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Author Topic: Member Interesting, Hair Raising, Humorous or Otherwise Unusual Experiences  (Read 4729 times)

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Please excuse the reference to fossil fuels.  :P It's an old expression about valuing a discussion that has proceeded in a logical and truthful manner.  8)

Than you. You are absolutely right that I am hypersensitive; been that way since I was knee high to a grasshopper. In the FAA people would say, that I was "too" sensitive. I would respond that I would prefer being overly sensitive than insufficiently sensitive (i.e. I don't DO insensitive).

In fact, I am convinced that YOU are a rather sensitive fellow and a genius in your own right. You figured it out and didn't buy the BAU bullshit. You knew it would you cost you to have principles. Yet you retained them. That's defined as lack of CFS by the apex predators that run the joint. I define it as doing the right thing, come hell or high water. You are there. GOOD! 
But who knows? I may be projecting NOW by cleverly trying to flatter you into taking seriously my 'making it up as I go along just to be controversial' "baloney".  But really, you know that's not the way I roll. I may be a tad on the histrionic side (cue to - it must be his "latin" heritage LOL!) but you've never seen me get too exercised about total collapse from lack of fossil fuels, have you?  I've been accused of being a tecno-fix wishful thinker more than once. Guilty!  :(

I can be incorrigibly optimistic at times. But I have never based a word I have written here or anywhere else on deliberate falsehoods, pie in the sky or any other bit of razzle dazzle rhetoric just for the fun of it; I formulate my views on evidence (I am ashamed to say even my spiritual views are formulated on evidence - useless to most other people because it is 100% anecdotal - I did NOT 'make that up as I went along' but that's another subject.  8)).

Sure, I have several bones to pick, so to speak, with so-called modern civilization, the consensus that mankind has progressed due to secular humanism and so on. I'm not happy, to put it mildly, with how I have been treated and how I have been denied several opportunities in life despite being more gifted than my peers. But, hey, you can always say that is why losers pursue Christianity, right? They get the goodies they never got here in the next life. That's MKing's view, I'm sure.

My dad agreed with it. He called me Intelliburro. He knew that I knew the score and refused, from lack of CFS, to 'play the game'  (**** can the conscience for good pay). Martyr complex, anyone? Inferiority complex, anyone? Superiority complex, anyone? Delusional fellow thinks he's hot snot but is really a cold boogar, anyone? Whatever. ::)  I sleep quite well at night, in my view, BECAUSE I tell people exactly what I think is true and exactly what I think is false in no uncertain terms. 

So, that leaves all those prudent, measured, cold blooded fine fellows that don't DO sensitive (because they consider it emotional, irrational, hysterical, illogical and so on) open to discard my "histrionics".   

But I think they are punting () BECAUSE what I say IS logical but uncomfortable to their paradigm     

What you did with Mary Shweitzer was an excellent example of punting. You are a capable wordsmith. You know exactly what I said and how I said it. I won't split hairs with you. Mary Shweitzer published credentialed research on T-Rex soft tissue (blood vessels and collagen) and hemoglobin, period. You said that was false. It was true. What the "earth is 6,000 years old" wishful thinking folks tried to make out of it is not relevant.

However, it IS USEFUL to use the creationist histrionics to undermine the credibility of the evidence in general, is it not? I'm being "hypersensitive" by becoming somewhat discomfited by being called a liar? I don't think so. If I get a rep for pushing WAY OUT THERE stuff (with your help  ;D) what does that do to my claims of ancient High Tech, HUH?

So, YEAH, in a world where being INsensitive is celebrated as favoring logic and reason, when what it actually favors is the **** canning of ethics and principles, feel free to label me as "hyper" sensitive. 

I agree that one must not get burned out on anything and a healthy outlook requires a sense of humor. Old dogs should always be prepared, ready and willing to learn new tricks. But I enjoy a good rant as much as you do.         

I don't question the age of the rocks. I do, however, question the dating of fossils in the rocks and the man made artifacts found in the rocks. The point is we should proceed with the view that "anomalous" findings in the fossil record and evidence of high tech in ancient artifacts CANNOT be discarded just because it doesn't "fit" the Darwinian paradigm.

Yet modern science REFUSES to even contemplate the possibility that we are Devolving, even though that is precisely what any OBSERVABLE phenotype appearance and genotype whittling events due to natural selection (dogs, bacteria, etc.) provides evidence for.  Things ARE winding DOWN, not up. But that's another subject. And a sore one at that BECAUSE the secular humanists will IMMEDIATELY equate it to bible thumping "the fall of man through sin" stuff. It's just another subject that the SO-CALLED logical thinkers cannot deal with reasonably.

