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Author Topic: Re: Fossil Fuel Skulldugggery  (Read 3697 times)

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Re: Re: Fossil Fuel Skulldugggery
« Reply #45 on: December 01, 2016, 05:36:08 pm »
Lucinda Abreu

I am finding it so hard to understand why the American People find this type of thing so shocking. I went to Standing Rock to support the cause, daughter, Tribes. During my flight, I struck up conversations in the airports and during flights.

Most people didn't even know what was going on in Standing Rock. I am so tired of Non Natives ( mostly greedy companies) who know nothing of Native history or government relations to tribes in our own American history making decisions regarding treaty lands and ancestral burial grounds.

The lack of caring and respect of our Planet, American citizens, Indigenous peoples rights, Human rights, Veterans rights is so outrageous it's hard to believe this is America.

My Father was a Police officer and a Veteran of the Korean War. My Native Uncle's fought for our country. World War II would not have been won without our Navajo Nation. I am so ashamed in the eye's of the world at our country's greed.

It highlights our lack environmental needs for the need of money, my heart cries a million tears. Where is President Obama?

Has his courage shrunk with the thought of making a stinging mark in history as he leaves his office?

Is there not enough money in the world to satisfy President elect Trump to make a decision based on the lives of billions of people instead of billions in money? When is he going to be satisfied with his personal riches? He has personal interest in this issue, which makes this a conflict of interest!

He is asking that his children have access to government secrets! I am so thankful for the Robert F. Kennedy Jr.s of the world, because the Native's will never, ever give up.

However, it will take the power of a Kennedy to get people to listen before our water is nothing but sludge for our grandchildren.

Our college kids can't even identify our Vice President when asked, but you ask a Swedish student what they are actively doing to clean up our water? They are creating floating Ocean trash collectors to collect the trash that is floating in our oceans. NOT THE SCIENTISTS....THE CONCERNED KIDS! AMERICA......... stop paying outrageous amounts to our football, basketball, baseball players, singers and glorifying there ridiculous lifestyles, and start paying our teachers and scientist and professors, our planet is in trouble and it has been for a long time.

Morton County North Dakota Sheriff Department, Trump, Obama, DAPL, etc....DOES NOT CARE!

Like 44 Nov 29, 2016 10:50pm

Veronica-Mae Soar

Brilliant and so well put You are so right, Here in the UK I am typing this with tears in my eyes. All I can send are my heartfelt thoughts and prayers. What country can act this way and dare to call itself great ??

I am so glad you have supporters such as Kennedy Jr. I have signed several petitions to Obama and cannot understand why he does not act. he is basically a good guy, who has done his best in difficult circumstances, but he may be shackled by things we do not know about.

Agelbert NOTE: The above comments were in reference to this article with several hard truths stated about how there is a TRACK RECORD of the current abuse in this country for any 'minority' (if they aren't one, TPTB genocide them into being one) that stands in the way of profit over planet.

 Energy| Nov. 29, 2016 07:27PM EST

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: 'I'll See You at Standing Rock'

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


On Sunday, the U.S. Army Corps issued a declaration to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe that might have been penned by the Kern county sheriff. The Corps Colonel John Henderson told Standing Rock Chairman Dave Archambault II that the agency was evicting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protesters from their camp for their own protection.  

The tribes and their supporters will be moved to a "free speech"  zone a great distance from the pipeline. Henderson's threats would be troubling if addressed to any group of American citizens, but coming from the U.S. Army Corps to the Sioux nation, it is positively chilling. One wonders whether Colonel Henderson is even peripherally aware of the Corp's central role in the Indian genocide, the most shameful stain on America's national experience, our high ideals and character.

Anthropologist Nancy Scheper-Hughes has observed that Genocide is a continuum that runs for years, decades or centuries. It begins with marginalization and dehumanization of an identifiable minority, the theft of their lands and property, their slaughter and decimation, and the gradual squeezing of remnant populations. The central organizing principle of the continuum is a narrative that turns "others into non-persons or monsters," that normalizes atrocities and rationalizes the "every day practice of violence."

Colonel Henderson's letter manages to be both, patronizing and menacing. In that sense, it captures perfectly the tone and content of a hundred letters received by Indians from U.S. Corp colonels and generals over four centuries, all of them repeating genocide's persistent refrain: "For your own good, move off the land, or else."



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