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Author Topic: Homebody Handy Hints  (Read 4695 times)

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Re: Homebody Handy Hints
« Reply #30 on: October 11, 2015, 08:16:38 pm »
Quote from a friend in Australia who wishes to remain anonymous and my reply: 

Hello agb

I want to discuss this with you since i know u have open mind to and researched such phenomena. I will tell in detail and later try and take fotos and measure distances to be more precise.  Yesterday was Sunday,  Myself and Junior had spent the day working on a 63 EJ Holden (a medium size   local GM car)  in my garage.

The water  pump that takes water from the main tanks to the header tank up high for gravity water pressure hasnt been working and I havent had it fixed because if i take the pump out i will have no water, because  i have the water  still running through the pump into the house pipes. I plan to get an electric pump instead,  jyst been too busy to sort it out. I have enough water running out of taps,  but not with enough pressure to have a shower. For that reason,  after working on the car all day,  we went down into town to use the coin operated shower at the park which is a public RV campground. I took the dog also because lately i have not been well since that moron caused me to swallow petrol and i dont feel energy to ealk the dog, so I decided to tie the dog to the side of the pickup to let him run for a mile as he spends the day on a chain fixed to a long cable it moves along,  he likes more exercise.

So it was roughly 8.30pm when we were heading home and i was tying the dog to the side of the pickup to run the last mile to home. when i did that i noticed a whitish light over a hill,  i thought there must be someone in a 4wd back there with powerful headlights and spotlights. I got in the truck and said for a joke 'theres a ufo over there' .

Let me explain the geography/topography. there is a river valley with a highway and rarely used train line for coal running more or less along the river. The elevation at the town,  flat level is 250m according to the altimeter in the truck. There are mountains on either side. See if u like Ben Lomond rangeon the north side at 1000m and Douglas Apsley range on the south side of Esk river at maybe 600m. But before the mountain ridge there are smaller hills that extend out into the valley If u know what i mean. So as i was beginning to head uphill but on a gradual slope for about half a mile I have a hill on my left at 350 m elevation and a bigger hill on my right that is bigger and longer and at least 400m elevation. I can see that the land is cleared at up to about 350m on that hill but on the other side where the light came from it could be cleared further in. The light was not behind the lower cleared section but the higher part that would be 400 to 450m,  the side i was looking at that is not cleared is steep,  but on the other side if it is more flat it is probably cleared. I am labouring this point because a ufo would need a clear field to land but could only hover over a forest.

So of course junior wanted to see and looked although he was on the wrong side to see as well as me, as we looked at the light it got weird. That was no vehicle or shooters with spotlights. There were beams of light in an angle upward,  but not straight up vertical, neither 45o but more upright than that. The beams were rotating around but glowing variably in brightness and speed. There were no different colours only white. The best description is like a crown.

I wanted to stop and watch but there were too many sheep and cows around and the dog would have started barking at them if i stopped. I jnew that further up i could get a good look at the same place from higher though not as high as the hill the lights were behind, but further away and there were no livestock there,  so i did that. At first i couldnt see anything then it went again  , lit up bright like a crown, and junior insisted i go back to the truck even though i wanted to keep watching.

So i went home and dumped the dog and headed quickly back down,  this time as close as possible to the nearest fence and field. For a while i saw nothing except one single beam of light only for a second,  then there was a light moving in that field and i thought at first it was a person out there with a spotlight from the nearest farmhouse because we were there. Then the light was in the field on the opposite  side and it moved very quicklythrough that  field. Because i was now on the wtong side to see it well ,  i didnt see but junior did,  and he said it moved away very fast in the same direction dissapeared.

This light that was not over the hill is more puzzling. If it was a spotlight from the farmhouse checking who is out there,  why did it never shine at us?  If it was a light from the house that was checking the field on the left and then on the right it should have crossed us where we were,  unless somebody checked one field then turned it off and then checked the other field. But i need to experiment myself tonight to see if i can replicate what it looked like from the same distance. The reason is that this light moving quickly in one field then the other was not really long with an obvious starting point,  like a long cone of light. Instead it was more like a length of light about 40m long and taoering down at either end,  never staying in one spit long enough to see properly.

After that we waited another 20 minutes and saw nothing more.

Well, it looks like UFO activity, all right. The lack of noise is always an indicator that no military activity is producing  the lights. Light diffuses rapidly from the distance of the source. The beams you were seeing could not have been coming from far away. So something THERE was producing them without noise. The only thing remotely similar is one of those rock concerts that make light shows that look somewhat like a crown of lights at varying angles above 45 degrees from a distance. And that was OBVIOUSLY not the case here.

As to why the search light you mentioned didn't pass over you, maybe it was just trying to track the light beams and ignoring anything else out there.

I have read about some very strange light phenomena before earthquakes, but since your dog was not agitated that possibility must be ruled out as well.

I would say you had a close encounter. And when one happens, it usually means there will be more for a few months. Keep your camera ready. Maybe you can get some good film of one of the vehicles that is the source of those lights.

I read with interest about your water pumping issues. I had some problems with flooding a few years back and came up with an invention (that I never actually manufactured because my wife went out and bought an electric pump) that is a very robust type of peristaltic pump mechanism. Since you are handy with machinery, you might want to have one of these around. If your water pressure is too low, you can use this mechanism with a hose to your shower head or your main tank in times of need.

Unlike a normal peristaltic pump, there really isn't anything on it that wears out except the hose that is being squeezed by it and the small electric motor from a drill that powers it.

The sprockets used are very tiny. They are the smallest ones on a three speed bicycle next to the rear wheel.

Here's the design. I'm sure you could improve on it to make it simpler and cheaper:

It would make a nice back up and you could possibly run it manually with a bicycle instead of an electric motor.

Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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