I know you see everything in a light and vibrations paradigm. I just ask you to look for more common ground with the other world views so that you won't be dismissed outright. If you want people to listen to you, provide some evidence they can deal with.

I have seen some really weird stuff coming out in science now. They put stretched cloth over a speaker pointed up. The cloth is flat. Then they spread tiny particles of some type of sand or dust on the cloth. Different sounds began to produce some spectacular symmetrical shapes! WEIRD stuff. But beautiful too. Then it gets really crazy. They found a frequency that matches a carving in some ancient stone perfectly. There is a lot we don't understand about frequencies in sound as well as the total electromagnetic spectrum.      That too is another subject.

I hear ya. But don't you think that granite vase is pretty convincing of ancient high tech? And what about the marks on the workpieces that nobody understood until we had machines that make those kinds of marks in modern industry? That is evidence, not hearsay.

As to ET presence evidence, I agree that what we-the-people have access to is circumstantial. But here's one you will have some fun with as a lawyer. There is a tribe in Africa that science had to make up a tall tale (otherwise know as credible "scientific" speculation. LOL!) about. You see, they had astronomical information in their (strictly) oral tradition that they could not have had without telescopes. You see, what happened is that white explorers who knew about astronomy taught one or more tribal elders the astronomical information. Nothing to see here. Move along.   

The problem is that said tribe is a wee bit more into astronomy than just having knowledge of Sirius A, B and possibly C. That dog gone Dogon tribe thinks they were given the info by aliens! And that's part of their religion BEFORE they were ever contacted by Western "civilization".

I have not looked deeply into it but I know that Science is very quick to delegitimize any idea that ET has been or is here while simultaneously supporting gobs of money being spent on radio telescopes to find ET. But this "hypothesis" (whitey gave them the info) was accepted without a SHRED of proof that the tribe had been contacted and given the astronomical data.

A Toguna


Dogon and Sirius

Certain researchers investigating the Dogon have reported that they seem to possess advanced astronomical knowledge, the nature and source of which have subsequently become embroiled in controversy. From 1931 to 1956 the French anthropologist Marcel Griaule studied the Dogon. This included field missions ranging from several days to two months in 1931, 1935, 1937 and 1938[28] and then annually from 1946 until 1956.[29]


Oberg points out a number of errors contained in the Dogon beliefs, including the number of moons possessed by Jupiter, that Saturn was the furthest planet from the sun, and the only planet with rings. Intrigue of other seemingly falsifiable claims, namely concerning a red dwarf star orbiting around Sirius (not hypothesized until the 1950s) led him to entertain a previous challenge by Temple, asserting that "Temple offered another line of reasoning. 'We have in the Dogon information a predictive mechanism which it is our duty to test, regardless of our preconceptions.' One example: 'If a Sirius-C is ever discovered and found to be a red dwarf, I will conclude that the Dogon information has been fully validated.'

This alludes to reports that the Dogon knew of another star in the Sirius system
, Ęmmę Ya, or a star "larger than Sirius B but lighter and dim in magnitude." In 1995, gravitational studies indeed showed the possible presence of a brown dwarf star orbiting around Sirius (a Sirius-C) with a six-year orbital period.[47] A more recent study using advanced infrared imaging concluded that the probability of the existence of a triple star system for Sirius is "now low" but could not be ruled out because the region within 5 AU of Sirius A had not been covered.[48]

Good link. By the way, there's a sunken city off of India recently discovered that SEEMS to date prior to 9,500 BC (possibly up to 32,000 years ago). It's no stone age village, either. Over 250 separate cultures have a flood narrative. That cannot be a coincidence. There was a worldwide flood probably about 12,500 years ago caused by God knows what (super nova/meteor strike/volcanism maybe?) in addition to simple glacial melting.

Considering that most of the population NOW lives near sea level, which is quite a bit HIGHER than t was back then, a huge flood back then with lots of tectonic stuff thrown in would send them back to the stone age pretty quick.

Recently they discovered that Ceasarea port, a port built by King Herod (No, he was not a fictional character. But hey, if people can claim J.C. wasn't real, they'll be throwing in Herod, David and Solomon too before long in the "fictional" category. LOL!) sank because the hydraulic concrete pier structure gradually sank into the sand base. They did not put pilings into bed rock like they do now. There was no big cataclysmic earthquake and tidal wave like the one that did Alexandria in.

