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Author Topic: Doomstead Diner Daily  (Read 39885 times)

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Doomstead Diner Daily 4/16
« Reply #735 on: April 16, 2020, 06:36:53 am »

News digest brought to you by the Doomstead Diner.

Bill Gates calls Trump's decision to halt funding for WHO 'as dangerous as it sounds'

cnbc.com - Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates is defending the World Health Organization, blasting President Donald Trump's decision to halt funding for the U.N. agency in the midst of the coronavirus pandem…

Worldwide coronavirus infections surge past 2 million, U.S. deaths top 28,000

washingtonpost.com - A pedestrian ascends stairs in the Rosslyn area of Arlington on Wednesday. (Matt McClain/The Washington Post) By Brady Dennis close Brady Dennis Reporter focusing on environmental policy and public h…

Long Breadlines Form Outside of Food Banks as America Struggles to Cope With COVID-19 Fallout

mintpressnews.com - At least 10,000 cars line up in an orderly fashion in San Antonio, all full of hungry, increasingly desperate people. Thousands already arrived the night before just to get a chance to eat. “We just …

Profit over people, cost over care: America's broken healthcare exposed by virus

theguardian.com - With over 21,00 people dead and more than a 547,000 infected with the coronavirus in the US the last question on a person’s mind should be how they will pay for life-saving treatment. But as the deat…

Trump’s Coronavirus Economic Council Was a Disaster Before It Began

nymag.com - We’re committed to keeping our readers informed. We’ve removed our paywall from essential coronavirus news stories. Become a subscriber to support our journalists. Subscribe now. The origin story of …

Trump’s attempt to enlist businesses in reopening push gets off to rocky start

washingtonpost.com - President Trump speaks during a coronavirus briefing in the Rose Garden at the White House on Wednesday, April 15, 2020. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post) By Robert Costa, close Robert Costa Natio…

Nurses suspended for refusing COVID-19 care without N95 mask

apnews.com - Nurse Mike Gulick was meticulous about not bringing the coronavirus home to his wife and their 2-year-old daughter. He’d stop at a hotel after work just to take a shower. He’d wash his clothes in Lys…

Opinion | The Huge Cost of Waiting to Contain the Pandemic

nytimes.com - Many governors have argued for following the data and the science to determine when to act. Some states have already experienced partial effects of social distancing by taking intermediate steps to m…

Philly Mayor and Judges Pressured To Release Inmates From Jail

unicornriot.ninja - Philadelphia, PA – For the second time in a week, protesters have converged on city hall. They are demanding that Mayor Jim Kenney and judges in the First Judicial District move to immediately releas…

Convoy protesting stay-at-home orders targets Michigan's capital

abcnews.go.com - For three decades, Meshawn Maddock and her family have run the A-1 Bail Bonds business in Milford, Michigan. But just days ago, she said she was forced to lay off her last three employees due to cour…

Trumpists Urging People to Leave Their Homes to Own the Libs

thedailybeast.com - A protest movement is taking hold targeting states that have extended social-distancing rules, closed schools, and restricted access to large religious gatherings. And it’s being fed by loyalists and…

U.S. conservatives who detest climate models add a new target: coronavirus models

sciencemag.org - Senator John Cornyn (R–TX), who has criticized the utility of climate models, is one of a number of high-profile conservative leaders now raising questions about models that attempt to forecast the c…

As One of the Largest Bailouts in History Looms, "Crisis-Ridden" Corporations Reap Record Profits

mintpressnews.com - Hospitals overflowing with sick and dying patients. Overworked staff risking their lives wearing garbage bags as makeshift protective equipment against an invisible but deadly virus. Refrigerated con…

Trump's pitiful obsession with a deadline is everything that's wrong with everything | Press Watch

presswatchers.org - Donald Trump’s fixation on setting a deadline for “reopening” the country – first it was Easter Sunday, now it appears to be May 1 – is currently the leading indicator of his complete lack of underst…

Here’s What Life Will Probably Look Like In California After The Coronavirus Stay-At-Home Order Ends

buzzfeednews.com - State health officer Sonia Angell said as people begin to spend more time in public, it will become "even more important" to wear a mask or another kind of face covering as an added precaution to pre…

“Burials Are Cheaper Than Deportations”: Virus Unleashes Terror in ICE Detention

theintercept.com - Tensions were building inside the Alabama jail. A group of new detainees had just been dropped off at the Etowah County Detention Center in downtown Gadsden, and one of the men appeared sick. Word wa…

The WHO Defunding Move Isn’t What It Seems

theatlantic.com - President Donald Trump announced yesterday evening that he will withdraw funding for the World Health Organization, on the grounds that it helped China cover up the origin and extent of its coronavir…

False Prophet

theatlantic.com - On February 28, Donald Trump stood before a crowd of supporters in South Carolina and told them to pay no attention to the growing warnings of a coronavirus outbreak in America. The press was “in hys…

Overcapacity / Oversupply Everywhere: Massive Deflation Ahead

charleshughsmith.blogspot.com - Yes, there are shortages in a few high-demand areas such as PPE (personal protective equipment), but across the entire spectrum of global supply and demand, there is nothing but a vast sea of overcap…

There are so many coronavirus myths that even Snopes can’t keep up

washingtonpost.com - (iStock) By Elahe Izadi close Elahe Izadi Pop culture writer Email EmailBio BioFollow Follow April 15, 2020 at 7:00 AM EDT The people wanted to know: Did self-described psychic Sylvia Browne predict …

No, CBD is not a miracle molecule that can cure coronavirus, just as it won't cure many other maladies its proponents claim

theconversation.com - The claims for CBD’s alleged healing powers have been so exaggerated that it’s no surprise that a CBD maker was recently warned by the New York attorney general for claiming that the molecule can fig…

Cops: Man Threatened To Shoot Up Supermarket Because Too Few Shoppers Were Wearing Masks, Gloves

thesmokinggun.com - Incensed that his fellow Floridians were not wearing masks and gloves to the pharmacy and supermarket, a 62-year-old man yesterday warned on Facebook that if he were to test positive for the coronavi…

Should We Just Open the Borders? ❧ Current Affairs

currentaffairs.org - If you wanted to pinpoint an exact date when the United States became destined to be a global superpower—a nation rich beyond its wildest dreams, able to enforce its will around the world—you could d…

This 3-D Simulation Shows Why Social Distancing Is So Important

nytimes.com - Public health experts and elected officials have emphasized again and again that social distancing is the best tool we have to slow the coronavirus outbreak. The Centers for Disease Control and Preve…

Coronavirus Outbreak at Virginia Nursing Home Spirals Out of Control as 45 Die

nytimes.com - “I just know my brother’s fighting for his life,” she said. “It makes you ask yourself — the disabled and the elderly, are they really getting the service that they deserve, that they need?” The Time…

Copper’s Virus-Killing Powers Were Known Even to the Ancients

smithsonianmag.com - When researchers reported last month that the novel coronavirus causing the COVID-19 pandemic survives for days on glass and stainless steel but dies within hours after landing on copper, the only th…

Grocery delivery was supposed to be the ultimate pandemic lifeline. But it’s falling short.

washingtonpost.com - An Instacart employee delivers groceries to a residence. (Cheney Orr/Reuters) By Abha Bhattarai close Abha Bhattarai Reporter covering the retail industry Email EmailBio BioFollow Follow April 15, 20…

It’s Insane That Federal Aid to States Is a Partisan Issue

nymag.com - The U.S. federal government can print its own currency, which also happens to be the world’s reserve currency. This is a handy setup for Uncle Sam in ordinary times. But it’s especially convenient in…


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