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Author Topic: The "Green Revolution" Fossil Duel Based Lie  (Read 2638 times)

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Re: The "Green Revolution" Fossil Duel Based Lie
« on: August 15, 2015, 03:24:12 pm »
As with fossil fuels, industrialized agriculture so heavily dependent on fossil-fuel inputs, energy intensive, has served us well and no doubt saved the world from many famines. However, as its additional costs on environmental and human health are increasingly clear, it IS time to change.

The massive water pollution problems, loss of biodiversity and natural landscapes, soil erosion and now methane production associated with industrial agriculture are so, so huge they outweigh the potential benefits of this particular mode of production.

It is simply NOT sustainable and will ONLY lead to much worse problems.

There are, as with fossil fuels, a wide range of alternatives that protect human and environmental health.

Time to change.    Time to move on.    Time to be wise and forward looking.   Thank God Vandana Shiva (and others of course!) are leading. Thank God. 

Agelbert reply to pascalmolineaux

I agree with you that it is certainly time for a change. But I write to caution you not to put too much stock in the fossil fuel industry lie that we "owe them" for the chemical fertilizers and tractor fuel needed for "modern" farming.


Because all the farming machinery could have run on biofuel ethanol. And no, the ethanol production would not then (or now) cut into world food production. That is another lie going around out there.


BECAUSE ethanol products can be grown in presently "non-arable" (for food crops) land.

And as to the fossil fuel based fertilizers that we allegedly "owe so much too", here are the facts.

Snippet 1:
[Of the 13 major nutrients found in fruits and vegetables, six have declined substantially, according to a study by Donald Davis, a biochemist at the University of Texas at Austin.
Using data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Davis claims the average vegetable found in today’s supermarket is anywhere from 5% to 40% lower in minerals than those harvested just 50 years ago. His research finds that recently grown crops have shown decreases of up to 38% in protein, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, phosphorus, iron, zinc and riboflavin when compared with produce from past decades.]

Snippet 2:
[“Farmers get paid by the weight of a crop, not by amount of nutrients,” Davis said. He called this the “dilution effect”: As fruits and vegetables grown in the United States become larger and more plentiful, they provide fewer vitamins and minerals.][


The "Green Revolution" was quite "$$$ green" for big ag, chemical corporations and fossil fuel pigs but it actually INCREASED world hunger by decreasing nutrition of crops.

Sure, they are bigger but, due to chemical fertilzers, lack the nutrition of organic crops. The "high yield" and "efficient" high U.S. mechanized farming to feed the world was a huge lie which we are all paying for with ongoing subsidies for environment destroying farming (big ag seems also to have left out subsidies from their "yield" calculations) and increased health care costs from poor nutrition.

The REAL numbers tell the story of less yield with chemicals and fossil fuels than organic.

Finally, there's this article on a GREENER REVOLUTION:

[Biologically intensive agriculture is a prolific and sustainable method for growing
food which has its roots in the history of humankind: it was practiced 5000
years ago in Ethiopia, 4000 years ago in China, Japan and Korea, 2000 years ago
in Greece, and 1000 years ago in the Mayan culture.

In 2009 it was the method featured in the primary case study in the UNEP-UNCTAD report Organic Agriculture and Food Security in Africa, with positive results.

Using Biointensive agriculture in its modern, scientifically proven form, at intermediate-
level yields, with a reasonable buildup of soil quality and farmer skill, on approximately 4000 square feet (317.6 square meters) per person it is possible to raise:

• A complete vegan diet, plus

• All the carbonaceous and nitrogenous compost materials necessary to
maintain fertile soil, and

• A modest income.
Per pound of food produced, as compared with conventional mechanized agriculture,
the Biointensive method has the capacity to use:

• 66% less water,

• 50-100% less purchased nutrients*,

• 94-99% less energy in all forms, while producing

• Substantially increased yields, and

• A 100% increase in soil fertility!
The Biointensive method is organic, sustainable, low-input, high-yield agriculture,
and is already being implemented by small farmers in 141 countries
around the world. It truly has the potential to combat hunger and establish
food security, and to be the “greener revolution” this planet needs.16]

The fossil fuel industry falsely claims the world owes them for "feeding millions" with fossil fuel powered farm machines, fossil fuel based pesticides and fossil fuel based chemical fertilizers that "increased the yield per acre of crops". It's a lie.

Vandana Shiva: There Is No Reason Why India Should Face Hunger and Farmers Should Commit Suicide
Dr. Vandana Shiva | August 14, 2015 1:35 pm

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