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Author Topic: Darwin  (Read 13204 times)

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Amber fossil reveals ancient reproduction in flowering plants


CORVALLIS, Ore. – A 100-million-year old piece of amber has been discovered which reveals the oldest evidence of sexual reproduction in a flowering plant – a cluster of 18 tiny flowers from the Cretaceous Period – with one of them in the process of making some new seeds for the next generation. ;D

The perfectly-preserved scene, in a plant now extinct, is part of a portrait created in the mid-Cretaceous when flowering plants were changing the face of the Earth forever, adding beauty, biodiversity and food. It appears identical to the reproduction process that “angiosperms,” or flowering plants still use today.

Researchers from Oregon State University and Germany published their findings on the fossils in the Journal of the Botanical Institute of Texas.

The flowers themselves are in remarkable condition, as are many such plants and insects preserved for all time in amber. The flowing tree sap covered the specimens and then began the long process of turning into a fossilized, semi-precious gem. The flower cluster is one of the most complete ever found in amber and appeared at a time when many of the flowering plants were still quite small.

Even more remarkable is the microscopic image of pollen tubes growing out of two grains of pollen and penetrating the flower’s stigma, the receptive part of the female reproductive system. This sets the stage for fertilization of the egg and would begin the process of seed formation – had the reproductive act been completed.

“In Cretaceous flowers we’ve never before seen a fossil that shows the pollen tube actually entering the stigma,” said George Poinar, Jr., a professor emeritus in the Department of Integrative Biology at the OSU College of Science. “This is the beauty of amber fossils. They are preserved so rapidly after entering the resin that structures such as pollen grains and tubes can be detected with a microscope.”

The pollen of these flowers appeared to be sticky, Poinar said, suggesting it was carried by a pollinating insect, and adding further insights into the biodiversity and biology of life in this distant era. At that time much of the plant life was composed of conifers, ferns, mosses, and cycads.  During the Cretaceous, new lineages of mammals and birds were beginning to appear, along with the flowering plants. But dinosaurs still dominated the Earth.

“The evolution  of flowering plants caused an enormous change in the biodiversity of life on Earth, especially in the tropics and subtropics,” Poinar said.

“New associations between these small flowering plants and various types of insects and other animal life resulted in the successful distribution and evolution of these plants through most of the world today,” he said. “It’s interesting that the mechanisms for reproduction that are still with us today had already been established some 100 million years ago.”       

The fossils were discovered from amber mines in the Hukawng Valley of Myanmar, previously known as Burma. The newly-described genus and species of flower was named Micropetasos burmensis.

Agelbert NOTE: Yeah, it SURE IS "INTERESTING" ALL RIGHT! It's SO "interesting" that it is absolutely amazing that it doesn't occur to these marvels of erudition that the FACT that the flowering plants show up at the same time as the pollinating insects with no change in the mechanism for 100 million years NEGATES evolutionary theory rather than supports it.

And then there is the further bag of pollen "worms" that IF this pollen has C-14 in it, there is no way in hell that this angiosperm can be older than 100,000 years!

Don't expect any C-14 tests from these "100 million year old" true believers. They simply will not go there. These "scientists" actually claim that doing a C-14 test on non-fossilized, flexible tissue from the cretaceous period is NOT SCIENCE!   

You don't believe me? Listen to a world famous Dinosaur fossil hunter Jack Horner being asked to do a C-14 test on flexible dino tissue found in cretaceous period strata:


Here are some scientific, not creationist, HARD DATA VIDEOS:


What's the take away from all the above?

1) Fossilization is normal in abnormal circumstances like peat bogs and rapid sedimentation which eliminates oxidation of organic matter. Otherwise the organic matter is recycled by the biosphere. Bear in mind that this means the ENTIRE natural history of speciation diversity on planet earth as constructed by evolutionists comes from less than 5% of the life forms that have existed simply because 95% of them successfully were recycled by the biosphere! How these scientists could make such sweeping assumptions about a mere 5% or less of the "geologic column record" data is arrogance personified. And I didn't come up with that bit about fossils being an anomaly, the evolution believing paleontologists of mainstream science did. I agree with them on that.  ;D

2) All cretaceous period fossils are found, like those in Madagascar, in a place that underwent a catastrophic amount of rapid sedimentation which instantly buried the dinosaurs meters below the atmosphere underground.

3) The chemistry of the ground had to be non-porous in order to prevent fossilization(bones turn to rock through mineralization) so organic tissue (containing carbon) could be preserved. This is extremely rare.

4) The fossil record will only show animals that died catastrophically, period. When their is no catastrophe, nature recycles 100% of organic matter.

