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Author Topic: 40 Years Back, 40 Years Forward  (Read 1756 times)

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Re: 40 Years Back, 40 Years Forward
« on: December 13, 2013, 01:43:31 am »
I always get strange looks when I talk about two different, seemingly unrelated, historically important events going on in exactly the same time period.

It's as if the propagandists writing the history books and the news have blunted people's ability to think. Never mind critical thinking. That's even more nearly impossible now.

Some things people do not want to think about:

1) During the Great Depression the U.S. government spent massive amounts of money to develop the bomb while people were literally starving. This went on for several years. During the 1930s the knowledge of the photoelectric effect was old hat (Einstein described it right after the turn of the century!) but somehow it was only developed when it was needed in space.  ;)

2) During the 1970s the incredibly efficient heat deflecting tiles on the space shuttle were perfected. This technology would have wiped out 70% of heating and cooling costs in the USA if it had been released to the public during the oil shocks of the 70s. From refrigerator/freezer insulation to house insulation to keep heat in or hot weather out, we would have been well on the road to energy independence. I even asked a NASA rep at their public presentation at Cape Kennedy in 1980 before the first shuttle flight (the speaker would torch a six inch tile he was holding which would get red hot inches from his fingers and just as quickly dissipate before reaching them. The part of the ceramic foam tile he held remained cool while he kept the blow torch inches away on the red hot section for at least 5 minutes) why this wasn't available to the public for energy saving?  ???

You guessed it; the old "national security" trick. It was more like the old "big oil runs the USA" trick. ;)

3) How about those nifty ski lifts and gondolas that have been around forever? The cabling strength needed was old hat towards the end of the 19th century as was the ability to power the gondola from a fixed point with pulleys. Consider how ridiculously easy it would have been to string these things across cities and neighborhoods joining shopping and work areas. Consider the difference in energy use of moving just the people and a gondola versus a 4,000 pound car or public buses that weigh much more; the oil pigs at work again, I suspect.  Sorry MKing!  ;D

4) Since the 1980s the technology to have computer controlled automatic sails providing over 50% of the power for ships has been available. The Japanese even made a sail assisted oil tanker. Now why do you suppose a proven technology like sails married to computers isn't common?  ;) No, it's NOT cheaper to run without sails regardless of the extra maintenance. NO, you DON'T need more crew (the computers, electric motors and servos take care of it).

Frankly, when you start looking at the USA as an oil oligarchy type dictatorship since around 1913, all foreign policy and most of the technology that has been allowed domestically becomes quite understandable (except to fossil fuelers like MKing, of course!).

The pieces begin to fall into place. Those are the dots the media propagandists work overtime to prevent anyone from connecting. That also explains the ROUTINE theft of the elections. The fossil fuel pigs just will not let go of the oil piggery (even if it kills us).

And here we are with peak oil an environmental crisis caused by burning fossil fuels and what does NASA do to help convince us to switch to renewables? Whatever big oil tells them to  >:(  (SEE NEXT PARAGRAPH).

NASA scientists on the mars robot teams acted all surprised when the solar panels lasted several years instead of the "projected six months". Of course they knew they would last but it wouldn't look good to celebrate solar panel technology in a harsh Martian environment, now would it? 🙊

 So, they claimed it was a fluke. Liars for oil goons is what they are. 🤬

That said, the irrational crap about scientists being "surprised" at how great solar panels are at harvesting electricity come hell or high water does not extend to the rest of NASA, that has been instrumental in showing just how bad our fossil fuel burning caused climate crisis is.

All of this came together for me when I read "The Tyranny of Oil" by Antonia Juhasz.
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