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Author Topic: Member Interesting, Hair Raising, Humorous or Otherwise Unusual Experiences  (Read 4640 times)

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Our Court system is corrupt. They will be handmaidens for fascism, not a bulwark against it.

Always remember all those brilliant (no sarcasm here - they were considered the pinnacle of legal thinking and properly just constitutional law guardians) jurists and lawyers from 1930s Germany, THAT WERE STILL THERE in 1968, who peddled empty rhetoric for Hitler to survive, presented (at Nuremberg) an erudite "defense" of their prudent, measured, legal, analytical logic of doing the "best they could" under the duress of Hitler's dictates (they claimed they saved many lives - NOT) only to be told they were full of baseless rhetoric and perjurous mendacity after over a thousand witnesses told the REAL story. Nevertheless, most of them got off SCOTT FREE. They do take care their own, don't they.   ;D

They DON'T take care of we-the-people. They never will. Handmaidens of whoever is in power with empty, but high sounding rhetoric to accompany their claim to being defenders of justice. I wish it weren't so.

Discussing LAW with a lawyer is a waste of time; they are hopelessly locked in confirmation bias and defending their bread and butter with all their sophistic and erudite skills. It's not personal; it's just that they keep foremost in their keen minds the disbarring consequences of defending natural law over statist laws formulated for the coercion of the citizenry on behalf of the health of the state.

I have been to court Pro Se twice. I pounded the law, used state supreme court Stare Decisis (case law) precedent, rules of legal procedure and constitutional law as well as mortgage law and inheritance law (when needed) to back every  assertion on every motion, presented evidence of fraud, and pleaded with a judge to overturn a clearly illegal power of attorney, only to be ignored (because, of course, the judge could not counter my claims  ).

This is what they do when you pound the law and they don't want to follow it. They are watching VERY closely for you to make assertions not based on law (especially if you are a pro se messing with their private corporate club - At which point they lambast you with all sorts of legal terms for not knowing what you are talking about, demanding that you get a lawyer, or face contempt of court charges or be prevented from representing yourself henceforth - I studied all those games in advance so they were never able to have that "fun" with me. LOL!).

But they aren't done just because they can't throw you out of court for not knowing the law. Oh no! If, after the judge willfully (and "lawfully"  ) ignores your motions, you attempt to pressure the judge asking them to "reconsider" a court order or overturn (leave without effect) their sentence or ruling, they just say NO.

In our corrupt system, a judge does NOT have to justify s hit, regardless of what a lawyer will tell you. In order to get a judge to recuse themselves, GET THIS, THEY have to APPROVE the motion for recusal that you present! 

Talk about stacking the deck! And forget complaining about the judge to the court system unless you have a lot of money and patience. One judge I recently had the misfortune of dealing with was taken to the state supreme court for deliberately ignoring a state supreme court ruling on Dolo incidente (a bank offers financial products to a public entity, and hides the true costs of the product) in order to defend a crooked banking institution.

The state supreme court ruled it was an HONEST MISTAKE OF INTERPRETATION (bull****!) by said judge. Said judge, that had just thumbed her nose at the supreme court, was not penalized in any way, and was allowed to continue as a judge in good standing. 

Expect a lawyer (after a week on the clock charging per hour studying the court proceedings  ;D)  to say this is another ISOLATED INCIDENT and, overall, the system is just  dandy and JUST, and every case must be looked at separately, not as a "ridiculous, wild eyed, judgement" of the overall system by "imagining" a pattern of corruption where "there is none". RIGHT. 

Lawyers and judges have a REAL PROBLEM connecting dots. They are LOATHE to see a pattern that reveals the TRUTH about how corrupt and dysfunctional our court system is. They are the fish that swim in that water. They will never see anything wrong with the water, period. That's confirmation bias. Of course, they will argue day and night that they are there to preserve the integrity of that system and are vigilant of flaws and the system is "self correcting" for these "unfortunate isolated incidents" of corruption. That's just rhetoric. 

The system now dances to the tune played by, mostly the large corporate institutions in general and the banks in particular. All these so called LEGAL, LAWFUL LAWS can be traced to profit through some form of violation over the natural laws of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The latest twist, a very embarrassing one for the judge I mentioned above , that shows CLEARLY the puppet threads from the bank to the judge (in my quixotic legal effort) is hilarious if it wasn't so tragically unjust.

I filed a motion requesting a third party lawsuit. I was asked to reveal the grounds for inclusion (even though I had JUST DONE THAT in the motion) of said third party (my dad's second wife who was now legally an heir due to the death of my father).

I gave the grounds, I cited the law, I gave precedents, etc. I alleged she MUST be part of the bank's list of party sued or the lawsuit the bank presented is invalid. I cautioned the judge against ruling for the bank because this set up a very bad precedent allowing blood heirs to ignore a widow from a second marriage in foreclosure sale proceeds. I even was so bold as to claim the constitutionality of that ruling could be questioned and the foreclosure sale ruled invalid along with (I slipped this in at the last ) the judge appearing as the handmaiden of the bank and thereby undermining the TRUST of the people in our court system (a cause for recusal - I never did waste my time attempting to get that judge's recusal - they are mostly ALL banking puppets).

I was ignored. The "honorable" judge, after (LOL!) stating there was "no controversy" in the lawsuit, hands down the sentence in favor of the bank. I call up the widow and tell her if she thinks she can play this game and run to the foreclosure auction and snap up the property, she's got another thing coming. I told her this was a setup from the word go and admitted I had gone to bat for her to defend my interests, not just hers. I yelled this at her: She had never defended justice or my inheritance. She had sided with my family and they were going to shaft her. Have a nice day.

Well the widow, firmly holding her wallet in panic, raced to the bank with her copy of the last will and testament of my old man. The bank filed a motion to "leave the sentence without effect" and amended the lawsuit to include the widow. I had filed multiple motions asking, FOR MONTHS, that all that be done and MUST ?BE DONE according to the LAW! In exactly two days, the judge rescinded her sentence, accepted the amended lawsuit, AND issued a sentence ruling in favor of the NEW and IMPROVED amended lawsuit.

What an embarrassment for that judge to behave like such a lackey! I have a count of over 16 judges that have perused that case since I began being a pain in the legal ass in February. I'm sure the ****tail parties are no fun for that judge right now.  8)

There were a few, brave, principled jurists in Germany that were NOT Jewish who were willing to stand on principle. There are a few in the USA today.

They will be silenced by their peers and the state. The only solution to tyranny is an EX CURIA solution.

Hebrews 11: 39 These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised, 40 since God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect

Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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