There is a LOT we don't know. I just get real tired of the scientific community's assumption that, until THEY admit something is real or even plausible, we are not supposed to. **** THAT! Those people are not high priests and they sure are not basing SPECULATION about whether there were or were not humans with high tech in the ancient past on anything but CONJECTURE. Their "absence of evidence" claim is incredibly convenient in the face of the FILTER they put out there to admit something IS evidence.

They just LOOK THE OTHER WAY when something doesn't "fit". 

A great example is that dinosaur carved in a temple. It's total bullshit to claim it was just a stone carver with a vivid imagination. But they KNOW where the admission that those ancients saw dinos would lead them so they LOOK THE OTHER WAY.

In South America they found hard evidence of a tribe that is African. Their cave paintings show them fighting a giant "Armadillo" (supposedly common in South America at the time...).

GIANT Armadillo!!!? I looked at the rock painting and it could have been a dino easy. The thing was the size of an elephant with short legs. I swear they just keep force fitting new findings into their "scientific" procrustean bed paradigm. Sure, lots of good science is done. But the INSTANT something doesn't "fit", out it goes. That's not science. 

At any rate, that's why I focus on fossils, artifacts, skulls and other physical objects that cannot be ignored as being real.

Also, as a former air traffic controller and pilot, I have a lot of respect for pilot testimony and USAF personnel testimony as well. These people HATE to talk against the system. I was there. I know how they think. When they come forward, they are telling the gospel truth. It's PAINFUL for them to lie.

They are not run of the mill people. But most civilians cannot understand that. In fact, since so many representatives of the military in the top brass are such bold faced liars, people assume the underlings are the same. NOPE! In the military, if you lie, you get in deep trouble very quickly. Weird, I know. Considering they are trained to destroy without conscience. But witness testimony of ET encounters by USAF personnel should be considered HARD EVIDENCE in a court of law.

Fascinating info from that taxi driver that did some archeology. All the questions Ashvin (and all the rest of us have) have about ET are moot if we can't get "in your face" evidence to everyone out there that they are here.

But let me speculate. I have previously mentioned that they may view us as a biologist views a lion pride with tool making abilities. A male lion will kill the offspring of another male lion if he can. The biologist does not interfere.

So it goes with ET up to a point. If the lion pride is causing it's major source of food supply to go extinct, the biologist may intervene, not just for the lion pride, but for the prey species too as a matter of biosphere balance.

Either way, the motives of the biologist when dealing with others of his species are quite different from those when dealing with the animals he/she/it/we/they study. Lions are sometimes darted so they can have a dangling tooth or a broken jaw repaired. The lion has no memory of when or how this was done. Also, others of the biologist's species may just want to kill the lion to get a trophy. It's a jungle out there.

WHERE do we get the idea that being self aware and sentient makes us BETTER, NICER or SUPERIOR? What's or track record? Why do we assume that IF some ETs are around AND they have superior technology, they are going to be just as "NICE" as Homo saps are?

Stephen Hawking wants no part of them. He says we should stop trying to communicate with them because, if they get wind of our existence, we will get the same "treatment" as Columbus gave the native Americans.

So we go round and round. ET isn't going to pay the rent so why talk about it? Because the assholes running the joint DON'T WANT TO HEAR THAT THEY ARE SECOND FIDDLE! That's why!

But one might say there is no evidence that they can do "stuff" to TPTB if they want to. There is. THEY, in the 60s, on film, took a MIRV (multiple independent reentry vehicle) on a missile shot downrange in the Pacific and CAREFULLY zapped it several times and destroyed it. WE didn't do that. The Russians didn't do that. Who else but ET could do that?

Again, NONE of the WHYS are answerable until they are willing to converse publicly with the intelligent tool making naked killer apes. But we have a REAL PROBLEM with TPTB going bat **** insane with their profit over planet apex predator religion. So let's keep reminding these fucks that they are taking a long walk off a short pier if they keep insisting on this Wall Street insanity, not just from us, but from the new sheriff in town.

Am I making his up as I go along? NOPE. But TPTB are. Don't let them. They are lying to us to preserve their profits and power. Keep pushing for disclosure.

Finally, I am NOT concerned about getting "accepted" in the galactic fraternity or whatever. If they haven't squished us like a bug, by now, they probably won't. And I don't think the ET species are like the Skull and Bones at Yale where you have to "meet certain qualifications" to get promoted into the IN CROWD. But it's possible. We have pecking order, so maybe they have it too.

Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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