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Author Topic: Darwin  (Read 13235 times)

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Re: Darwin
« Reply #15 on: November 19, 2013, 04:01:37 pm »
Great Comments!

Surly, as Ashvin stated, the consequences of a flawed evolutionary paradigm are severly deleterious to rational  and logical thinking in modern society. Your "So what?" question fails to connect the negative consequences of a predatory capitalist, rampant planetary exploition with the Darwinian concept of a mad scramble for resources by amino acids self assembling in a totally random manner resulting in the giant truck that running us over now.  ;D It's MIGHTY convenient for the conscience free psychos that fathered GAME THEORY (a twisted view of interrelationships between sentient beings justifying any and all heinous and barbaric behavior in the quest for who gets the most toys "caloric intake, etc") to have DARWIN around to make everything jes' natural behavior. The evolutionary paradigm DID include cooperation as FAR more important than predation in the perpetuation of a species BUT the psychos quickly underplayed that so their planet trashing could have "scientific" backing.

Think about it, Surly. Darwin--> Wall Street "scientific" fig leaf hijacking-->Freud-->Game Theory, a PARADIGM DESIGNED REPLACE the GOLDEN RULE as the most rational and species perpetuating behavior (the "fittest") is PRECISELY WHAT IS BEHIND the LACK OF GUILT by the 1% for TRASHING THE PLANET! Altruism, cooperation, sustainability, holistic view of every process to see it value in the biosphere from the birth of new life to the decay of dead matter NESESSARY for that future new life is ABSENT from the modern paradigmatic view of SUCCESS. It's SUICIDAL and CRIMINALLY INSANE.

But they won't let it go because, because... THEY KNOW it will lead to GUILT, LIABILITY and an END to the con games denying reality. Love thy Neighbor as Thyself is not optional in the biosphere. THIS is the "WHAT" of the "So what?" question you asked.

Think about it.

I have to develop this thread a little more before I try to publish some article or series of them that explains the harm this flawed evolutionary paradigm is doing to Homo Sap. I. as you do, am trying to proceed on intellect without any appeal to faith on the reader because most evolution true believers take off running when they smell a theist, never mind a fundy! I have to unpack evolutionary arguments using accepted wisdom in scientific articles written by evolutionists themselves to demonstrate the flawed logic and premises. It's a mine field but I have already hit some pay dirt in four areas of science that is actually pseudo science.

Here's one of them:

Forensic facial reconstruction is used by police departments to try to identify what a person looked like when only the skeletal remains are available.

Watch this video. There is a GIANT LIE in it. However, because the skull is a human skull of a recently deceased person, it works okay for the police.  However, it DOESN'T work AT ALL for the anthropologist digging up hominid skulls and having a facial reconstruction done. But I'm getting ahead of myself. ;D


That was fun, wasn't it?  :P

The LIE is that the skull provides the EVIDENCE for the NOSE SHAPE! This is significant. Notice they DID admit EAR shape is impossible to determine for a skull but DID say that about the NOSE. In fact, they SAID the NOSE CAN be reconstructed from the evidence on the skull. That is FALSE! :o

Here's a recent scientific paper on facial reconstruction. These scientists wrote a 3D program to reconstruct a face on a skull. They used a human cadaver skull. They had the actual face of the deceased person and made a mold of it to use for comparison with whatever their computer program produced. It's a fairly comprehensive document.

Here's the money quote:

in fact, facial reconstruction is not easy, because there are many facial variations. particularly according to the nutritional status of the individual and different rates and intensities of aging. Furthemore, the nose, eye, ear, lips, and chin probably cannot be constructed exactly from skull characteristics.

Think about that. This is a HUMAN SKULL. There is NO DOUBT of it. Now where in the blue blazes do the anthropologists in cooperation with artists and facial reconstruction experts get the NOSE, the LIPS ( EARS ARE covered with hair as a clever pseudo scientific admission that they don't know what the ears look like but WHY THE HAIR? Look at an ape or monkey! You SEE the ears! Why can't these people say "WE DON'T KNOW what the ears looked like."? Why the subterfuge if not to always try to look like they know it all? - ARROGANT, aren't they?) and the CHIN (don't forget all that hair!) of, for example, a Neanderthal skull, HUH???

I smell an evolutionist agenda RAT!  >:(

As you see, I am in to some deep stuff. It requires a lot of reading and logical thinking. PLUS, it requires the understanding that there are gate keepers defending the evolutionary paradigm that DON'T want knowledge like that above to get out. It wouldn't look good for anthropologists/hominid archeologists and certain imaginative artists they employ.

That article I just quoted is an example of tightly held knowledge. WHY? Go ahead and try to copy and paste from the PDF onto a post or a document and you will get gibberish. I'm sure it's just a coincidence and they are just trying to make sure someone doesn't copy their work... 

But, REALLY, you fellows out there that copy and paste often from PDFs, how often do you run into this encrypting? I've run into it before but very seldom.

At any rate, you can see that the public is certainly NOT being told the truth about how much evolutionist wishful thinking is being used in these facial reconstructions.

And PLEASE, feel free to copy and paste ANYTHING I publish here with or without attribution. Just make sure you provide the same scientific references I provide to keep the naysayers at bay,  ;)

Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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