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Author Topic: Fossil Fuel Profits Getting Eaten Alive by Renewable Energy!  (Read 11241 times)

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A sampling of several (36 at last count) comments on this article that pretty well sum up what is going out there in the REAL "real world".  8)

Terry Hallinan
January 4, 2015
"Due to the beliefs of those in power, and the stalemate that they have caused over climate change policy, it is time for people to look elsewhere"

To the "moneyed interests" the founding fathers so feared but hoped pitchforks would be an antidote, you think?

To the handmaidens of the fossil fuel purveyors, the dunces pushing undependable sometime renewable power, primarily wind and solar, that guarantees a major place for the fossil fuel misanthropes that threaten human and other life on the planet?

Aside from looking to building pitchfork factories, how about looking to cheap, abundant, baseload power?

Not enough money in that you think?

I beg your pardon. It is not enough monopoly, too much inertia and way too little intelligent thinking. Countries outside North America are doing very, very well with baseload renewable power like geothermal and biomass that are greener than the mythical St. Patrick was supposed to be. America mostly prefers fantasy to fact and that is very costly.

Best, Terry

sean o
January 4, 2015
Instead of pitchforks, or waiting for some corporation to provide stable baseload, solar does nicely to cut your bills and sends a nice lil message to utilities. "hey we can do this too".

I think it was like 5% of rural amaerican homes with like 20kw of solar panels could produce enough energy to supply the us like 1/4 of an acre. You don't need the pitchforks just a few solar panels, and bonus points for having an EV.

Mele Coronato
January 6, 2015
If we want to win the race against time we really cannot afford to wait for CEO's and their corporations any more. Indeed it appears even the most fatal and stupid thing to do. Here is a crystal clear explanation, perfectly worded by someone who dedicated his life to the uncomfortable yet highly rewarding (sic) workload resulting from that insight:

PJ van Staden
January 6, 2015
All in all, if there is one thing, one most important thing for the renewable industry to do, I fully agree with Hermann Scheer that we should get the public educated and behind us.

Why should our world be held hostage by a small group of psychopathic control freaks who think they can keep us dependent on their monopolistic and undemocratic energy supplies? Why is control so important to them? Its because they cannot make a decent living on their own in a democratic regime!  

As the public voice rise against their polluting and killing CO2 empires, they immediately look and grasp for another control instrument, named "nuclear", upon which they can set forth their creation of a centralized dependence upon them for energy? As if they believe all the world is still blind to their inferior, corrupting and criminal mentality?
But then again, we have another alternative to the alternative: The knowledge they don't possess and are not aware of. So, let them, together with their lame puppets in politics, keep throwing their investments after their gluttonous desires.

For they shall faint. Instead of breeding more, these investments shall consume everything thrown at them. And these lame puppets, they shall walk out naked after their time in the office, stripped of all dignity.

Energy is soon going fully distributed! Centralized energy is dead! You believe it! 

William Fitch III
January 7, 2015
Hi: Coming late to the party, however, I did read a few of the posts, particularly the first post of Jared B. Fairly well put with a pretty good analogy via the medical area.

Regarding the article, CEO's to save us!! Are you kidding? If the article is just another form of a resume posting aimed at getting hired by FF industries, then a job well done.  ;D

Changes in internal management by extractive industries are aimed at cost cutting and PR value. Their very business is toxic. By definition they cannot solve the problem.

The carbon (GHG's) must be left in the ground. Naomi Klein in her book, "This Changes Everything", lays it out fairly well. Our very model of running this planet, capitalism of one form or another is the problem. You criticize politicians however they are just mouthing the desires of the extractive industries that OWN them. In short, just part of the puppet show.

Do you really think, author of this article, that the fossil fuel corporations are going to voluntarily strangle trillions of dollars in current "in ground" assets? The human animal, let alone the system, is not wired that way.

People smoke cigarettes even though it will give them cancer and a host of other diseases and painfully kill them. But they do it. Why? Because the death is too far away. It is not a gun pointed at their head at this moment. The same holds for the demise of our entire species. Pulling all that carbon from the ground will complete the sixth great mass extinction, including us.

Will we do it? Of course, because the death is too far off. This is a base human problem without even going to the problem of Capitalism(s).

Regarding Grace's comment where she repeats her idea of "buying off" the FF's corps., again, you cannot buy them off anymore than you can pay a blackmailer to stop blackmailing you. It is a false hope and ill-founded idea... Her other ideas are pretty much on track.

Most of what you see in our current world, 50 year window, is a result of income inequality. The disparity in wealth is so great it is almost unbelievable. The tolerance the masses have shown regarding this development is almost as equally unbelievable. The main reason for the tolerance shown, in my opinion, is that the masses want too badly to have a piece of the problem, and think they can, by the numbers get it, within the system. So it would seem, you can fool all the people all of the time....
Enough said....


Bill is definitely a Doomer! ;D Bill is a good guy and he and I are generally in agreement on most issues.

However, unlike him, I believe there is still some hope. The fact that an article like this DID NOT generate ANY mockery and hard truths a year ago shows people ARE waking up.

Here's a nice comment with some "touchy feely" stuff the fossil fuelers hate.  ;D But this fellow is a real 'do the math' inventor that understands energy thermodynamics quite well. His first language is not English so please ignore his grammar. He makes his point(s) quite eloquently, in my opinion.  

Fartadi Marian   
 January 4, 2015 

You should be looking for better technologies than the ones that aren´t convincing everybody.
"--------------------------" for helping the inventors of the new and better renewable tech, instead of helping the non efficient old tech.
":--------------------------" for money and economical benefits rather than only for spiritual meanings.

¿Did you know that having a 5 MW/year Captor of sun and wind ( CSW ) on your roof the equivalent production of energy that you will get out of your own property is between 25000 liters and 75000 liters of pure gasoline for a period of 25 t0 50 year?

And an average roof can handle more than 5 to 10 units of CSW that will make your house/property even more valuable than any oil whole, and will pay you back the equivalent of about 250000$ and 750000$ during your life time and you will leave to your children the most valuable heritage, because a renewable roof is forever, instead of selling your house to buy the oil that you will run out of it anyway!

Give the chance to every citizen by offering them better and affordable renewable products and then expect things to get better, because you won't make the spring with few flowers but with many yes you will .

Not CEOs or politicians running this world, are the MEDIA PEOPLE who makes CEOs and politicians, and makes you buy the products that consumes fossils or renewable.

With the social networks/bidirectional media ( dark social networks about 75% and FB TW G+ the rest of it ) you can shape the way people get aware of their own problems and how they can transform the problems in something that can give them material and spiritual benefits.

Fight for your freedom  and the freedom of the those like you, and break down the chains of the slavery that the fuels tied you with and watching you dying and suffering, and choose freedom and renewable. and you will win for ever for you for your people and for all the generations that will come, without violence.

Be smart, be clever, get yourself rich and powerful, go ONLY ELECTRIC and forget about fuels that are the past, ELECTRIC IS THE FUTURE.

The fuel century, the worst one in the human history is over with all the crimes and damage that were are and still doing to you and to your people.

Chose only ELECTRIC and CLEAN EFFICIENT AND RENEWABLE, and help this world to be a spring with your flower too.

I love you, we love you, we want you free healthy and rich, this is why we work even the sundays, but you have to UNDERSTAND and to CHOSE the right for you and for the others, be a good CEO or politician, and don´t you be afraid of anybody because the hugest army in the world: the HUMANITY will always be with you.. 


Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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