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Author Topic: Member Interesting, Hair Raising, Humorous or Otherwise Unusual Experiences  (Read 4729 times)

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 "Violent reactionary resistance" puts you squarely in Brandon Smith territory, which is, as John Lennon once famously observed, exactly where the state wants you because then it knows how to deal with you, and batshit crazy as a bonus.

Far better for the citizens to withdraw their consent  by means of public assembly, acts of group noncompliance, boycotts, demonstrations, etc. Far more effective, but much harder to do.  As we've already seen, as the hirelings of TPTB rollout their hospitality for nonviolent protesters.

The problem of course is that TPTB have no issue with responding to Non-Violent protest with Violence.

You also are fully aware of Agents Provacateur, and obviously Pepper Spray is only a tiny part of the arsenal of Violence brought by the State on Peaceful Protesters.  You got your Water Cannon, your Rubber Bullets and your LRAD too!

Obviously, confronted with this, followed by shipping off numerous people to the largest Prison System the World has ever known, the folks protesting don't always stay calm and peaceful.

In the Warsaw Ghetto, with the exception of a few resistance episodes, the Jews resisted peacefully.  It did not do them much good.

Who made it through the Holocaust?  The RESISTANCE FIGHTERS! The BIELSKIS!!

The Bielski partisans were an organization of Jewish partisans who rescued Jews from extermination and fought against the Nazi German occupiers and their collaborators in the vicinity of Nowogródek (Navahrudak) and Lida in German-occupied Poland (now western Belarus). They are named after the Bielskis, a family of Polish Jews who led the organization.

Under their protection, 1,236 Jews survived the war, making it one of many remarkable rescue missions in the Holocaust.[1] The group spent more than two years living in the forests and was initially organised by members of the Bielski family.

Jewish Partisans

Some Jews who managed to escape from ghettos and camps formed their own fighting units. These fighters, or partisans, were concentrated in densely wooded areas. A large group of partisans in occupied Soviet territory hid in a forest near the Lithuanian capital of Vilna. They were able to derail hundreds of trains and kill over 3,000 German soldiers.

Life as a partisan in the forest was difficult. People had to move from place to place to avoid discovery, raid farmers' food supplies to eat, and try to survive the winter in flimsy shelters built from logs and branches. In some places, partisans received assistance from local villagers, but more often they could not count on help, partly because of widespread antisemitism, partly because of people's fears of being severely punished for helping. The partisans lived in constant danger of local informers revealing their whereabouts to the Germans.

Many Jews participated in the partisan units formed in France and Italy to help regular Allied forces defeat German forces. They forged documents and identity cards, printed anti-Nazi leaflets, and assassinated collaborators.

Twenty-three-year-old Hannah Senesh, a Hungarian Jew who emigrated to Palestine in 1939, was one of the thirty-two Palestinian parachutists the British dropped behind German lines to organize resistance and rescue efforts. Before crossing the border in Hungary on June 7, 1944, to warn Hungarian Jews about the extermination camps, Senesh, a poet, handed a poem to one of her companions. It ended with these lines: "Blessed is the heart with strength to stop its beating for honor's sake. Blessed is the match consumed in kindling flame." Senesh was captured the next day and executed as a traitor to Hungary.
Key Dates

JULY 20, 1941
On July 20, 1941, the Germans order the establishment of a ghetto in Minsk. Within days of the ghetto's establishment, thousands of Jews are killed. Jews in the ghetto form an underground resistance network in August 1941. Members of the underground set up a printing press and newspaper to distribute information to the ghetto population. The underground also contacts partisan units outside the ghetto to find hiding places for Jews in the ghetto. In March 1942, the Germans carry out an action in the Minsk ghetto in which thousands are killed. Shortly thereafter, members of the underground begin leaving the ghetto for the forests where they form partisan units and fight the Germans. The partisans in the forests work to rescue Jews from the ghetto and bring them to the forests, where they establish partisan bases. Approximately 10,000 Jews flee the Minsk ghetto for the forests by 1944. Many lose their lives in the attempt.

The Jewish Army (Armee Juive; AJ), is established by Zionist youth groups in Toulouse, France. The AJ operates throughout France, but is particularly active in the southern regions. Members are recruited from both Jewish and non-Jewish youth and resistance groups and are trained in military and sabotage activities. AJ members smuggle money out of Switzerland to France to distribute to Jewish relief agencies. This money helps thousands of Jews in hiding. The AJ assassinates some of those who cooperate with the Germans and smuggles about 500 Jews and non-Jews across the border into neutral Spain. In 1943 and 1944, the AJ establishes close ties with Allied forces--including General Charles de Gaulle's Free French of the Interior (FFI) forces. In 1944, during the liberation of France, the AJ participates in uprisings in Paris, Lyon, and Toulouse against the German occupation.

JANUARY 21, 1942
After reports of mass killings of Jews at Ponary, outside Vilna, members of Zionist youth movements establish the United Partisan Organization (Fareynegte Partizaner Organizatsye, FPO) in the Vilna ghetto. The organization prepares to resist the Germans in the event that the ghetto is threatened with destruction and establishes contact with other ghettos to acquire weapons and encourage resistance. In early September 1943, the Germans deporting Jews from the ghetto and are confronted with resistance by FPO members. The FPO decides to abandon the ghetto and flee to the nearby forests to fight the Germans from the outside. The last group of resistance fighters escapes the final destruction of the ghetto on September 23, 1943. They leave the ghetto through the sewers and join partisans in the Rudninkai and Naroch forests.

AG, I was reviewing some state and local election info today and when I read the candidate statement below, it made me think about your courtroom endeavors...it sure would have been nice if you had been in front of a judge that had the "David and Goliath" mentality that this guy claims to have.

