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Author Topic: Human Life is Fragile but EVERY Life is Valuable  (Read 12230 times)

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UB does the fallacious argument(s): 
Blaming freud for influencing our current state of affairs is also like blaming the wright brothers for the disapearance or downing of malaysian airlines planes.

You ignored Darwin as the CHIEF influence on Freud. How **** convenient of you. You ignored Freud's influence on Wall Street through his nephew Bernays. You DID THAT because you KNOW HOW influential and TOXIC they were. How **** convenient of you.

And the incredibly disjointed and illogical comparison of the accomplishment of powered flight with the destruction of an aircraft is shamefully silly. You are using the "all cats die; Socrates died; SO Socrates was a cat" silliness to attempt to ridicule my historically accurate statement. And you are DOING IT because you DO NOT WANT TO DISCUSS GUILT. And you completely avoided the illogic of you claiming to tap into super healing powers from a source that is CONTROLLED by the power of YOUR MIND (something LESS powerful than the powers you claim you obtain). How **** convenient of you.

You don't want to talk about God.  You don't want to talk about guilt The issue was never whether Freud is the bad guy, but if pretending GUILT is the "bad guy" is wrong or right. I say it's wrong and from Darwin to Freud and on down the line, the godless butchery of the 20th century is the result of rejecting God and guilt from disobeying him. You claim it has ALWAYS been that way in human affairs.

Bullshit. You know better but are an evolution true believer so you won't even consider the possibility that your religion has boosted human evils. SO you claim all this is old hat and has not really changed anything,... Never mind the number of violent deaths in the 20th century and the LACK of belief in God beyond lip service of the leaders of those countries that were responsible for all that violence...

You accuse me of the fallacious argument called using a bad analogy. You are wrong.

Bad Analogy:

claiming that two situations are highly similar, when they aren't. For example, "The solar system reminds me of an atom, with planets orbiting the sun like electrons orbiting the nucleus. We know that electrons can jump from orbit to orbit; so we must look to ancient records for sightings of planets jumping from orbit to orbit also."

Or, "Minds, like rivers, can be broad. The broader the river, the shallower it is. Therefore, the broader the mind, the shallower it is."

Or, "We have pure food and drug laws; why can't we have laws to keep movie-makers from giving us filth ?"

This is what YOU are doing to avoid discussing the key issues.

Poisoning The Wells:
discrediting the sources used by your opponent. This is a variation of Ad Hominem.

Psychogenetic Fallacy:

if you learn the psychological reason why your opponent likes an argument, then he's biased, so his argument must be wrong. (Agelbert hates Freud so Agelbert must be wrong, thinks UB!)  ;D

Changing The Subject (Digression, Red Herring, Misdirection, False Emphasis):

this is sometimes used to avoid having to defend a claim, or to avoid making good on a promise. In general, there is something you are not supposed to notice.


I'm done with this topic. It's clear that you are smart enough to know that you must avoid a topic you cannot counter on the merits. I don't do subject changes as to eschewing guilt by rejecting God as being the culprit in our "modern" dystopia. You do. Have a nice day.

Thanks for flipping Knarf's argument on its head. That was brilliant, excellent and logical. Knarf won't go there. Knarf has been NOTABLY silent EVERY TIME I brought up the fact that the new age movement, which convinced millions and millions of people that faith in God was bad, silly, stupid and caused all sorts of evils and wars by "neurotic" religious "straight jacketing" of humans, once DISCARDED, would usher in an age of peace and enlightenment.

The result was that every bad aspect of society and civilization, as a whole, got worse. But those who reject God are one-trick ponies and never tire of reminding all of us of all the "horrendous evils" of Religion and Faith in God. The 20th century, the Century of Self, is the first century in human history where religion DID NOT play any role in the wars and DID PLAY AN INSIGNIFICANT role in human affairs. The result is affirmative evidence that rejecting God and Guilt is a path to societal destruction.

They don't buy that and NOW they claim it's MOTHER EARTH that is going to "throw" us off the planet. God is an illusion but MOTHER EARTH, well, she is ANGRY, and has big arms to get rid of the human vermin. ::) Then they rush to say it is just a metaphor and we are being silly to talk about the metaphoric mother earth.

Pin them down and they will FINALLY tell you what they REALLLY believe.  ;) Ya wanna know what that is?  Just Google ANY scientific article about species origins and adaptation. ANY amazing and still unexplained mechanism in life forms is ALWAYs explained by "Evolution" provided this and "Evolution" did that and so on. We OWE this to the GENIUS of  Evolution!!! Thank EVOLUTION for small favors (and apex predators!)!

God = Mother Earth = Evolution
  Get it?

That's the RELIGIOUS "Evolution" of the FREE THINKING, GUILT REJECTING folks that get highly bent out of shape when you want to "devolve" them back to THEISM!  ;D
Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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