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Author Topic: Member Interesting, Hair Raising, Humorous or Otherwise Unusual Experiences  (Read 4729 times)

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Actual footage of MIT undergrads working on this technology under laboratory conditions.


I first you don't succeed, open another Guinness.

 ::) I not only bring out the curmudgeon in you, I bring out the snarky side as well.  ;D

In 1969, yours truly attended sea survival school at Homestead Air Force Base. We had a lot of fun and learned all sorts of cool facts like "Drinking urine is not recommended because of the high salt content" and other gems of CFS that downed fliers might not possess. After some fun and games (falling 60 feet along a wire attached to a parachute harness that splashed into a pond where we had to "release the chute", swim under a floating chute to prove we wouldn't get tangled in it, and then climb on a raft.), they gave us a taste of the real thing in Biscayne bay.

We would, attached to a parachute, be towed off a floating platform and launch into the air like an aircraft taking off from an aircraft carrier. After parasailing a few minutes, they waved a red flag from the speed boat. At about 300 feet above the waves, I hit the release of the tow rope. Then I carefully opened the chute release rings as I floated down (you have to stick one arm over each riser in case you pull the ring release when you open the cover).

Then you watch the horizon so you can yank the rings about 20 feet before impact. You do this because, once you are in the water, your weight is off the chute and it is an absolute BEAR to get the rings to release the chute. Downed fliers were drowned this way by either getting tangled in the chute OR having a strong wind drag them for miles, face down, over the water surface.

Once in the water, we all gathered on an 18 man raft and were picked up by a chopper (we had to swim away from the raft to get fished out). We could NOT touch the lift harness until it was in the water (they said it would shock the **** out of us if we did -so you swim at it as it descends and frantically swim away when it is coming too close. LOL!).

But, to make a long story even longer :icon_mrgreen:, we did the condensation ball moisture capture thing to get drinking water way back then.  It's part of the issue equipment on pilot survival gear.  8)

The MIT invention is NOT that. The MIT invention is a bonafide bit of Renewable Energy technology that will help people in third world countries and help Americans as we transition to third world status too. But you know that.   

The finished prototype is small enough to fit in a tractor-trailer and includes photovoltaic cells to supply the electricity. The system, when fully operational, can supply the basic water needs of a village of between 2,000 and 5,000 people, MIT officials said. Although the prototype was more expensive, Wright said the team is hopes to lower the costs of a village-sized unit to about $11,000.   

Such a lower-power system is useful mainly for treating brackish water and not seawater, which contains far more salt. But the prototype now being tested could handle water that contains salt concentrations of up to 4,000 parts per million, meaning it would work in about 90 percent of India’s wells, Wright said. Seawater’s salt concentration averages about 35,000 parts per million.
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