I'm a political nobody. I am a small town defense lawyer in rural northeast North Carolina. Professionally, I help those accused of crimes, as described in the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

I have no strong ties to any party, power or influence. I have not taken a dime from any interested party, person or group, and I do not plan to. I will fund my own campaign. Judicial independence becomes suspect when money is exchanged.

I am asking for support in the form of votes so that I can head to Raleigh to fulfill the remaining term of retired Chief Judge John Martin on the NC Court of Appeals. The only promise that I am making is that I will do my best in writing opinions by applying the law as it is written. I believe both David and Goliath walk into a courtroom on equal footing and they should be treated as equals in the eyes of the law.

Nice historical posts. I'll repost that on my forum.

I hear ya. Go some pages back on this thread and you will see that I stated I would not argue LAW with a LAWYER because, regardless of the fact that some lawyers such as Ashvin are highly ethical and principled Christians, over all, that profession and most of those who make their living from it, have historically been the handmaiden of governmental abuses, not a bulwark against them. There is a built in, and profound, conflict of interest inherent in any member of an organization that licenses its individuals to practice. I am, at this moment, researching the incredible acquiescence of the Court System in the USA to all the blatant and unconstitutional LEGAL and LAWFUL LEGISLATED attacks on personal freedoms hitherto guaranteed by the Bill of Rights (for white land owners only at first - but you get the idea  ;)).

It is NOT hyperbole to claim that, especially post 911, FASCSIM has made giant strides in the USA and the Court System is AIDING in the implementation of routine violation of our Constitution. That is what I am researching and I will post on it when I get some more info. My experience with law and the study of it is not limited to my pro se "fun". As a young pilot, I formed a union. The boss had me fired under false pretenses. I went to the department of labor and filed a complaint. Arbitration took place. I proved I was fired without cause. All well and good. In that state, the LAW says you CAN fire an employee without cause but you must pay him a month's severance pay. The boss was ordered by the government to pay me a month's pay. He filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (he was NOT actually bankrupt - he kept running that air taxi for YEARS on Chapter 11    ).

Due to "technicalities" of the LAW, he therefore did not have to pay me that month's pay. Lots of details about how to "connect" with the Court assigned "trustee" that then decides how to, and in what order to, pay the creditors. Corruption from the word go! Nuttin' you can do about it. Tough ****, pal. UNLESS, as RE stated, you have the money to fight a long court battle. As GO said, 'all's well that "ends" well' is fine and dandy for some people but it leaves a lot of road kill.

The law profession will claim that our Court System, however flawed is the ONLY alternative to JUST change besides violence. RE disagrees and so do I. This is a scare tactic/argument from adverse consequences/fallacious debating technique evidencing a lack of objectivity and an obvious conflict of interest. Rather than argue the merits of non-violent ex curia solutions pro and con, to perform a knee jerk sniff at ex curia solutions (NON VIOLENT ex curia ONLY IS ALL I ADVOCATE!) is par for the course for lawyers. Why?
I posted a picture of a fat kitty and full bowl of food. That cat has a "conflict of interest" over access to that food bowl. He is honest about it. You will get swatted (if you are NOT he who fills that bowl  ;)) if you mess with that bowl. Mr. Kitty has his NAME on the bowl where his "income" is found.  Whether he is full or not, Mr. Kitty simply cannot be objective about who gets to eat at that food bowl, period.

Are we communicating?

I will NOT argue Medicine with a Veterinarian when I am convinced they are wrong as I later confirmed when a Vet wanted to put Nino on a low protein diet. It would have been a waste of time. I saved a bundle of money and extended the life of an obligate carnivore. I never went back to that Vet, of course.

I will NOT argue Law with a Lawyer, either. See above.

Professionals have a tendency to argue from authority. They have the credentials so they can. But when they are wrong, their pride gets in the way and they will argue until the cows come home. And for those who make their living through words and documents filled with arguments and counter arguments, you are just providing entertainment for them. They ENJOY debating. They know ALL the tricks. From the moment you open your mouth, it's game, set, match for them. I prefer to be entertainment for a kitty or my wife.   ;D

Are we communicating?

Not yet? Here, read this hypothetical exchange between an Aborigine in Australia and a law firm:

Aborigine Bob Weatherall protested in London against the Museum of Natural History's decision to test indigenous bones.
Australia calls for German museums to give back human bones

Whoopie! Great Grandma is doing her part for SCIENCE!

Agelbert NOTE: If you are an Aborigine, FORGET damages awards of portions of the estates from, or RETROACTIVE MURDER CHARGES AND posthumous trials for, all these serial murderers.  ???

Lawyers will calmly state that the murder wasn't murder when it was committed because it was, uhm, LEGAL and LAWFUL then.  ;D Water under bridge, old boy. But our law firm will be happy to sue a British, German or American Museum (Hello, Smithsonian! ;D) to get the bones of your great grand pappy for a reasonable fee. No, we can't get them to stop displaying the bones for science until we win the lawsuit. No, sorry, we can't get all the pictures taken of your deceased relatives in the museum files collected and given to you. Science must, after all, be considered. Just consider that your relatives "donated" their bodies to science like people do today when they sign that part of their driver's license. Remember, our legal system is JUST! Trust us. We are lawyers. We know the LAW and we are the ONLY defense you have and bulwark you can rely on to protect you from injustice, abusive government and anarchy! 

Would you like to engage our firm to get justice for you and your family from this heinous act done to your relatives? I would be incensed if this outrage had been perpetrated on my ancestors! Justice must be done! 

Excuse me? 
No, we are unable to take the case on contingency or pro bono. Sorry.  Now, if you will excuse me, I have an appointment with a paying client. Best of luck to you, and God Bless you.

Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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