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Author Topic: Member Interesting, Hair Raising, Humorous or Otherwise Unusual Experiences  (Read 4729 times)

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Unlawful versus ILLEGAL   


That which is contrary to law. “Unlawful” and “illegal” are frequently used as synonymous terms, but, in the proper sense of the word, “unlawful,” as applied to promises, agreements, considerations, and the like, denotes that they are ineffectual in law because they involve acts which, although not illegal, i. e., positively forbidden, are disapproved of by the law, and are therefore not recognized as the ground of legal rights, either because they are immoral or because they are against public policy. It is on this ground that contracts in restraint of marriage or of trade are generally void. Sweet. And see Hagerman v. Buchanan, 45 N. J. Eq. 292, 17 Atl. 946, 14 Am. St Rep. 732; Tatum v. State, 66 Ala. 467; Johnson v. State, 66 Ohio St. 59. 63 N. E. 607. 61 L. R. A. 277, 90 Am. St. Rep. 564; Pinder v. State, 27 Fla. 370, 8 South. 837, 26 Am. St. Rep. 75; MacDaniel v. U. S


Agelbert RANT:Are you required to sign a ticket in order to avoid arrest? No.
Of course, signing the ticket is not an admission of guilt.

But YOU CANNOT be coerced under threat of arrest to sign the ****ing ticket! Don't SIGN ANYTHING you do NOT want to sign. And if the cop decides to arrest you, it is an ILLEGAL arrest and you will have grounds to sue the police department later on. Keep your cool with a criminal cop. They don't give a **** about the law and count on the corrupt, illegal and fascist "latitude" given them by our courts.

And by all means, go after that cop in letters to the newspapers and your town council to get him or her fired. Call the police and go, in a group of two or more and voice your complaint and ask for a copy of the record of conversation. Do it more than once. Become a pain in the ass without becoming violent and giving them an excuse to beat you about the head and shoulders.  ;D

Don't wait for them to come to you and apologize or investigate their own corruption. They won't. They are a gang. They are vindictive as hell. They will try to entrap you and they will follow you around in their patrol cars looking for anything to give you a  hard time with. They are MENS REA from the word go, especially when you are making them act lawfully. They HATE that.

They tried that with my wife. We went to the police station and offered to have them put a tracking device on our car so they would know where she was all the time.  ;D  They were not happy campers.  ;D They, of course, said they were NOT following my wife around. My wife disagreed, in her calm, deliberate "You are lying to me voice with times and dates". The chief said they were not "harassing" her and they were not discriminating against her and that patrols have the right, duty and obligation to follow anybody they wanted to follow at any time.  ;D  Right... I love the legal boilerplate bull**** dance that humans, police and lawyers pull out of their ass whenever they wish to dodge responsibility for prejudicial behavior, don't you?  ;)  ;D

The cop that was following her on the motor route is a woman. That SAME woman called for backup when an alarm went off at 3:40 A.M. one moring at an office I delivered papers to on my motor route EVERY DAY, seven days a week. I got out of the car, walked 5 or seven steps up a wheel chair ramp and dropped the paper by the door. I did that EVERY DAY. I heard no alarm. I never had.

Then the **** hit the fan. There I was, with a cop car facing me that had pulled up silently and shined its lights on me as I got in my car.  She was out of the car jabbering on some hand radio for BACK UP(!!!?).    So, I turned on the dome light, rolled done the window (it was below freezing outside). and put my hands on top of the steering wheel and said, "Can I help you, officer?". The visibly nervous woman cop approaches the vehicle and asked what I was doing there? I explained. She then got an embarrassed look on her face. I asked why the commotion? She said the police station had received a silent alarm. I explained that I did exactly what I did with the newspaper every morning. I did not touch or bang the storm door or open it to put the paper between it and the inner door (some customers requested that - not this one - and for the "math doer" la-la land logicians, spare the maladjusted movement sensor on the wheelchair ramp bull****  8)) Why would the alarm go off now? No answer. They left. I said good day and they did too.

SOMEBODY was setting me up. If you don't ACCEPT that, you are BRAIN DEAD.   

