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Author Topic: Human Life is Fragile but EVERY Life is Valuable  (Read 12230 times)

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I understand your genuine concern for how unfair life is and the gamut of human talent, intelligence and societal opportunities or the lack of them that dictates fortune or misfortune in our lives.

But in essence, you are just rephrasing a quote from Freud:
“I stand in no awe whatever of the Almighty. If we were ever to meet I should have more reproaches to make to Him than He could make to me. I would ask Him why He hadn’t endowed me with better intellectual equipment, and He couldn’t complain that I have failed to make the best use of my so-called freedom.”33

Freud was a scientist not a theologian, more concerned with the psychology of religion than the nature of faith. “There was no reason why Freud should have been so engaged by the problem of religion—at least no obvious, psychoanalyzable reason. He had never gone through a phase of faith; no family pieties had stifled him so that he had to speak out,” writes Freudian scholar Philip Reiff. “His free-thinking father  :evil4:…raised his children in a secular atmosphere. After a childhood devoid of religious impulse and schooling, Freud was easily converted to the Darwinian gospel...”22 It was only natural, for Freud to address religious belief through  anthropology, “instead of dealing with guilt in terms of God, creation, and man’s fall.”23


Looky here, a Mking "free-thinker"    raised Freud!  So now you know what these "FREE-THINKERS" (otherwise known as evolution true believers  ;)) visit upon humanity...   

As to all the disparate opportunities Homo Saps have that makes a one shot deal at Salvation look irrational, thereby "justifying" a belief system that incorporates Karma math and reincarnation, I disagree. If God exists, He certainly has the faculty to judge fairly. He understands humanity rather well since He is the designer and creator of our physical and spiritual machinery so He is in an excellent (and logically superior to any human) position to judge human behavior.

Occam's razor dictates that a JUST God taking care of business is far more logical than a complex Karma dance through multiple lives.

I understand much abuse goes on in childhood that causes inappropriate guilt. But the discovery, through psychoanalysis, that you were freaked out by seeing mommy making it with the milkman or as a child beaten, sold in slavery, prostitution, made to wear dresses if a male or not allowed to wear them if female, forced to have sex with parents or an older sibling, deprived of a normal IQ through undernourishment, born with Down's syndrome, the wrong color, etc. does NOT justify you perpetuating any anti-social behavior by claiming it's what you GOTTA DO to feel right after all the **** you went through. The VICTIM must NOT be blamed, of course. But the VICTIM has a tendency to BECOME THE VICTIMIZER if morality is a NON-ISSUE, Capisco?

This "He's just DOING WHAT he does" attitude given by Freudian shrinks to the immoral bastards that set up corporate charters of "limited" (institutionalized acceptance of immoral avoidance of responsibility) liability (LIMITED=ZERO LIABILITY=GUILT) is the misanthropic religion (Orwellianly claimed to free humanity from guilt)  that legitimized all the Wall Street War profiteering, soul destroying practices as "business as usual" (i.e. cognitive dissonance on steroids). It's world class mindfork. It's insanity labeled sanity and Game OVER Theory for Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself, PERIOD.

We are all born with different opportunities. For those who say, well, if ya didn't accept Christ, you are doomed to hell, I say that if I didn't accept Christ, I would be doomed to hell. God is the final arbiter of who goes where. The bible says all things are possible for God. "All things" in the context of scripture does not mean He does reincarnation as a salvation mechanism IMHO. It means that He is the BOSS and He decides who goes where after the valley of tears.

It's far simpler for Him, for example, to compress 3 seconds of your last breath as a Hitler to years of instruction and revelation in order to get you to accept Christ than to rig up a complex Karma network of reincarnation. I don't KNOW if Freud went to hell or not! I am happy to get into it with fellow Christians about who gets the heavenly brass ring and who doesn't. I am far more liberal about that than many fundys because I HONESTLY believe that suicides DO NOT EVER go to hell. But that's just me.  ;D

The God I believe in is a JUST God. Regardless of the limitations of humanity to understand WTF God wants us to do (most humans don't have the literacy, brains or willingness to read ANYTHING, let alone religious documents like the Bible!), I'm certain the "math" is done by God to UB's satisfaction (and mine).
Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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