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Author Topic: Member Interesting, Hair Raising, Humorous or Otherwise Unusual Experiences  (Read 4731 times)

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So yeah, Ashvin, prison conversion for humanity beats the hell out of dying wallowing in pleasure while pursuing a dynasty of material wealth for your family, as is the case among 99% of the well-to-do now.  Three cheers for scaring the SELFISHNESS out of humanity (even if it's temporary    ).

I have no problem prison conversions. It seems to me that faith is strongest when it's tested. Tim Keller has a saying - 'faith is tested by how we react to two opposite things, prosperity and adversity'. Or as Augustine said much earlier, "Lord, whether prosperity smile or adversity frown, let your praise be ever in my mouth". The strongest conversions then would be people who turn to God when they are doing really well or when they are doing really poorly.

The problem is when we move from the individual scale to large groups of people who are convinced that world-ending changes are imminent. The parallel would be when large amounts of people are convinced that their surroundings will steadily become better over time. I think both evoke a sort of societal immobilization, crippling people from embracing any genuine transformation or self-sacrifice. Of course there are exceptions, but generally it seems the NTE crowd and Cornucopians are playing two sides of the same materialist coin.

P.S. To address your earlier question, I think the world would be a better place if more people did what I do. More accurately, I think it would be better if more people DIDN'T do what I don't do. Or even more accurately, if they thought the way I (and many others here) do. But it would still be far from perfect.

Well said. A plethora of wise sayings and proverbs over the ages supports the view that fair weather folks mostly don't hold to their principles when the weather turns sour, so to speak. Actions are the only real measure of a person's character.

But I was mostly referring to the types who totally eschew morality as a guiding principle. Good times always reinforces their world view and bad times is the only thing that will possibly undermine it. During a bad period, they hunt for a chump to take the rap, so to speak, so they don't have to face the music.

If it is established that EVERYBODY has to face that "music", then the morality challenged folks will have no legacy, no offspring to leave a dynasty to, be faced with the reality of, not just dying, but no memory of their existence and sense of privileged existence that they pride themselves in having "earned".

These types have no faith to test. When they have ZERO evidence of GAIN from their "physical cause and effect is IT" world view, the possibility of them thinking outside their materialistic "box" exists. That possibility does not exist any other way.

Those wealthy people that have seen through the emptiness of the materialistic world view,  like Augustine, are such an extreme minority (99.999th percentile or less) that they simply cannot be considered representative of normal human psychology. J.C. wasn't kidding when he mentioned that eye of a needle and a camel.

My deceased brother-in-law was one of those. He was QUITE wealthy. We were discussing spirituality and what God expects us to do in this life back in 1992. He was a clever fellow. He had my number so he was always sure to speak about how we must obey God to do the "right thing" all the time.  ;) I told him that obeying God was not easy and serving God means being willing to give EVERYTHING up, including the respect of one's family, if need be. He said "Nobody is going to take what I have from me." 

You see, being such a clever fellow, he thought I was conning him the way he conned everybody he talked to. He figured I was going to hit him up for some cash, I suppose. So, he sent the SIGNAL that he didn't swallow any wooden nickels.  ;) So it goes with these successful business types.   

He died of cancer at around 53 years of age (2013). When the stage IV diagnosis was final, he said, "After all my sacrifices, why me?".

This fine fellow refused to make a will and left a massive bag of worms that his children are fighting over. My wife tried to talk to him about it and he said he could not because it caused him "too much stress". Please bear in mind that this guy was POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING on steroids! He was a bicycle racing fanatic and he sold and raced jet skis and motorcycles (at an earlier age). He had his kids so indoctrinated on mind over matter that his daughter claims to this day that her father died because he "gave up."!

The guy was a health food nut all his life and had never gone to or needed a doctor until the colon cancer. He had symptoms for YEARS and he flat refused to acknowledge them while he kept eating seaweed capsules and all kinds of other stuff the health food nuts eat. He would weigh himself every day. He would excoriate people for failing (not making enough money  ;D) by claiming (see Oprah  :icon_mrgreen:) they "attracted" failure with their "attitude". Touchy feely was not his thing.  8)

My, what an AMAZINGLY CONVENIENT way to give the finger to friends in need through happy talk psychobabble.   

But don't think he was the violent type. He wasn't. He was an excellent debater and rarely raised his voice. I have seldom. if ever, met a person more sure of himself. He had a buck passing answer for everything that might cost him some money while not missing a verbal beat in letting everyone know what a great guy he was and so on. Such a clever fellow...

He really believed in mind over matter. More specifically, HIS MIND over everybody's matter.  :evil4: When he finally realized it was not working, he did not want to talk about it. Claiming he was ready to "Go to God", he was hiding the location and amount of his considerable pecuniary assets for the exclusive benefit of two of his three children. I know this because his daughter slipped up in a conversation with her aunt (my wife) recently by stating that she was not aware during high school that she was a millionaire. 

My cancer doomed brother-in-law refused to even make an affidavit attesting that the motorcycle shop building was jointly owned by his brother. Consequently, his brother got shafted, two of his children are living high on the hog (his daughter moved to Beverly Hills and paid a YEAR's rent in advance for an apartment there.) and his oldest son, the one he did not get along with, received ZIP.

This is EVIDENCE that this brother-in-law, faced with death, could still not shake his GREED. He did the old 'pass the privilege to those who he decided deserved it' THING the rich, greedball, acquisitive types commonly do because of their arrogance. 

Well, SOMEBODY DID take everything he had away from him. Call it cancer or call it God. Either way, he deluded himself into believing he had an OUT. That OUT was favoring those he wanted to prosper materially.

This is why I insist that the only way these fine folks with gobs of money GET IT that their money does not mean ZIP, is when they are TOTALLY out of options. The eye of that needle is very, very narrow and rich camels are very ,very fat. Without divine intervention, only a looming catastrophe can get these morality challenged rich folks to see the big picture.   

Ashvin, this famous Theologian and philosopher defines Hell. It is a very brief definition. He can talk for hours (lots of U-tube lectures) on the Myth of Secular Progress so I am certain that he has more to say about Hell. But it is appropriate to present it here because, according to his definition, materialist are already there, so to speak. In fact, anyone who claims total freedom from ethical behavior IS THERE, according to him. A looming catastrophe might get them to leave the earthly door to Hell, so to speak.     What say ye?


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