5) If any of the recovered tissue from plants or animals in the geologic strata has C-14 present, they cannot have died more than 100,000 years ago. Evidence of this would be a "catastrophe" for the present interpretation of the age of the strata in the geological column throughout the planet.

6) If the evidence continues to pile up against the current multimillion year paradigm age of various strata, no change in the scientific consensus will occur until the current crop of scientists dies off and is replaced by new ones. The current crop cannot handle being so abysmally wrong. So it goes.

Here 's some proof for you readers of the sad fact that scientists are as stubborn and resistant to change when proven wrong as any other turf defending human group.

The Death Of President Garfield, 1881

President Garfield died from infection due to lack of antiseptic practices, not from a gun shot wound.

Surgery without Anesthesia

Garfield's physicians did not serve him well. It seems each of his 16 attendants wanted to literally get their hands into him - to prod and grope his wound in an attempt to find the elusive bullet. Infection invariable set in. Internal sores developed - oozing pus and requiring periodic lancing in order to reduce their size. Medicine had not yet fully accepted the relationship between germs and disease.
Operations were routinely performed without benefit of surgical gloves, masks, sterile instruments, or any antiseptics to protect the patient.

Of more immediate concern to the patient, operations were performed without any means of deadening the pain.  ??? The patient was left to his or her own devices to cope with the trauma of surgery. >:(


That bit of COVER for the Medical Doctors of 1881 (i.e. "Medicine had not yet fully accepted the relationship between germs and disease") is BALONEY!

Pasteur, several decades before, proved that germs cause gangrene and claimed they were responsible for infections. Lister read Pasteur's stuff, tested antiseptic procedures on his patients and, in 1867, a full FOURTEEN YEARS before Garfield was shot, published the results in the Lancent. This medical journal HAD to have been read by any leading doctor in the USA. They just refused to change.  :P Even Lister, before he read Pasteur and performed experiments, did not wash before surgery and routinely performed operations in his street clothes. And if you really want to see how SCIENCE dragged its feet on the empirical evidence that antiseptic procedures saved lives, read about the Hungarian doctor that was killed in a looney bin because he SUCCESSFULLY saved the lives of pregnant women by requiring the doctors that performed autopsies washy their hands and change they robes before going upstairs to deliver babies!

gnaz Semmelweis
According to Wikipedia*, "Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis (July 1, 1818 - August 13, 1865) was the Hungarian physician who demonstrated that puerperal fever (also known as "childbed fever") was contagious and that its incidence could be drastically reduced by enforcing appropriate hand-washing behavior by medical care-givers. He made this discovery in 1847 while working in the Maternity Department of the Vienna Lying-in Hospital. His failure to convince his fellow doctors led to a tragic conclusion, however, he was ultimately vindicated.

Semmelweis realized that the number of cases of puerperal fever was much larger at one of his wards than at the other. After testing a few hypotheses, he found that the number of cases was drastically reduced if the doctors washed their hands carefully before dealing with a pregnant woman. Risk was especially high if they had been in contact with corpses before they treated the women. The germ theory of disease had not yet been developed at the time. Thus, Semelweiss concluded that some unknown "cadaveric material" caused childbed fever.

He lectured publicly about his results in 1850, however, the reception by the medical community was cold, if not hostile. His observations went against the current scientific opinion of the time, which blamed diseases on an imbalance of the basical "humours" in the body.
It was also argued that even if his findings were correct, washing one's hands each time before treating a pregnant woman, as Semmelweis advised, would be too much work.

Nor were doctors eager to admit that they had caused so many deaths.
Semmelweis spent 14 years developing his ideas and lobbying for their acceptance, culminating in a book he wrote in 1861. The book received poor reviews, and he responded with polemic.

 In 1865, he suffered a nervous breakdown and was committed to an insane asylum where he soon died from blood poisoning.

Only after Dr. Semmelweis's death was the germ theory of disease developed, and he is now recognized as a pioneer of antiseptic policy and prevention of nosocomial disease."

Agelbert Note: The head doctor at the hospital was the one that led the effort to have him committed and the guards at the looney bin beat him severely before he dies of "blood poisoning".  >:(

THINK about this stuff, people! The SCIENCE points to antiseptics being great and the doctors refuse to DO IT for nearly half a CENTURY! Don't tell me they did not KNOW about Semmelweis, Pasteur and Lister! 

The geologists and paleontologists clinging to the multimillion year old strata paradigm are being showered with evidence that they MUST accept that, regardless of how many billions of years old this planet is, the age of the fossils in the strata is WAY OFF!  :o It's embarrassing, to put I mildly.