At any rate, in regard to the police stalking (when THEY do it, it's not called THAT, of course. LOL!) of my wife, they stopped following my wife after the visit(s) to the police station(s). (visibly - but we continue to be on their **** list for having the audacity to believe we have the same rights as anybody else around here - Oh yeah, I've got lots of PROOF. Don't expect me to take THAT to court! LOL!).

I repeat, they are MENS REA from the word go, especially when you are making them act lawfully. They HATE that. But we have to do that. Otherwise, the entire putrid inertia of police brutality and illegality will increase. Most lawyers will do NOTHING to stop this unless you pay them to. They are. more often than not, hair splitting, procrastinating, erring on the side of caution, enablers and accessories to the problem than a force for good.

If you doubt that, just study Germany's "justice" system as the Third Reich took hold and LEARN that the lawyers didn't do JACK **** to stop the abuse as it got more and more brutal. I saw a picture of a Jewish man carrying a placard in Germany BEFORE the NAZIs had started killing Jews that read "I will not go to court for grievances" (paraphrased and in German, of course) hoping to get some attention to the abuses in the court system (to no avail). The COURT system is where fascism gets it "legal" gangrenous foothold. That's not the place to get justice or some type of remedy for damages when fascism is taking hold. Here's a term that makes the crooked enablers of our "justice" system grab their wallets in panic!: EX CURIA.

Ex curia is the ONLY WAY we are going to stop this ****. Don't expect any lawyer or judge to agree with you. They HATE ex curia solutions because they undermine THEIR "authority" and gravy train. Why do you think the term "vigilante" justice has such a pejorative connotation? Vigilante activity, when it IS JUST, should be celebrated as ex curia justice, not condemned. The KKK is vigilante CRIMINALITY, not "justice". 

ex curia [eks kyoo r-ee-uh] Spell Syllables 
out of court; without litigation.   

Now for your enjoyment and edification, the Police from "Pennslavania"  ;D  provide some pointers on behavior during close encounters with cops.  

If You Are Stopped by the Police in Your Car
When the officer asks you to sign the ticket or warning notice, it is not an admission of guilt, you are simply acknowledging that you received it. If you refuse to sign, the officer will still issue the ticket but will mark it "Refused."

If The Police Come Knocking At Your Door


If the police knock at your door and ask to come into your home, you do not have to let them in unless they have a warrant that has been signed by a judge, or under emergency circumstances, the officer is in pursuit of a suspect.

Ask to see the warrant.
If it is an ARREST WARRANT, make sure that you look at the name on the warrant to be sure the police have the right person.

If it is a SEARCH WARRANT, make sure it is for your specific address and check to see what is listed on the warrant to be searched for in your home or location. The warrant gives the officer(s) the legal right to temporarily seize the listed property on the warrant.

The police may also search without a warrant whenever they have arrested a person. They may search his or her person and the immediate area where the arrest was made.

The police may also search after consent is given. If you object to their request to search, be sure to make it clear that you do not agree to any kind of search. They may also search when there is an emergency situation (for example, someone screaming for help inside your home) or when they are chasing you or someone else into your home (hot pursuit).

If the police do not have a warrant, you may, but do not have to let them in, UNLESS they demand to come in. Perhaps you can settle this matter at the door, if they do insist on coming in over your objections then:
Ask to see identification or a police badge.
Let them in only after they demand to come in.

If you object, then make sure you tell them that you DO NOT consent to any search.
Remember the badge numbers and the names of the officers. Write it all down. The officers usually have business cards, feel free to ask the officer(s) for one.

If You Are Stopped By The Police On The Street

"You have the right to remain silent; anything you say can and will be used against you in court; you have the right to talk to a lawyer for advice before you answer any questions and to have a lawyer with you during questioning; if you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish."
The officer will ask you if you understand your rights, and are you willing to answer some questions, or make a statement. If you don't want to talk after you have been informed of your rights, then you DO NOT have to.

Agelbert NOTE: An UNLAWFUL law, no matter WHAT the Police are claiming below:

Things to Remember

Under Pennsylvania law, you may not use force to resist a legal or illegal   :o  >:(  arrest. Remember you have the right to contest the validity of your arrest later on in court.  ::)
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