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Author Topic: Member Interesting, Hair Raising, Humorous or Otherwise Unusual Experiences  (Read 4730 times)

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I wish I could say what you said about past experiences. I can't. When I look back on what happened and when it happened and what I did, NOT KNOWING what was actually happening, to further compound my errors in life, I am actually glad it is almost over. I was mostly a stupid chump.   

My only accomplishment in life has been that, after God knocked some sense into me, I am willing to die to avoid doing the wrong thing.   Doing the right thing is to "Trust God and lean not upon your own understanding".

Everything else is missing the mark.

My friend, thank you for taking the time to read this little screed. I often think no one reads anything I write.

When you say, and I quote,

I was mostly a stupid chump.

... you must realize that I have spent the bette part of a lifetime in that role. Every lesson I learned, I paid retail plus 30 for, because I come from a long line of hardheads to whom no one can tell anything.

I identify with what you have written about wanting to leave a little something behind for your wife, as I do now too, waiting to spare her waiting in line at the plasma bank.

One of the great blessings of this misspent life is time with my daughter. She had a rare day off today and spent it hanging out with me. She's 23 going on 50, whereas I have friends who decry the immaturity of their 50 year-olds. Counting blessings and feeling grateful...

retail plus 30

Same here. The latest "installment" is still ANOTHER fast one by my ever loving family and the Courts. The judge got together with the bank after dragging her feet for nearly two months to authorize "mediation" proposed by the bank.

The judge finally figured out why the bank was playing dead (in theory, mediation would have eliminated conditio juris for a bank auction of the house by a payment plan for the tiny debt of $5,912 on a building worth $700,000 plus). What they ACTUALLY wanted to accomplish was to have an excuse to charge ME with contempt of court and make ME a rebel so the foreclosure could proceed. The court "mediation authorization" order made it CLEAR that anyone who didn't show up can be charged with contempt.

This is not normal in that type of a court order. In fact the rules of procedure in all court orders ASSUME that anyone ordered to a proceeding can be found in contempt if they don't go.     

I smelled a rat and said so to my wife. She said it didn't make sense for the widow, who now had a lawyer, to not pay the $5,912 so the bank would get taken out of the picture. At that point, with the house paid for, a sale of the property could proceed without the widow (or me) getting shafted.

My wife did not think it possible that the widow could be so stupid as to go along with the fraud perpetrated by the bank, the judge and my siblings. So I hoped for the best. At any rate, I did not think it prudent to travel 1,500 miles one way to get my ass handed to me. My brother is not a nice guy. Life is cheap in Puerto Rico.

My brother (with his power of attorney from all my other siblings), the one that has been ABSENT, along with all the others, from all court proceedings since day one and the widow (my stepmother) showed up with ZERO intention to pay anything.

Their job was to DEMONIZE ME in the time tested motto of the Court System (Vox Populi, Vox Dei - "the voice of the PEOPLEMOB is the voice of GOD"   ).  I didn't go on April 9, 2015. The next day I called the mediator to see what the results of the mediation were.

The "mediator" told me over the phone that the case had been returned to the judge because "not all parties were present" and "other things she learned that were confidential and I had no right to know". I calmly said that as a party to the lawsuit, I though I had a right to know. She repeated that I had no right to the information on the motion she had sent to the judge and "other things she learned that were confidential". When I said the bank had only been interested in negotiating with the widow, she said that was not her concern. She said that if I had a complaint, I should get a lawyer and tell the judge.

I was taken aback by her tone, which was arrogant, angry and dismissive. I was very low profile and low key throughout the conversation and never raised my voice or spoke rapidly. When I asked her to calm down, she almost screamed into the phone that she was "calm". I then realized what had happened (the whole "mediation" thing was a setup) and, in total defeat, said, "God bless you", She angrily responded, "AND YOU TOO!". I said bye but she had hung up already. 

SO, I'M the bad guy now, will be found in contempt of court followed by the house being auctioned AND have whatever fine (sanción) the HONORABLE judge slaps me with, OF COURSE. deducted from the pittance that I might get from the auction (Most likely, I will end up OWING the court money after my entire inheritance is stolen from me - stealing from me wasn't enough; they have to punish me for wanting justice too.).  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.   

They are very prudent in their own eyes. So it goes.

And ANYONE STUPID ENOUGH to state that I could have avoided the contempt charge by showing up, does not understand that a crooked system has OTHER OPTIONS in readiness if that one isn't "effective" in shafting the target. So if YOU KNOW WHO shows up to defend the court system, I have a GIANT FINGER ready for him if he dares to do so.

I told my wife I should have never submitted all the legal motions. She said that everything I stated was true and regardless of how crooked the judges, the bank, my family and the widow are, telling the truth about this carefully planned and orchestrated fraud was the right thing to do. Somebody read it and somebody learned something about how greed and evil works, hopefully, to avoid being victimized by it in a similar fashion.

God will judge them in His Court. There is no corruption there.

Sorry to be so down. I'm glad you can be grateful. Good for you.

Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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