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Author Topic: Doomstead Diner Daily  (Read 39885 times)

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I disagree. It's grossly inaccurate to blame Stein, Nader or Sanders supporters for (s)election results the fascist favoring oligarchy rigged though a combination of gate keeper ballot choices, voter suppression, gamed voting machines and Supreme Court Criminality 👉 from making buying politicians "FREE SPEECH legal" in the 1980s to deciding "Bush beat Gore" in 2000, when they knew that was a bold faced fascist enabling LIE. Maybe it wouldn't have made any difference, it being that Gore was a Clintonite, but the fact is that Nader didn't have ZIP to do with the Supreme Court's FASCIST BUSH ENABLING CRIME.   

Why argue with you? You don't listen to anyone. I ask you to examine the 2016 margin of victory for Trump in Wisconsin and compare it with the number of votes cast for Stein. I will not go though this exercise again here, because I have done so several times and earned the shrieking wrath of greens and other third party devotees.
Facts. You won't like them.

I cede the floor to YOU, Surly, when you used to make sense:


Well, that is because the real liberals were demonized and ostracized and marginalized and imprisoned through the clever pig man device of labeling them "anarchists" (and other groundless derogatory terms).

We see that same technique alive and well today in the machinations of David Brock and other Hillbots' attacks on Sanders and supporters. But then how did we get here?

I suggest we look first at the Democratic Leadership Council and the sudden lurch to the right, exemplified by class-traitor Bill Clinton who extolled the viability of Third Way politicians and as a DLC success story. Secure in power, the DLC sold off its former values and constituencies for parts, or more to the point, bundled campaign contributions.

Rahm Emanuel was a noted bagman for the DLC. Democrats who adhere to the DLC's philosophy often call themselves "New Democrats." And they have never seen a campaign contribution they didn't like.

And, as a coup de grace, you should know that the historical records of the DLC have been purchased by the Clinton Foundation.

Remember Clinton's strategy of "triangulation?" The net result has been concession after concession to the opposition and promotion of a neoliberal economic agenda favorable to corporations and banksters, including those seeking to privatize public services, while alienating traditionally-allied voters and working-class people. And utter, complete sellout of ordinary citizens.

Yeah, Rahmbo, I got yer "Third Way" right here.

Yep. Triangulation was probably code speech for isolation and strangulation of the CFS reasonable and caring voice of we-the-people on behalf of the wishes of the oligarchic assholes driving this country and our species into an evolutionary dead end.

Look at the date stamp on this magnificent piece of prose. May of 2016. Obama was President, and quite frankly we had the luxury of arguing how much of a corporate sellout he was. Those circumstances no longer exist. I appreciate your scruples, and don't really disagree; but the building is on fire and I do not believe we have the luxury of arguing about what hydrant to tap into to put it out.

I also don't believe Biden will be the nominee. Two words: brokered convention. Even the DLC has to realize that Brad Parscale will make Tara Reade a household word by November if ol' 'No Malarkey' takers the nom. Are they really that stupid?



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