Dog, the most important issue of our time is the existential threat we face from CO2 pollution. The other empathy deficit disordered activities humans are foolishly, greedily and stupidly pursuing need to be addressed. Those activities produce habitat destruction.

It is a mistake to think that I disagree.  The assault on humanities future is being fought on many fronts and these fronts mutually reinforce each other.  Consider that agriculture as we currently know it is dependent upon massive quantities of fossil fuels.  The use of fossil fuels sends CO2 pollution into the environment in a relentless assault.  Modern agriculture is not sustainable, it will kill us and it is madness to pursue the unsustainable.  It has become a matter of life and death.  With the current world population humanity must change ways or perish.  There is no longer any other way to make it through and stop the CO2 pollution that will trigger our demise but by changing ways.  It is all interrelated and everything man does under the sun determines the outcome of humanities future or the lack of one.  There is no singe greater contributor to CO2 pollution than animal agriculture.

In addition to my scientific training, which I got AFTER the following life work experiences, I learned along the way to prioritize in life and death situations.

If you don't, you freeze. I'm an experienced pilot. I'm also an experienced air traffic controller. We are trained to not fool around with competing, interrelated issues. We are trained to prioritize one or more emergencies. We temporarily DISCARD the lower priority, even if it means people will die.

I've seen big tough guy students freeze at the controls of an aircraft. I've slammed their hands turned white on the controls and yelled at them to get with the program. It usually worked. But if I, the flight instructor, would not have been there , they were dead meat.

I've seen air traffic control trainees about defecated on their drawers when they lose the picture. I've pulled the plug on a supervisor working 25 plus C141 aircraft around Grenada during Reagan's mini-war there because the guy froze up. And he had more time as an air traffic controller than I did!

So don't think because you are so analytical and reasonable, you are not in danger of IRRATIONALLY making things worse by prioritizing our biosphere degradation factors incorrectly. If you want to give up, then I will tell you straight out that you are making a mistake. If you want to draw some false equivalence with meat and CO2 from fossil fuel burning, then you are like some student I had once who forgot to pull the flaps up before starting a take off roll in a touch and go. The torque from the lighter load caused him to ground loop. He was the brightest student I had, but he thought he knew it all.

He was his own worse enemy BECAUSE the instant it dawned on this smart ass that he was losing control, he panicked.

Are we communicating, K-Dog?

There are a LOT of big talkers here that I know will sh it on their drawers when the enormity of our situation dawns on them. For now, most of them are happily bathing in that river in Egypt. When they can no longer do that, it will be sad to watch. THAT is why I rant and rave here trying to get people to pull their heads out of their comfort zone asses. THEY are putting themselves and their families in DANGER.

The fact that eating meat causes SOME CO2 pollution does not mean that it has an equal priority with our duty to do whatever we can to FORCE every fossil fuel corporation into bankruptcy and every executive pushing that poison into penury and/or prison.

THAT is the priority. We do not have ANY chance if we don't stop that. Did you read what I just posted about the methane in the Arctic? It's fun time up there with methane soon. Do you think going vegan is going to stop that horror? Good luck with that.

I understand priority of duties. People who don't prioritize in an emergency situation contribute to the clusterfork, make things worse by their lack of clarity and cause people who look up to them for advice to give up.

I CHOOSE to remain focused on the MOST important issue. And it torques me off to NO END that I get such little support on that.

Expect your scattergun approach to be labeled back door nihilism. The fossil fuelers will applaud while they gear up to scream for a geo-engineering bit of taxpayer fleecing. And all along we will going merrily along down to hell in a hand basket.   

What you are advocating is similar to a pilot adjusting the elevator trim tab to keep the proper back pressure on the control yoke while ignoring the engine out procedure. Our ENGINE is the biosphere. Burning fossil fuels is what is stalling OUR participation in it.

If you don't get that, then I'm done trying to convince you of it.
Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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