But this new war is NOT about science at all, but about the challenge to the random universe paradigm. Consider the very real possibility that a race of super intelligent ETs seeded this planet and we are just a giant petri dish. The periodic rapid crustal movements (see Hapgood theory supported by Einstein) would cause extinction events from giant several mile high tsunamis that instantly buried a bunch of dinosaurs at one point.

At another point a large asteroid could have smacked the earth and created the pacific ocean basin, expanded the planet, reduced the rotation speed, increased the gravity so creatures couldn't be so large and created the rings of fire with mountain chains around the  earth. Each time, the ETs would step in and do some intelligent design.

Another, more milder crustal movement after the last ice age, might have been responsible for freezing those mammoths in Russia with summer flowering plants in their stomachs.

I'm not happy with that theory but I recognize that, from the present evidence, it is a highly probable scenario. That's even more humiliating than a creator God having done it!

So the scientific community will fight it until a new crop can figure a way to accept the C-14 data without requiring a creator. The oscillating universes theory is the one I think they will use because probability and statistics, like time for this or that to evolve, don't apply. How convenient.  :)

Whatever they come up with, they will NOT be able to dance around the presence of C-14 in dino bones, mosquito gut blood from the alleged cenozoic period (http://cryptozoologynews.blogspot.com/2013/10/rare-blood-engorged-mosquito-fossil.html), coal and even diamonds for much longer. 

Humans are REALLY GOOD at RATIONALIZATION! It's not so much about objective reality or science; it's mostly about endowment bias (i.e. PRIDE).   


Giant asteroid, mega-tsunami may have triggered Ice Age

By Rachael Bayliss

Cosmos Online

A 2km-wide asteroid that hit Earth 2.5 million years ago may have triggered the Ice Age, according to a team of Australian researchers.
Asteroid impact artist's concept
Artist's concept of a catastrophic asteroid impact with the early Earth. Credit: Don Davis / NASA
LONDON: A 2km-wide asteroid that hit Earth 2.5 million years ago may have triggered the Ice Age, according to a team of Australian researchers.

The monstrous Eltanin asteroid plunged into the Pacific Ocean 2.5 million years ago and generated a mega-tsunami with waves hundreds of feet high, wreaking devastation across the globe. It is the only identified deep-ocean impact in our planet’s history, and could prove to be as significant as the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs.

While previously little has been known about Eltanin and its subsequent impact on Earth, a team of Australian researchers has painstakingly gathered data from around the world to piece together the puzzle.

Inconceivably large waves

“The Eltanin asteroid seems to have largely been overlooked because it was a deep-ocean impact and so there is no easy-to-access crater to remind scientists about this event,” said James Goff, lead author of the paper published in the Journal of Quaternary Science.

The beginning of the Pleistocene epoch was marked by significant climate change and cooling of the planet, and recent refinement of dates shows that the Eltanin impact coincided with this. Computer models demonstrate that an asteroid collision of this magnitude would have generated a tsunami with inconceivably large waves.

“A deep-ocean impact of this size would have thrown a lot of things into the stratosphere,” said Goff, who is co-director of the Australia-Pacific Tsunami Research Centre at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

This would create additional problems after the initial destruction of the mega-tsunami – with so much water vapour in the atmosphere, sunlight would have been drastically reduced and the surface temperature would start to plummet, kick-starting an intense period of glaciation.

“All the pieces started to come together”

“If the Eltanin impact was a major driver of climate change … then it may have been one of the key drivers of the Pleistocene Northern Hemisphere glaciations, which in turn had implications for human evolution,” said Goff.

To help solve the mystery, Goff and his colleagues at UNSW collaborated with researchers at the Australian Nuclear and Science Technology Organisation (ANSTO).

The team analysed previous research carried out by institutions worldwide. Focussing on that time period, all the existing evidence of possible Eltanin tsunami sediment deposits in Antarctica, Chile and New Zealand were compiled and studied.

“All the pieces started to come together and, about a billion papers later, the questions have at least been able to be framed in a way that they can be asked in a high impact, peer-reviewed journal,” said Goff.

To develop the theory further, more sites with possible Eltanin tsunami deposits need to be investigated to see more clearly the scale of the event. This will in turn provide more data for the models predicting the extent to which such an impact could alter the climate.

“At the moment [the research] hasn’t altered a thing, but we hope that our colleagues will read the paper and consider the question of the significance of the Eltanin impact to not only their research, but also the work of others – and consider it as a possible explanation,” Goff said.


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