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Author Topic: Darwin  (Read 13211 times)

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The wicked worketh a deceitful work: but to him that soweth righteousness shall be a sure reward. -- Proverbs 11:18
Virology Lectures 2020 #21: Evolution
9,960 views•Apr 18, 2020

Vincent Racaniello
51.5K subscribers

Viral evolution is the change of a viral population in the face of selection pressures . This process occurs faster than in other organisms because viruses produce so many progeny harboring many genome mutations. In this lecture we consider the four main drivers of viral evolution: large numbers of progeny, mutation, selection, and quasispecies effects, and discuss where viruses came from and where they are going.

Agelbert COMMENT: Wonderful. ::) Now people have Darwin Happy Talk Tatoos. What next, a statue to leave offerings to in Vincent's office? Nothing like "objective scientic inquiry", eh, Vincent? The above lecture is so full of evidence free conjecture that only a true believer in the Darwinian Religion would accept the assertions made by Vincent as "facts".

THIS is how complex a cell membrane IS:

WHY doesn't Vincent ever mention those pesky INTERACTOMES? Maybe it is because they don't fit in his "RNA world" pet theory.

THIS is the way Vincent operates:

THIS is what evolution theory true believers like Vincent want YOU to believe happened in prebiotic Earth:

THIS is what Vincent and his co-religionist true believers refuse to do, but MUST DO if they expect anyone with critical thinking skills to take their bold assertions seriously:

Viral mutation is ADAPTATION, not "evolution". Mr. Virologist Vincent cannot seem to tell the difference between those two processes, rather conveniently supporting his claims about "irrefutable evidence of rapid viral evolution". Vincent jumped right in there to assert that viruses "evolve faster than anything else out there, from bacteria to cows", RIGHT? Well, if that is true, how come you cannot show evidence of a virus becoming a bacterium? THAT would be EVOLUTION. But gee, these viruses that "Darwin would love because they evolve so fast", that have been around practically forever, even giving the dinosaurs herpes (that was a good one, Vincent),  just can't seem to "EVOLVE" into anything ELSE but a VIRUS!

Finally, please fact check Vincent's ASSUMPTIONS (START AT: 1:07:20 for several, one after another, evidence free leaps of protein synthesis logic, leaving out how those sugars needed for capsid glycoproteins were "randomly" synthesized) about the synthesis of the pre-virus molecules by viewing the video referenced in the graphics I just posted. Vincent provides NO explanation for the "evolution" of the first RNA Reverse Transcriptase molecule. Perhaps he rushed through that FUNDAMENTALLY IMPORTANT PROCESS (if that does not happen, nothing happens) because, understanding how factorial math IMPOSSIBLE it is for that to occur randomly, AND remain stable for a long enough time to proceed to the next step, he just does not want to talk about it.

Then he glosses over the "random" synthesis of other incredibly complex molecules, indispensable for the existence of a virus, (i.e. structural ENZYMES), as if they just popped randomly into the "RNA world" primordial soup. NO FACTS, just CONJECTURE dressed up as, 'WE THINK' "facts".

Notice the, "WE CAN SEE THE ACQUISITION OF CAPSID PROTEINS"  CONJECTURE. Hello, Vincent. WHY don't you spend some time explaining to your students that CAPSID PROTEINS, even in the T1 arrangement, all must be chiral IN THE SAME WAY and all must be folded, from the primary to quaternary structure, IDENTICALLY for them to self assemble into a capsid? YOU did not do that because you KNOW that only a Ribosome and a Chaperonin, neither of which existed in the prebiotic Earth, can DO THAT. Yes, friends, it cannot happen randomly because of the factorial math, something that Vincent avoids like the COVID--19 plague unless he wants to talk up viral mutation "evolutionary" diversity.

Listen closely to Vincent in the above happy talk, fact free pitch about the synthesis of the first virus as he says, in a KEY part of that process, "We don't know how that happened". No kidding, Vincent. You sure DON'T. Until you adequately explain, through Darwinian Theory RANDOM processes, HOW THAT HAPPPENED, you cannot assert, with any objective scientific credibility, that it happened "randomly". YET, we have to take your FAITH that SEVERAL sine qua non processes needed for viral particle evolution  "just happpened" as "FACT"?

YOU are the one that said "you do not care for beliefs, just facts". If it is good for goose, it is good for the scientist gander, Vincent. Below, please find,  some Darwinian Primordial Soup to add to your "evolution soup to nuts" theatrics. It's less embarrasingly ignorant than the "evolution" of Homo sapiens graphic timeline as "evidence" that viruses will "do better than humans". Yeah, right...
Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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