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Author Topic: Darwin  (Read 13235 times)

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Expert mathematicians running probability and statistics for self assembling amino acids into all the proteins needed for life in a SINGLE CELLED ORGANISM have stated that there hasn't been enough time if the universe is 14 billion years old or so for that to occur randomly.

They claim life is IMPOSSIBLE by random chance mutations in that time frame.

Evolution is great science fiction but it lacks any evidence whatsoever. I don't know how all this happened but so-called "evolution" certainly is not the explanation.

... information theorist Hubert Yockey (UC Berkeley) realized this problem:

"The origin of life by chance in a primeval soup is impossible in probability in the same way that a perpetual machine is in probability. The extremely small probabilities calculated in this chapter are not discouraging to true believers … [however] A practical person must conclude that life didn’t happen by chance."43

Note that in his calculations, Yockey generously granted that the raw materials were available in a primeval soup. But in the previous chapter of his book, Yockey showed that a primeval soup could never have existed, so belief in it is an act of ‘faith’. He later concluded, "the primeval soup paradigm is self-deception based on the ideology of its champions."44

More admissions

Note that Yockey is not the only high-profile academic to speak plainly on this issue:

"Anyone who tells you that he or she knows how life started on earth some 3.4 billion years ago is a fool or a knave. Nobody knows."—Professor Stuart Kauffman, origin of life researcher, University of Calgary, Canada.45

"…we must concede that there are presently no detailed Darwinian accounts of the evolution of any biochemical or cellular system, only a variety of wishful speculations." —Franklin M. Harold, Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Colorado State University.46

"Nobody knows how a mixture of lifeless chemicals spontaneously organized themselves into the first living cell."—Professor Paul Davies, then at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.47

"The novelty and complexity of the cell is so far beyond anything inanimate in the world today that we are left baffled by how it was achieved."— Kirschner, M.W. (professor and chair, department of systems biology, Harvard Medical School, USA.), and Gerhart, J.C. (professor in the Graduate School, University of California, USA).48

"Conclusion: The scientific problem of the origin of life can be characterized as the problem of finding the chemical mechanism that led all the way from the inception of the first autocatalytic reproduction cycle to the last common ancestor. All present theories fall far short of this task. While we still do not understand this mechanism, we now have a grasp of the magnitude of the problem."49

]"The biggest gap in evolutionary theory remains the origin of life itself… the gap between such a collection of molecules [amino acids and RNA] and even the most primitive cell remains enormous."—Chris Wills, professor of biology at the University of California, USA.50

Even the doctrinaire materialist Richard Dawkins admitted to Ben Stein (Expelled, the movie documentary) that no one knows how life began:

Richard Dawkins: "We know the sort of event that must have happened for the origin of life—it was the origin of the first self-replicating molecule."

Ben Stein: "How did that happen?"

Richard Dawkins: "I’ve told you, we don’t know."

Ben Stein: "So you have no idea how it started?"

Richard Dawkins: "No, nor has anybody."51

"We will never know how life first appeared. However, the study of the appearance of life is a mature, well-established field of scientific inquiry. As in other areas of evolutionary biology, answers to questions on the origin and nature of the first life forms can only be regarded as inquiring and explanatory rather than definitive and conclusive."52 (emphasis added)[/b]

Click below for full article and scholarly references:
The Origin of Life

True Believer Modern Sophisticated Evolutionists aren't going to take that low down attack on their Faith (whoops, I mean "scientifically proven, proven and super proven"   THEORY - So there you crazy fundies! ) laying down. High and mighty Evolutionists REACT--->                                                     BUT AFTER A WHILE, they get more active  ;)    What about the crusades and the inquisition?       What about the price of peaches in Denmark?            What are you, some kind of fundy nut?                 Whadaya mean, you never said anything about God or religion?                 Your probability math HAS to be wrong because DARWIN said so!  We are EVOLVED, WE are ADVANCED, WE are THE GREATEST!  And, what's more, WE are GOD! Yippee! Darwin and Freud freed us from silly guilt trips and showed us it's EVOLUTIONARILY ADVANCED to be the APEX PREDATOR and do any damned thing we want so we don't suffer needless neurosis.  Besides, the alternative is UNTHINKABLE.    What?!! Of course we respect empirical evidence and the science of probability and statistics! Whadaya take us for, a faith based Fundy? Of course it doesn't matter that there doesn't SEEM to be empirical evidence of evolution! They just haven't published it and you are wrong ,wrong, wrong! How can you have such a rigid mind? You fundies are all alike. You refuse to question your beliefs even if science conclusively proves otherwise...     
Agelbert awaits the futile, circular, self destructive, illogical, and dogmatic rebuttal fusilade.     

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