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Author Topic: Darwin  (Read 13610 times)

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The sense of smell is a Wolf's most developed sense and greatest asset. A domestic canine's nasal cavity has about twenty-five times the number of olfactory receptors and fourteen times the scent receptive surface area of a human being. It has been suggested by experts that a Wolf may have twelve times the ability to detect odors of a domestic canine and a hundred times that ability of a human being.

Hearing is a Wolf's second most developed sense. It is thought that domestic canines can hear sixteen times better than human beings. It is supposed that a Wolf's ability to hear is even better than this. Experts believe that Wolves may be able to hear frequencies far above the limits of human beings. The upper limit of human hearing is about 20 kHz, a Wolf's upper limit has been estimated at between 25 and 80 kHz. Wolves have been known to react to imitated Wolf howls from five kilometers (three miles) away. Some experts say that a Wolf can hear ten to sixteen kilometers (six to ten miles), depending on the density of trees and other obstacles between them and the source of the sound.


The wolf is genetically superior to any and all dog breeds BECAUSE dogs are victims of degraded DNA CAUSED by accelerated Selection pressures through the artificial narrowing of the gene pool. Humans, because of opportunistic greed and ignorance, created multiple artificial islands (see founder effect) of genes where dog/wolves that would otherwise normally preserve enough diversity to overcome a host of RECESSIVE genetic disorders, instead began to express them in their degraded, inbred genes (they were not allowed to breed with different looking dogs    AND a single stud dog, that was considered "ideal", narrowed the gene pool further by inseminating many more bit ches than it would've normally inseminated in a natural setting.    This irrational and unscientific inverted view of the most efficient method of propagating "good genes" (see Darwin inspired racism and eugenics ;)) continues today among breeders.    >:(

The same stupidity (see Darwin inspired racism and eugenics ;)) is used to justify humans not intermarrying with "other races". So it goes.  >:(

Degraded DNA is the unavoidable effect of Natural Selection. All creatures are gradually experiencing degradation of DNA.

Evolutionists refuse to accept this because, if they did, they would be forced to accept the FACT that, Natural Selection being a SUBTRACTIVE force,  simple life could not have 'evolved' from non-living proto-proteins AND ALL life forms, simple or complex, did not, and do not, 'evolve' into complex ones (i.e. SOMEBODY created ALL life.  :o  ;D). The clock of life, like that of this universe, is winding DOWN, not UP.

I cannot prove that ALL life forms are experiencing DNA degradation from Natural Selection. But the example of what 150 years of dog selective breeding did through the RAPID DNA degrading mechanism inherent in the narrowing the gene pool of the wolf/dog to produce "pure" (crap) breeds for mankind's profit and ease is prima facie evidence that Natural Selection is a DNA subtractive mechanism, NOT an additive one.

pri·ma fa·ci·e ˌprīmə ˈfāSHē/ adjective & adverb Law adjective: prima facie; adverb: prima facie
based on the first impression; accepted as correct until proved otherwise.

The offense rests.

Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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